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Description of Urban Rivals TCG

Simply difficult.


• dynamic gameplay style

• Rush Tv

• hundreds of challenging missions

• 4 minutes of play time per battle

• 32 clans

Learn more about Urban Rivals and our Comics series on www.urban-rivals.com

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:8.2.3 Publish Date:2022-06-13 Developer:Acute Games

User Reviews


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Andrea Argentini 2017-12-31

The game is really good, but they ruined it with this app, I can\'t even describe how much is terrible, market and deck control are bugged, uncomfortable to consult, and what\'s the point of the annoying banner with the progression of the missions in the same place where you need to press for keep fighting? I don\'t see also the point to change the version for pc, but staying in the app, really a bad work. Pity because I love the game
Renoben Valentin 2016-09-02

The update is a refreshing change I\'m still having difficulty navigating the app but it sure looked much much better... But why can\'t we read the character\'s story during a fight? It was a good way to pass time while waiting for you opponent\'s move.
A Google user 2012-10-27

I want my followers! Its an ok app.. but the ones that want followers on instagram this doesnt work
J. A 2019-07-15

As others have said in their review. You WILL be banned. I put hundreds into this dying game only to get banned. They have this rule against multiple accounts and they have such an idiotic way of determining which users are using multiple accounts that gets you banned \"for no reason\". I am just waiting for this game to shut down like Fantasy Rivals..
Crown of twisted thorns 2018-06-08

Been playing since \'09. I was 12 when i started. So i had some characters when the \"jungo\" characters were new. I\'ve seen all the new clans (card factions) and the game changes. This game really has a nasty way of shutting dowm free to play people like me. I grinded for 9 years on this game on and off. I cam back last year to fimd my account was blocked they game me some bs excuse and i got it back for a short while after contacting support for over a course of months and then when i quit again it was gone again. I am sure my cards were worth a fortune especially since most of the lackluster and casual strategy cards we vets had were being turned into \"CR\" cards meaning super duper rare and damn near mythic rarity
Samuel Bell 2017-12-27

On the computer version, when you had over double your opponents strength, it would do a flashy clan move as the finisher. I would like you guys to bring that back in the mobile version. Seeing that was REALLY satisfying. Of course this game gets 5 stars anyways.
kendall luez 2012-12-15

:p I just want instagram followers
Josh Narciso 2019-08-19

The interface is horrendous... everytime it get a new card it doesn\'t show up on my collection immediately when I get it... also, most of the people in the game will more likely beat you. in other words, not a lot of beginners in this game, no even skill set. edit:its a decent game, but you should still improve on the matchmaking system a bit to where we can fsce ppl the same lv and skill as us.
Tom Kirkpatrick 2017-09-13

This is the best update I have ever seen for the app. The graphics are crisp, you made the collection and deck building interface easy to use, the new animations are great. The market. Oh my god the market. Total revamp and you guys did an amazing job with it. Everything you did here was very well done. 10/10 guys, you really outdid yourselves. Brb as I go purchase some credits to help fund your future work. *the only, and I truly mean only, tweak that needs to be done is when transitioning between the app and website, is to have the default language the same as the players play store language, but that\'s it.*
Kyle Harvey 2018-01-17

Played it as a kid a several years back before it was an app and was only for PC as it was web browser based and now im back at it again after stumbling on its app. This the most massively addictive and enjoyable ETCG\'s I have ever played.