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Description of Unit Converter

A Unit Converter which has most number of features powered with latest colorful material design interface. It includes a favorites list for easy access to commonly used conversions in the home page and also the feature to change the theme of the app.

This Unit Converter is the first of it's kind to feature more number of categories along with the latest material design support.

The Currency converter feature supports more than 160 world currencies with their latest exchange rates. The upside of the app is, everything is available for free of cost and absolutely no restrictions and no ads.

These are the following categories supported by unit converter

* Currency

* Area

* Volume

* Temperature

* Length

* Weight

* Speed

* Pressure

* Time

* Fuel

* Energy

* Storage

* Luminescence

* Current

* Sound

* Force

* Frequency

* Angle

* Viscosity

* Image

* Magnet

* Density

* Torque

* Shoe Size

P.S. Thanks for your continued support to this application. We value your feedback and feature suggestions. It will motivate us and help us to make things even better.

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More Information Of Unit Converter

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.1.24 Publish Date:2021-03-07 Developer:EZHIL

User Reviews


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Brad Kirkpatrick 2015-07-12

Pop up adds. Lots of unit choices. Like the material design. Good job. Keep the pop up adds off my phone will change rating.
Chetan Dhowan 2015-08-30

No Search Button It does its job, if you know what heading the conversion you are looking for falls under. E.g I wanted to convert gallons to litres but took me so long to find which heading I fall under...there has to be a search button, which doesn\'t exist.
PaulEDWARD Lynch 2016-06-17

KEEP me posted on your website and I have a great time in my opinion on it.🍈 PNG files transmitted with more information about your website and it was a pleasure meeting you in advance for your email address to your account!🍎🛅🛂☣
William Armstrong 2016-05-08

Lost my trust! Paid for this app. Still getting annoying add. It\'s rip off. Don\'t pay for this app.
Celia Sexton 2015-12-04

Fuel conversion does not work Litre per 100 k should decrease as mpg increase. Both indicate better economy. Figures in thousands when should be in 5 to 35 range

Good application, principle less conversation, conversation done by mathematician but every one can convert with this application
Victor Rivera 2017-06-16

Very good app, I do any unit conversion fast and easy, I can swap the units fast and easy as well, works fine in my LG 4 Stylus reinstalled in a new SD card.
Andy Neave 2016-12-16

Awkward but useful. It\'s a bit awkward to use, but I like it alot
Rainer Haage 2016-02-13

Uninstalled because of the annoying ads
Stephanie Hussey 2016-07-12

Like it Like it but would like pop ups to stop. Once I say I don\'t want to install an app that should be it. Why ask me every time? That\'s my only problem and has nothing to do with the converter app.