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Description of Unit Converter Pro

This Unit Converter is a fast and easy to use tool with 18 categories of conversions, including;

✓ Temperature Converter

✓ Mass Converter

✓ Length Converter

✓ Speed Converter

✓ Volume Converter

✓ Area Converter

✓ Energy Converter

✓ Fuel Converter

✓ Angle Converter

✓ Pressure Converter

✓ Time Converter

✓ Digital Storage Converter

✓ Force Converter

✓ Sound Converter

✓ Concentration Converter

✓ Density Converter

✓ Power Converter

✓ Space Converter

✓ Metric to Imperial

✓ Radiation Converter

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More Information Of Unit Converter Pro

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:3.0 Publish Date:2022-06-03 Developer:Apoch Studios

User Reviews


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Yevgen Ponomaryov 2019-02-03

What a trash! This app does not convert the data properly. It gives you an APPROXIMATE value, not an exact one. Kids don\'t do your homework with it, or you will FAIL your class and will have the incorrect calculations. The developer should disclose this in big bold letters that the app gives you approximate values. Garbage. UI looks nice, but the app still is useless trash!
Newtomic 2019-09-30

Right now I can\'t trust this app to do any proper conversion especially in the \"Digital Storage\", look 1024KB (or KiB call-it whatever you want) is 1MB not 0.99999618MB. And a conversion tool that has this kind of mistakes isn\'t a good one.
A Google user 2018-09-11

Like the app....would give 5 stars if the app would remember my last used units. For instance I daily have to convert kg to lbs.....everyday I have to select the units....wish it would remember what I used last. Please make the app smarter.
Linda Bowman 2017-05-07

Works great! I have trouble dealing with changing from cups to grams etc and this keeps my recipes turning out right. Before finding this I did it manually and often ruined dinner.. I thank you as does my family
Mandy B 2020-06-16

Really useful. It\'s surprising how often I want to convert one unit into another. In the past I\'d have just given up unless I knew the conversion rate, but now, especially if I\'m watching something scientific, being able to convert the unit they\'re using to one I\'m more familiar with helps me better picture what is being explained. And that\'s just the science stuff. Well worth having, particularly if you live in-between \"two worlds of measurement\" for want of a better description.
A Google user 2019-02-13

There is only one thing I would love to see with this app, and that\'s the ability to set favourites, that you can accees from the main screen. Otherwise this app is great and exactly what it says on the tin!
BigfootoOo 2019-11-12

Updates fix what was never a problem. To be fair, almost all of the negative reviews for this app are about digital Gigabytes Vs Gigibytes and KB vs KiB. This change and update was made to the digital measurements system in general recently and is not (as I see it) the developer\'s fault at all. There are a few negative reviews asking to round things off, and some asking to be more exact. All I know is that a quick test of all things vs books/wiki was exact. This app + it\'s dev are great. Thanks
craig jordison 2018-05-01

I have used it a couple of times and I found it good and that you have everything under your finger tips in the app and it is perfect for what I used it for as I used to have a app that used different measurements until it had a update now I just use it for other things
Haya Toumy 2020-08-16

Well made app! Thanks developers! Very easy to use interface, making it quick to access what you need, no confusing menus, or too many clicks. Has almost everything you need. I might add clothes and shoes sizes, but that is less important; I rather keep the functional interface.
samar ahmad 2019-09-05

Good collection but require more versatility. It would be excellent if you provide to add custom conversion formula. some tutorials for conversion formula will be further appreciated.