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Description of VarageSale: Sell simply, buy safely.

VarageSale is your virtual garage sale buy and sell app. We are the only app based on 100% real identity--everyone goes through a manual review process before they’re allowed to buy or sell. See member ratings and average response times to get to know people before a sale. Messaging members and scheduling meetups are a breeze through our app.

Browse local classifieds listings on the feed or filter out categories you aren’t interested in for a personalized shopping experience. Easily search for stuff like baby gear, furniture, household items, electronics, jewelry, purses, clothing, shoes, and more!

Got stuff to sell? Take a photo and list it in seconds. Earn extra cash. Let go of items you no longer want or need.

Completely free to buy, sell, browse and bump your stuff to the top of the listings feed.

Skip yard sales. VarageSale instead! Sell simply, buy safely.

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lable: Shopping - Apps Current Version:4.2.9 Publish Date:2021-12-20 Developer:VarageSale, Inc.

User Reviews


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donnie7777 2019-12-15

Really a non existent app. The fact that you have to wait to get approved for other communities is ridiculous. It has been 2 days and still pending. This app is dead, barely any posts, and more than likely because no one has any idea it exists. Remove the community memberships, get the word out more and this app could have potential. For now it lacks the motivation of wanting to sell or buy from here.
Planthunter 2019-12-22

As a concept, Varage sale is fabulous, but using it revels many technical difficulties. The fact that you can\'t take down your own items at any time, especially after they have sold is strange, and I cannot change my home community. Just now I had an issue with posting, where I lost everything I had written before posting an item because I briefly had to leave the site. I guess there is no \"draft\" function. I found that annoying.
Tammi Orazem 2019-05-25

love this app. I have more success selling my used stuff on here than FB marketplace and craigslist combined (and no scammers). great organization and ways to reserve, bump, mark as sold, delete, add multiple pictures, private message interested sellers, schedule pick up, gives total when someone is buying multiple items from you, you can rate sellers & buyers. . . I\'m not sure what else they could do to improve it. there is a large audience on here too so your stuff actually gets seen.
Barb Sheehan 2020-07-14

Constantly freezes with error meassages galore! This used to be a fun site to sell on but it is unusable. When posting a new item, you enter in all the photos, title, description, and price, but it won\'t publish unless you go back and delete a letter or a number in each area, add it back in again, then it accepts it. But it won\'t include any of the painstakingly entered description when you go to the site to check your listing! Too much work to sell anything. Will be deleting my account.
Southeast Angler LLC 2019-04-09

Worse sales app in history. The administration staff are very sensitive and jealous people. They harrass you and delete your account if you don\'t respond fast enough to them. If your looking for a app to sell or buy things easy and not have to answer a bunch of question to people that have no interest in buying or selling. They just abuse their admin powers and bully good people as if everyone is a scammer. You are better off using letgo or craigslist at least the scammers there can\'t block you.
Todd Smith 2021-02-22

*EDIT, Anothet update, but still cannot run from external storage!!* Why even allow the app to be moved to external storage if when done it just crashes right away? Don\'t feed me it\'s my phone or card or that bs, my phone has all necessary updates, it\'s the app. Pretty sure you could get some high school kids to fix the issue or re-write the app. Funny too how the ads always seem to load, yet not the feed, items, etc., but the ads you sold out to do!! Fix the external storage problem!!! Sellouts
Rebecca R 2020-12-15

Individuals on varage can make it a task to use but overall it\'s a good place to sell. Don\'t like the rule that you have to drop off to cities that are further away. I think if someone wants something they should be willing to go get it. It\'s not worth driving an hour to n from for $5! Makes no sense. I drive far to get what I want. Being in a smaller community means we don\'t have a good selection of available/cultural items. If I\'m willing to drive for something I should be allowed to join them
Emilia Petrescu 2020-02-03

I love this app for many reasons! 1) I can sell my unwanted items without leaving the house. 2) I can buy an item without having to wait in line at a store; too many times it took so long that I just put the item back and left. 3) Porch pick up (PPU) is great, especially if you have kids! 4) Last but not least, you get to meet great people and be part of a good community!
Shyann J 2019-09-22

This is definitely one of my fav selling apps. It\'s very organized and gives you the option to boost 10 ads every 2 hours which helps in terms of getting your ads exposed. I also like that your able to rate/review sellers/buyers. All in all I give this app 5+ stars. I\'ve sold a lot of stuff on here, i suggest you give it a try!
Jennifer Graves 2019-08-10

I love this app/group.💖 A great way to buy stuff you need or want for usually a great price or sell items that you no longer need. Most everyone on here are nice and reasonable. I have been part of this group for a little over 2 years now and have only had to deal with a few bad apples. However then I have made some great friend on here and I also have people who I buy or sell to on a regular basis. I have recommended and would definitely recommend that app/group to others.🙂