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Description of Vargo Anesthesia Mega App

17 apps in 1 (Mega App)

This app consists of the book/app "Anesthesia Case Tips" and "16" other Vargo Anesthesia apps combined into 1. So it is now 17 in 1. This app will be updated frequently, free of charge.

The 17 apps included in this massive app are listed below:

1. "Malignant Hyperthermia" - Simplified with the latest literature from the Malignant Hyperthermia Association website.

2. "Calculations"- ABL/EBV, BMI, BSA/CI, MAP, SVR/PVR, Bicarb Deficit and O2 Cylinder Duration. There are no anesthesia drugs doses calculated.

3. "Crises" - This simplifies the emergencies you may deal with in the world of anesthesia. Algorithms and review notes from Amniotic Fluid Embolism, cardiac, airway and other emergency situations.

4. "Anesthesia Case Tips" - The "Anesthesia Case Tips" book (kindle) version on Amazon.com was one of the top selling anesthesia books the year it was published. It consists of 27 chapters with over 500 cases. The simplified search engine permits you to find your case within seconds. There is also a “Notes Section” for you to add personal notes for each case. Cases are frequently being added. Many of the newer cases cannot be found in Jaffe.

5. “Anesthesia Drug Box” - There are no drug calculations in the app, just basic pharmacology information as a review. This app contains over 150 drugs/agents/products that we commonly or only periodically use in the field of anesthesia. Perfect for students and a good review and quick reference for anesthesia veterans.

6. “Anesthesia Drips”- Common information concerning anesthesia drips. There are no drug calculations. This is a user-friendly top selling anesthesia app which contains a large list of cardiac and anesthesia drips. With one click, the app explains:

*How to mix your drip.

*Popular mixing concentrations.

*Equations used to get the drip rates as a reference

*Pharmacology notes on how the drug works.

7. “Adult Anesthesia” - This app offers you over 350 drugs as a basic review.

8. “CABG for Anesthesia”- Tailored for someone learning to manage hearts in anesthesia. It is simplified but still detailed. It explains:

*CABG cliffs notes you won’t get in class.

*Step-by-step instructions from pre-op to post-op care.

*What to do from the beginning.

*Setting up the room.

*What the surgeon is doing.

*What the surgeon will do next.


*When and what drugs to give.

*Common cardiac drips.

*Coming off bypass & how other experienced anesthesia providers come off bypass.

9. "Blood/TEGs" - Notes on blood transfusion and blood products. TEG review notes and simplified for beginners.

10. "Pediatric Case Tips" - Contains how we manage close to 100 surgical procedures from start to finish. It was edited by experienced pediatric CRNAs who sit the cases and how they manage them.

11. "OB Regional Anesthesia" - Contains the same material as many OB books, but simplified and user friendly. Equivalent to a 500 page book. Simplifies and user friendly.

12. "LA Max Doses" - One click and you have a quick reference to all the maximum local anesthetic doses.

13. "Local Anesthetics" - A quick detailed reference to all the local anesthetics. Information on:

*Drug description

*Doses & concentrations for the variety of blocks

*Comparative tables


*Clinical pharmacology

*Chemical structures



*Review notes

14. "Anticoagulants & Neuraxial/Deep Regional Block Tables" - Tables of 25 anticoagulants that show:

*Minimal time between the last dose and initiation of a block.

*Whether the anticoagulant can be administered while an epidural catheter is in place.

*Minimal time to restart the anticoagulant after catheter removal.

*When to restart anticoagulant after procedure.

*When to remove catheter after administration.

15. "Platelet Function Assay and interpretation."

16. "Pharmacology & Reversal methods of 28 anticoagulants."

17. "Coagulants & Deficiencies"

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:19.2.8 Publish Date:2022-06-07 Developer:Matt Vargo

User Reviews


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Mike Evans 2019-01-05

Receiving several recommendations from fellow SRNA\'s I was excited to see the discount and bought it immediately. Unfortunately for $80 (originally $100) I was quite surprised to run across numerous grammatical errors, typos, buttons that don\'t work and others that take you to the wrong information. The user interface is also something that needs more attention as it leaves one wondering what they just paid so much money for. We are all wondering when the next update can be expected. Thank you.
Jose Juan Doreste 2019-12-29

It really has everything. Great tool, and it just got a UI refresh and update. Perfect!
Beate Valero 2021-01-31

It is a great app and is always super helpful. After the updates it now looks completely different, not bad, just different and the option to add your own case tips was taken away. This is very disappointing to me (hence no 5 🌟), as I was using that option a lot Edit: the option to add own case cards was put back in. Love the app!!
tim harris 2018-06-21

SRNA here....this app is an essential for a student. It cut my care-plan time in half. Time is so valuable as a student and this app saves me a lot time. No need for searching out the Jaffe when you have Vargo. I use this daily for a quick reference...especially for peds cases. I feel more secure having all I need right in my my pocket. Thanks Mr. Vargo!!!!
Amy 2017-02-14

Definitely not worth $80, was expecting it to be more in depth for the price.
A Google user 2017-08-25

Highly recommended! Very resourceful; good reference if you want to check something really quick. I do have a question.. I have a Samsung phone and purchased this app from play store. I\'m wondering if I can download this app on my ipad without having to pay another $80? Thanks!
Tracy Petree 2019-07-29

Honestly, I just paid $100 for this app and the entire thing is riddled with typos. Come on. Proofread your stuff!
Cheryl Schosky 2018-05-31

I have worked with the CRNA creator of this app and know the quality of his work and professional practice. I use this information many times/week. A must have for all nurse anesthesiologisst and physicians
dieudonne deku 2017-05-28

It is so useful as an anesthesia app. Congratulation to the creator.
Mitali Patel 2017-03-25

SRNA here. Use it every day. Excellent to review unfamiliar cases, check math, look up drugs, I could go on.