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Description of Valiu: Your account in Valiu dollars (USDv)

We know how valuable your time is, that is why with Valiu you can open your account in less than 5 minutes and using only your identity document.

Opening your account is 100% FREE. With it you will not only be able to buy Valiu dollars at the best rate, but you will also be able to receive payments and pay FREE OF CHARGE! And in the safest and fastest way you have ever seen.


If you sell any product or service in Venezuela, Valiu is for you. Regardless of the size of your business, the Valiu application will save you a lot of headaches. Now you can:

- Give change in exact amounts.

- Receive payments from your customers in dollars immediately.

- Protect your earnings from devaluation in 1 click.

- Make and receive as many transfers as you want


If you want to protect your money from devaluation and access endless opportunities to grow in your financial life, Valiu is for you. Now you can:

- Protect your money from devaluation in 1 click.

- Pay in thousands of merchants in exact amounts.

- Send money locally or internationally, free of charge and immediately.

And much more! You can use both accounts, with no hidden costs or handling fee.


Your money and your transactions are fully protected. We have security systems and protocols that guarantee that your money can only be handled by a single user (You) and the movements / records of your transactions are always backed by Valiu.


We are a registered and regulated company in the United States, and we are already more than 40 people working for you daily! Our team brings together talent from Venezuela, other Latin American countries, the United States, Europe and Asia.

Likewise, Valiu is backed with funds from YCombinator (https://www.ycombinator.com) (who also invested in Rappi and Airbnb, among other large companies) and more investment entities, which strengthen our operations and their legality at all times. .


The Valiu dollar (USDv) is a digital currency / asset that maintains its value according to the United States dollar (USD) that we all know, hence its name “Valiu Dollar”.


- You only need to have access to:

- A smart phone to download the app.

- Your identity document (identity card or passport)

- Your cell phone number.

Our application was designed to make financial life easier for millions of Venezuelans, who are in Venezuela or abroad. With Valiu we give you access to a personal or business account, so that you can carry out transactions in Valiu dollars quickly, safely and effectively.


- No cost to open your account or your business.

- No commission cost between Valiu user transactions.

- No need to be referred.

- You can change your local currency to Valiu dollars, in less than 30 minutes.

- You can make transactions from any city in Venezuela and Colombia.

- You will be able to save, transfer and receive payments in Valiu dollars immediately, from your cell phone.

- You will protect your money safely, without losing value due to devaluation.

- You will avoid the problem of not having change or low denomination dollars.

Download the App and open your Valiu account!

The safest and fastest way to save, transfer and receive payments is with Valiu dollars.

More information? Visit https://www.valiu.com and follow us on our networks @ Valiu.co

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samuel rondon 2019-12-17

Great app. I can send money to my family easy and fast.
Juan Camilo Peña Hernández 2019-03-20

facil y práctica para hacer las transferencias, recomendada
Jesus Alberto 2019-03-11

Excelente producto, servicio y experiencia!
ismail yılmaz 2020-03-27

It\'s a very quality programme, user interface and graphics are perfect.
shreyanshi sharma 2020-02-26

We can easily send money. It is easy to use and fast. I really like this. Very good one .
Peter Vun 2020-01-26

Great app. Now you can send money so easy.
Ivan Parada Marin 2019-12-11

Le pude enviar a mi familia fácilmente la plata que necesitaban en Caracas. La recibieron en 1 hora y pude saber con anterioridad cuando iban a recibir. Una de las mejores aplicaciones para enviar dinero.
Pablo Andrés Dorado Suárez 2019-08-02

Muy segura, y buena experiencia.
Charles Smith 2019-12-27

Amazing app for sending bucks. Easy to use.
Yenni Guarenas 2020-06-22

Mando dinero desde hace varios meses y debo decir que es la mejor manera. Jamás se me a perdido ni un peso.