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Description of Varo Money - Existing Users Only

This app is will soon be discontinued. Varo has a brand new app and a new contactless debit card! If you’re new to Varo, search for Varo Bank and download the new app. If you’re an existing customer, stay tuned for an email from us on how to seamlessly transition to the new app and card!

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:1.7.4 Publish Date:2021-06-10 Developer:Varo Bank, N.A.

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Aylisis Hydorn 2019-05-20

Their customer service is amazing. They solved my problem quickly and efficiently. (I switched from Apple to Android before the app was available on Android) I\'ve read a bunch of negative reviews and wanted to update mine... I still love Varo. In the year that I\'ve been banking with them, I\'ve not had any issues. Payday is Friday at my job, i get paid every Wednesday night, without fail, with my direct deposit. Customer service is still wonderful and Navigation of the app is very easy.
Lonnie Williams 2019-03-20

A checking account without the ability to have and write paper checks, or to even request that a paper check be sent for payment on my behalf, makes no sense. At least iOS users get to request paper checks be sent on their behalf. Why not Android users? No web banking option; everything must be done through the app. Very limited daily withdrawls ($500) as compared to my current bank ($1000). I really want to like and use this account -- there are SO many good things about Varo -- but...
Dotaku Personal 2020-03-15

Very satisfied, the app is simple and easy to use. I love getting my check earlier than most of my fellow employees, it\'s really nice getting paid when I\'m off and not right as I\'m about to head back to work. I love the fee free 50$ overdrawing, I don\'t always use it but when I need it, it\'s very nice to have. I love how quickly I get alerted of any and all transactions. Edit: Had to take away a star because no fee overdraft doesnt always work like it\'s supposed to so its unreliable at times.
John Caputo 2019-09-25

They improperly set up electronic transfers, to my credit union. That caused an overdraft by transferring from the wrong act. No way to manually set the acct number, or even see what they setup. Their customer support is through unsecured email. They responded slowly. They won\'t make good on th he overdraft that they caused. So many things wrong with this bank.
Sapphire Lamberth 2020-06-01

Please don\'t waste your time with this \"bank\". I have had nothing but issues since the beginning. They keep lowering the interest rate on the savings. The app constantly has glitches. It has been quite the extra stressful experience using this \"bank\". I decided to just suck it up and open a Wells Fargo account. The only benefits of Varo, overdraft and early deposit, are not consistent. I had more detail but there\'s not enough space here.
Tasha 2020-01-21

I do not like that you cannot change your pin through the app itself. When purchasing groceries, it kept getting declined due to invalid pin. Went to the app to change my pin, had to call the customer service number and they were closed. That was super frustrating. The store wont allow credit so I could use debit. What is the point in that?
Cam III 2020-03-21

Pretty Good for online Banking. My only issue with Varo is the fact that if you lose your card, your only option is to wait until you get a new one in the the mail which can take up to 14 business day, before you can access your money. Over the counter Cash withdrawal are available at 3rd party vendors/ Banks, but you must have or card.. Which brings me to the point above. Varo savings do offer pretty high yielding APR\'s on its customers.. Which is cool, , LOANS, loans I say is what I want.
Crystalb813 2020-02-27

I think the UI is a bit unappealing, but it\'s efficient and works well, so I\'ll live lol. Easy to open the account, easy to link an external account, easy to transfer funds, etc. Savings account gives 1.92% yield, so I like that. I opened this account primarily to use for saving. If you\'re looking for online banking, this is good, as there are literally no fees, and if you meet certain criteria, you can even overdraft $50 without any fees.
Jamie Wright 2020-10-28

Great app, I have been a member for a few months now, it is easy to join and set up, it gives you a checking acct. and a savings acct. With a direct deposit option with an account and routing number. You also get a real card in the mail. Easy to hook my pay pal account to it and no fees! There are tons of free ATMs to use, with a map and location in case I\'m out of my normal area. Also has notifications for the government stimulus check so I will know exactly when it arrives.
breanna schlaht 2020-01-19

This is by far, hands down, the best prepaid debit card out there. No fees whatsoever. They say zero means zero and they aren\'t kidding. That\'s almost unheard of with prepaid cards nowadays. They also offer an optional savings account that earns interest, with a really cool automated way to help you save. It will round up to the nearest dollar and the change goes right into yourhighly savings account. Adds up quickly and 😛🤐 barely notice the deductions. I highly recommend! 👍👍👍