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Description of Varaq - Online Hokm

Let's play one of the most beloved and challenging playing card game, Hokm (Rung, Rang, Court Piece), with your friends online for free!

We've taken the classic game of Hokm and made it even more engaging. 

Playing Varaq with Family, Friends and all fans worldwide give you a new free social experience.


- Play Online 1v1, 1v1v1 and 2v2 Hokm for Free!

- Compete in the daily, weekly and global leaderboard

- Easy to learn, difficult to put down

- Make friends and keep playing with them

- Keep your flags flying

- Build your own unique avatar

- Have fun with emojis in game

- Play with users all over the world

- Know your playing performance

- Exciting Challenges

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More Information Of Varaq - Online Hokm

lable: Card - Games Current Version:3.8.1 Publish Date:2022-02-23 Developer:9 To 0 Corp.

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Saman Salehi 2020-03-28

It\'s a good game which can entertain you easily and you won\'t even feel the time... It has some imperfections but I understand some of them are out of the developer\'s hand, few of them are and they are trying to solve those... I hope they keep on fixing and developing it... Overally, it\'s one of the best games that I have on my phone...
Nima Sajedi 2020-06-30

Most of the time, card distribution is not fair and the game doesn\'t let you win, especially when you push your scores and level high. As it seems, deck shuffling is not random and equal for all players. It seems there are categories of players with priorities and some categories will receive better cards and have higher chances to win the game. It couldn\'t be only luck or chance to receive bad hands in a period of more than a month, playing 3-4 times almost every day.
anna ez 2021-01-05

The adds are a bit annoying and the offer of leaving the match whenever you want is the worst thing. Imean always someone quits. Always! But other than that it\'s really a good game for hokm lovers
Behrouz Amiri 2020-10-06

Games interrupt for all players a lot! Imagine you\'re 6-1 ahead in a 4player game and you\'re just about to win, but suddenly shows an advertisement, and after advertisement ends, instead of going back to the same round and continue, it gets to the main menu! That round is gone!! You\'ve got to start a new game all over again!! It\'s not a system issue, definitely a big application design issue! I found this game very interesting and exciting, but this issue has disappointed me.
Pemili Mad 2020-04-04

The fact that you cant send your partner emojis has left the game with less excitement. Even playing in person you would be allowed some form of looks so limiting emojis can make the game more natural. I think you should be able to spend money to buy rating and play better players
Mehran Mirahmadi 2020-04-14

I\'ve had some great experience with this game. But I\'ve also had some horrible and frustrating moments playing this game. I mean you\'d hope that when you go the competitive mode, people know what they are doing, right? But that\'s not always the case here. I matched up with people who are not familiar with basic strategies in the game twice in a row which makes it very annoying. However, for the most part, it\'s an enjoyable game. Thank you!
Reza Molaee 2020-10-26

In one word, Frustrating. There\'s a serious bug that constantly close the app! dumb AI, unfair card shuffle, I guess it\'s biased in favor of paid players. Uninstalled.
Majid Kishany 2019-09-06

No inistaling my fhone😡
مهدی سپهبد 2019-12-14

It\'s so cool but have a lot of ads
Ali Djashan 2020-09-14

Everything is perfect and well designed, I\'ve been playing the game for a while now and there only one big problem, there are ALOT OF players sitting next ro eachother and cheating which is absolutely obvious, like the guy knows his partner has A so he puts his king knowing the round will be his then he plays the same thing again so his partner gets the next round, this is only one way i mentioned that people cheat , i hope u guys take the reports more seriously, thank u.