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Description of UU Game Booster - Lower Ping

UU Game Booster is a boosting service dedicated to providing lightning-fast, stable connections for players worldwide. Over the past decade, it has proven to be the best available boosting service on the market, providing the lowest latency connection and solving network connection issues for over 1 billion users.

● Support 3000+ Mobile Game

If you could think of it—we have it! We offer ultra-fast connections to popular mobile games, including PUBG, Marvel Super War, Identity V, LifeAfter, and many more!

● Lag-free Performance

Improvements that you can see and feel! UU Game Booster's smart routing system prevents disconnections, lags, and high latency!

● Stable Connection

We offer exclusive nodes across the world to provide the fastest connection available!

● Patented Technology

Dual Assurance Mode: Connect both Wi-Fi and Cellular networks for optimal network stability.

Multipath Connection: Switch between the best nodes for the fastest connection possible.

● Quality Guaranteed

NetEase is a leading internet/tech company with 20 years of experience under its belt!

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:NetEase Games

User Reviews


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KAI RU 2019-05-06

I got to say, I\'ve been trying this app for not even a day. At the beginning i didn\'t really think that it would work, but since i tried it on ML, It worked pretty well! So it makes your ping higher but it makes your ping more stable. Like my ping without UU was right about 30-50+ and mostly goes to 200+ , but with UU it was right around 80+ but it really did not go to 200+, So i guess it works? Thanks UU!
GioMar 23 2020-06-06

You are only good for 2 days almost showing good connection but after that it is now so bad. No improvement at all. Paid for it but regret it now. NEVER EVER USE THIS APP. After you pay for it, It will stop functioning. Don\'t download this app or even pay for it.
Dhyan Bikash Deka 2020-05-18

It constantly show error 0101019... I allowed all the permission...VPN authorization didn\'t pop up for once... It suggested to reinstall the app... I did but again same error over and over again...solve if possible., I submitted my mail...if u can send the solution.. till then 1 star.. if it works, I\'ll be glad to give 5 star..
Kevin Winoto 2020-05-17

First time opening mobile legend, my ping was aprroximately 150 ms. Then I decided to donwload the app, run it, and it says IMPROVED 80% but the ping was written 200+ms.. It\'s seriously doesn\'t make sense what the app told me.. Yet I still open the mobile legend and surprise! My ping is 300-400ms.. Dude, for real? Uninstall!
Rjoe Guya 2020-11-09

Not good, the booster not working that well. I just bought vip, but still not working, always timeout and connection error . Even I\'m the one whose using the wifi in the room. Now is not working very well. Always high ping 199ms. Even i restart the game and reinstall it still the same. Not worth installing, customer service no help at all.
Alexander Serrano 2020-03-01

I\'m still not sure about the app, it\'s netease after all, but it did conquer the worst high ping game of all, \"Extraordinary Ones\". After installation, it tried the 3 day trial, it actually works. Ping went from 130 to 80, which in my case is great. If you want to buy VIP just make sure that your internet connection or wifi is strong, because i think it uses great amount of data in return for the good ping.
John Ckl 2019-06-29

Surprise surprise, seems like it worked for me 80% of the time. so long as my internet line is stable and doesn\'t fluctuate much, the ping stays relatively lower than non-boosted. however, line stability when switching between WiFi and data still isn\'t great, and reconnecting takes a long time (for MOBA in my case), so hoping that the devs will look into this. cheers and keep up the good work. money well spent and reasonable (please keep it reasonable, because it\'s for the good of the masses).
Tori Bland 2021-01-13

Don\'t know why this has so many negative reviews when it actually works I been using it for years now for moba games that aren\'t in the US and my ping is just fine no lag or issues at all. Maybe a better wifi connection for those who have issues with it but for me its been a gem in the few years I have had this.
Wayne Barnard 2019-12-14

Use to use this app before when it was free and it worked but now i downloaded and bought the vip for a year but it doesnt even pick up my game ( lifeafter nightfalls EU) asked for help twice and still no response.. vip are supposed to get help faster.. i would hate to know how long people wait that dont have vip... very disappointed and a waste of money!!
Randolph Absalon 2021-01-30

I actually enjoyed this app because it\'s the first vpn that actually works for me. I tried the free 72 hrs it gave me and I was convinced to subscribe for a months worth but after 2 days. It\'s saying I need to pay again. That I don\'t have a subscription for the vpn. Can I have a logical explanation for this?