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Unread Badge PRO (for email)



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Description of Unread Badge PRO (for email)

What is it?

• A widget that shows the number of unread emails

• With one click, it directly opens the Gmail app with a specific account/folder/label

• One icon can have one-click links to different accounts/folders/labels

Who needs it?

• People who often check email

• People who have multiple Gmail accounts and don't want to launch Gmail app -> Swipe left for menu -> Select account -> select label (Only one-click is required with Unread Badge. Yes, one-click)

• People who wants to customize the Gmail icon

What does it do?

• You can use multiple Gmail accounts

• You can select different labels/tabs/folders (*paid version only)

• One widget can support multiple accounts and labels

Following permissions are needed:

• GET_ACCOUNTS: To read available email accounts

• READ_CONTENT_PROVIDER: To read unread email counts

• Notification Listener Service: To be notified when a new email is received

* The Exchange Accounts (IMAP accounts) are not supported. It is technically not possible to support it at the moment. We will support it as soon as it is possible. Thank you for your patience.

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More Information Of Unread Badge PRO (for email)

lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:2.2.15 Publish Date:2022-06-12 Developer:EllevSoft

User Reviews


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A Google user 2019-03-30

You need to watch the attached video to figure out how to adjust the Font and ICON size. They ARE easily adjustable, however you need really good hand/eye coordination to get the size slider to the exact spot you want. It took me a couple of days to realize that the preview in the install section actually applies in real time to the badge you have chosen. It works great, so BRAVO to the developer for option. Hopefully others will figure this out quicker (and easier) than I did. :-)
Nick T 2019-12-27

Well done. The current gmail app by google doesn\'t do a good job of displaying the number of unread messages in gmail like on the iPhone. This widget takes care of that beautifully. And it is always up to date.
Susan Giles 2020-04-20

Home screen unread mail at-a-glance! The easiest way to see your most important unread mail without distractions! Go straight to the folder. Been using it for years. Works great!
Susan Slattery 2019-07-06

I have been using this app for several years. it works great. I have several Gmail accounts for myself and organizations I administer and I can create a separate unread badge for each on my home screen and it shows me when I have new messages for each.
Daniel Bothman 2018-03-24

2018 edit:app started glitching and not updating badge. fix was deleting individual badges for each account and recreate it seems to fix glitch. don\'t need to uninstall app. only remaining glitch is badge doesn\'t immediately clear unread emailed count. for that you can either just wait it out and in about five min it will clear itself, or you can tap it again to go back into your Gmail and it will update and clear. I hope this app stays working; juggling multiple Gmail accounts would suck without it. 2017 edit: for the last couple months the app has been broken if you were in marshmallow, but today it is fixed! 5 star again! hopefully it doesn\'t take this long next time google breaks it. thanks! does exactly what I need it to. super customizable and easy to set up. developer appears to be super responsive to updates. definitely worth the pro$ support great apps, spend the $
RM S 2015-10-18

I have two of the lg g stylos and one it works great..the other it shows the badge but also does a pop up on the screen about having new mail...so I deleted the app on that phone..no pop up...I reinstalled after reboot and pop ups are back....is there a way to shut email pop up windows off. It\'s definitely not in the phone settings. I use badge pro any help would be great. I tried contacting dev but no answer at the email.
Bill Harvat 2017-02-24

Under Android N it is not opening the correct folder all the time. Hit primary and you may get update or promotion. . . THIS PROBLEM HAS BEEN CORRECTED. Thanks.
Karen Deslouches 2019-04-29

App does not send notifications for new mail. I have to click on the widget which will open up the app and then a notification will sound and update new mail count... It has been like this for years now. Please fix. Thie is a PAID app.
Susan Baranoff 2019-09-18

I used a similar app years ago and despaired when it no longer worked. So glad to have found this! Really helps me keep track of the most important emails I receive in a visual cue manner which is better for me than everything looking the same. Thank you!
A Google user 2019-03-29

this app does not have options to change default size, as described in the purchase instructions. I only discovered this after fruitlessly purchasing the pro version and having no options. I\'m in the process of filing a claim to get a refund