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Description of USPS MOBILE®

Access popular USPS.com® tools on the go with the “USPS Mobile®” app: calculate shipping prices (limitations apply), find a Post Office ™, look up a ZIP Code™, schedule a next-day pickup, request USPS to hold your mail, access Informed Delivery® to track packages and digitally preview incoming mail, and more.

• Check the status of shipments sent using Priority Mail®, Priority Mail Express®, Certified Mail®, and certain other delivery services. Nickname your shipments and sign up for text and email alerts to notify you of the delivery status.

• Calculate a Domestic or International Price to determine how much postage you will need when you ship a letter, card, large envelope, or package (limitations apply). Choose retail or online pricing, add any extra services you need, and view the total, too.

• Find USPS® Locations when you need to get to a Post Office™, Self-Service Kiosk (APC®) or collection box with an easy-to-filter locator. The USPS Mobile app uses your device’s GPS to show your closest options on a map, along with their Regular Hours, Special Hours and Last Collection Times, and provides mapped results with driving, walking, or transit directions.

• Look up a ZIP Code™ for any U.S. or Canadian address.

• Schedule a free next-day pickup and have your Letter Carrier pick up Priority Mail®, Priority Mail Express®, Global Express Guaranteed®, or Merchandise Return Services shipments from your home or office during regular mail delivery.

• Request Hold Mail Service while you’re away, and we’ll keep your mail at your local Post Office™ for you to pick up or be delivered by your carrier when you return.

• Scan the barcode on shipping labels with your device’s camera. The app recognizes the shipment and stores the label number, so you can stay on top of delivery status.

• Link to Informed Delivery to track packages and digitally preview your household’s incoming mail arriving soon; view grayscale images of the exterior, address side of letter-sized mailpieces.

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:5.10.0 Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:United States Postal Service®

User Reviews


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Carlos Peligro 2021-01-08

It works great for notifying you of arriving mail. It was why I found it amazingly useful but I made one mistake. I thought it was scanned when it hit my local post office. I don\'t think that is the case. I was pleased with their informed delivery to my PO Box that I took a chance to order two books of 11 stamps each to see if it would go to the PO Box (no human interaction to avoid Covid-19 spread to me or most importantly to the Post Office staff). The fricken stamps got shipped from someplace out west and was given a redelivery notice one or two weeks later with a tracking number. For two small stamp booklets? Seriously people. It is costing you more to send the stamps than the cost of stamps AND it was insured for $100.00? Ouch. I am not going into the lobby during business hours to get two booklets of stamps. I\'ll get them somewhere else. You can keep them. Stay safe. But informed delivery rocks it.
Melanie Love 2021-01-14

It\'s great to have all these tools right at my fingertips, though for my part I just use the app to keep track of packages if I multiple coming. That said, I don\'t know about the rest of the app, but sometimes the tracking info simply won\'t load my information, giving me a blank screen. And it\'s done this before, which previously led to me uninstalling the app. Recently, a new issue has arisen in that the app will not display accurate, up-to-date tracking info, where the full sites does.
Keith H 2020-11-21

Great app. Having my mail go to a P.O. Box it allows me to see mail that has arrived and any packages, whether delivered or in route. Plus it has a lot of features that save time; like change of address, etc.. Great app. for home users also, because it lets you report stolen mail or packages. I highly recommend it. After writing this review I noticed some people are having trouble tracking packages. You can have them update you on a regular basis to your e-mail. It has always worked well for me
Lisa Marie Hauser 2021-01-06

Early the pandemic when Americans were waiting for their stimulus checks I kept hearing people say that they used Informed Delivery to see if their check was going to be in their mailbox that day. I found the USPS app and downloaded it right away and at first I used it mainly for that purpose. I\'ve decided to keep the app and use it every day in light of COVID\'s long-term effect on mail & package delivery. I use the app every single day. It\'s a great tool for keeping track of mail and packages.
WonderGamer 2020-12-25

The app makes it easy to track multiple packages at once, but that has to be done manually, the app hasn\'t given any notifications as of yet. Informed Delivery tells you if you have any mail coming each day, but I\'ve found that it\'s becoming more & less just spam than actually being beneficial: First problem is many times I\'ll get a notification stating I have mail being delivered, but there\'s no image for that mail, so you won\'t have an option to report that mail as not received, even if you get no other mail for the day. The second problem is I started getting almost daily notifications of new mail, but I checked & it\'s nothing but digial spam from USPS (no actual mail being delivered, this started around December 1st), so seems they are using this function to more or less place you on a mailing list that you can\'t opt out of unless you disable those notifications or start marking those emails as spam (or set up a filter to auto-delete them)...
Jaydine Lee 2021-02-12

Multiple times I requested for my package to be left at the post office so I could pick it up first thing in the morning rather than waiting all afternoon for it to show up.... The app kept loading my request but updating nothing what so ever... Same with the website. Why even offer the option if the function isn\'t going to work??? Super irritating. Just realized people are experiencing a similar issue! My drop down menu IS showing up but that wasn\'t my issue in the first place.
Klegca 2020-12-16

12/15/2020 Update: I just want to report that this app has performed flawlessly now for months since I first started installed it. I highly recommend it. Great app! for me. I have a mail box in a cluster of boxes about 1/2 block away from my home. Now I can know if I have any mail before I walk down there. Very convenient and helpful. I highly recommend this app.
Dale Silverman 2021-01-11

Great idea on paper and occasionally is helpful but there are more problems than advantages. Seeing a pic of your mail does not mean you\'re getting it that day. You get it when you get it and it could be weeks later (which just happened to me with a check that I\'d been waiting for, for months). It also takes too long to sign in (3 screens!). The packages feature is more helpful than the mail feature especially when you include outgoing packages (w/their tracking numbers).
Mark Deayreusch 2021-01-03

This is the best way to manage your mail. It\'s easy and convenient to pause your service when on vacation even if you forget to do it until your out of town. The app puts you in total control. Need stamps, Yes you can order them and they will be delivered to you address in a few days. The USPS app has much more to offer like collectibles and gifts for anyone on your list who might like things like model mail cars trucks and semi trucks and much more. I have used the app for many years.
Cindy Massie 2021-01-13

For the most part, this is a reliable app that can be useful for packages one may be waiting on. However, there have been (not often, granted) times when we check this app and find that we actually did have a bit of mail or the opposite has also happened. But there are so many benefits that can be had, so we continue to utilize it as often as possible. What a marvelous convenience on cold rainy days... as long as you consider you do have a higher chance of them getting it correct!