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Description of Upwork for Freelancers

Looking for quality freelance work from high-value clients? Look no further. Upwork is the largest online talent solution connecting businesses and skilled freelance professionals.

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of finding rewarding work from anywhere across the globe, including opportunities to work with startups to large, established brands.

Upwork was created to give freelancers and agencies the ability to start, run, and grow their own businesses.

The path to a successful freelancing career is now at your fingertips, easy to navigate, and reliable with built-in protections to ensure fair and timely payments for the work you do.

Freelancers make things happen. Show the world how.

With millions of jobs posted on Upwork annually, freelancers are earning money by providing companies with over 5,000 skills across more than 70 categories of work.

Upwork was created to help freelancers find more clients and to start, run, and grow their own businesses. Clients are paying top price for great work across categories such as:

 • Programming

 • Web Development

 • Mobile Development

 • Design

 • Writing

 • Admin Support

 • Customer Service

 • Accounting

 • Marketing

 • Sales

...and many more.

Whatever your skillset may be, there's a project waiting for you on Upwork.

How it works for freelancers and agencies:


We’ll help you find top-jobs based on the information you provide on your profile. Or, simply search for a job on your own.

Get Hired

Submit a winning bid, then agree on scope and price to get started on the project.


Use Upwork to communicate, share files, and collaborate throughout–from your desktop or mobile device.

Get Paid

Upwork Payment Protection uses a simple and streamlined process that helps you get paid on time–with direct deposit, PayPal, wire transfers and more.

Please reach out to us with any questions may have at support@upwork.com.

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More Information Of Upwork for Freelancers

lable: Business - Apps Current Version:1.40.1 Publish Date:2021-11-11 Developer:Upwork Global Inc.

User Reviews


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Thomas Neilson 2021-01-02

This app is very sluggish. On Wi-Fi or on 4G data, they\'re both just as slow. The messaging is really bad. It can take 1-2 minutes just to load the messages. Sometimes it won\'t load any recent messages, just ones from days ago. Everything else seems to work fine though. Just use the desktop version if your computer is available. Don\'t bother with the app until it\'s fixed.
Geraldo Alexander Pereira Junior 2020-12-24

This app is really slow and the message system, which is crucial for me as a freelance to contact my clients and contractors, is messed up. The message system always take a lot of time to properly load and sometimes it doesn\'t even load. I almost lost some jobs because of that. Please, fix this app asap. We need it to run better in order to keep using your platform.
Rachael Asikpo 2020-10-24

I love all you\'re doing to improve the software Upwork. But I realize that these days when I take actions such as sending proposals or withdrawing proposals, an error box pops up, \"Something went wrong.\" What is happening. This is not happening on the website. My account is active. The app also still feels stiff. It does not refresh if you minimise it. You have to close and start it again. You would be online but the messages section is waiting for connection? Then I have to close the app.
Марсель Шайхин 2020-11-12

The application doesn\'t provide the functionality. I am unable to read messages (network error) for the entire year 2020. None of your updates have fixed the issue. I have just updated the application, and now I can\'t even view my proposals or check my contracts. The application says there\'s an error, goes into login, then back to the page, error, login... The cycle never ends. So disappointed with what you did to a beautiful app.
James Musser 2021-02-20

Aside from notifications, this app has become absolutely useless. Logs me out every time I open it, so I need to log in again. Once I log in, will have to refresh a message page in order to see messages from the previous month. Will not allow me to see any messages posted more recently. Not only does it not provide any help, it actively wastes your time
Oluwafeyidara Adeyemi 2021-03-05

The mobile app is killing. It keeps loading for too long and suddenly logs you out especially in the middle of a composed proposal, and the annoying thing is once it logs out, it doesn\'t go back to the previous section, then you have to start all over again by searching for that particular job first and start the proposal writing all over again. Also, it doesn\'t refresh messages received. Although it\'s not like that on desktop. Please work on your mobile app, for easy access on the go.
Saleha S. 2021-03-01

I hate the system of having to use connects. Hire rate is low, connects are spent double the amount. It\'s not a good ratio. How can I pay for connects when the proposals expire or are never reviewed? It\'s a great inconvenience. You already charge the service fee and now you want our hard earned money to apply for jobs which we may or may not get. Really sketch of you.
Kyle Starr 2021-02-11

Overall it works well except for a few things that I\'ve noticed. The most annoying is that message notifications are really delayed. Somethimes is only 10min other times it\'s more. The other really annoying thing is when you get a notification that you have been invited to a job, go to notifications and, click respond, you are taken out of the app to your browser.
Sean Banayan 2021-01-03

Their platform is a scam! I noticed they just upgraded my account from a Basic Plan to the paid version which is Plus Membership without my knowledge. Funny thing is that I had a notification that I did it!! When I reached their support, they said \"Thanks for letting us know, we have now downgraded your membership now!\". What a scam!! Don\'t use this platform!
James Millership 2020-10-29

The UI and UX is good, I can happily navigate the app. Slightly annoying the app is buggy and takes long times to load messages etc. But it\'s OK, it\'s limited in terms of what you can do on a desktop but it\'s good if your on the go. Upwork has a connects system which means you have to spend money to buy new connects to bid on jobs. It\'s a good idea, it stops spammers and people bidding on jobs they don\'t actually want to do.