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Description of UNIFY Financial Credit Union

• Perform most activities from your mobile device including: creating new accounts, setting up transfers between your own accounts or to other UNIFY members, setting up external accounts for transfers or ordering checks.

• Add a Payee is enabled in the ePay feature.

• View balances, transactions and check images.

• Securely send messages to UNIFY for account information.

• Deposit checks using your mobile device camera with eDeposits.

• Manage your UNIFY ATM/Debit Cards with options including increasing ATM withdrawal limits, creating Travel Notices and reporting a card lost or stolen.

• Set notifications using a variety of electronic alerts.

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More Information Of UNIFY Financial Credit Union

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:5.7.17 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Unify Financial Credit Union

User Reviews


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Erik Lentz 2018-12-28

The latest version 5.4.23 fixed the login problem. I can now again check accounts, pay bills, and make mobile deposits with ease.
Dianne Woo 2018-12-12

I liked this app before the latest update but now it doesn\'t work and I have to use the online site to bank on my phone. I log in on the app and it keeps saying an unknown error has occurred and kicks me back to the login screen! Soo frustrating!
A Google user 2018-12-27

Loved the old Western Federal CU app quick , user friendly , great .Now after 20 + years with them I\'ve have to consider looking for a better place to bank Bummer ... Not happy
Jeremy Montgomery 2018-11-30

Update 11/30/18: latest update seems to have the same issues it did a long time ago and won\'t load my accounts... Update 5/7/17: The latest update fixed all of the problems I had with the previous version...........Previous Version: Literally the most annoying app I\'ve ever used. I usually have to screw with it for 5-10 minutes just to login to my account....
Mike\'s Awesome Blogs 2018-12-06

New update says minor enhancements and bug fixes! Who ever did this app update did a horrible job! Can\'t even load my accounts! Fix this I need to get in on my accounts 😡
Adrienne Freeman 2019-05-26

It looks like the new update may have given it a face lift, but now it\'s not as seamless as it used to be with my financial banking app, Mint. It you used to download the name of the company that the transaction was made from, but now all it says is \"Withdrawal Debit Card\". This has made it so much more tedious to track spending.
kelly corwin 2018-12-29

Forced to update, now it wont let me log in. Gets hung up every time! So frustrating! Update: Almost 2 weeks later and the problem is still there! this is beyond frustrating! for all the trouble it has caused, I am very close to switching banks. this is just not worth the hassle. Update 2: Bad news! The update did not fix my problem! I still cannot log on! I even restarted my phone after updating. How much longer am I going to have to deal with this? My husband was finally able to get on this
Nelly Martinez 2018-12-01

The app sucks! I can\'t log in. I loved the western app. This really needs work before they put it out there. Won\'t let me log in...all of a sudden, I use the finger print, tried the password and nothing asked for a code and they never text back
Mel Suazo 2017-07-29

Horrible. Good job removing account #\'s, now I can\'t even tell what account I\'m sending money to
Attilio Giolli 2020-03-30

I like this App...has served me well for several years...especially the new spending tools to help manage my budget...i highly recommend. Only quirk is i dont see a summary of grand total balance of all my accounts.