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Description of Vault - Budget Planner

Plan family budget, expenses and income in advance.

Forget budget worksheets! With this simple and easy home budgeting tool you will be able to see your current and future financial situation right on the calendar. Entering periodic expenses and income is enough to see your estimated balance forecast for any date in the future. Add planned spendings or payments to check whether you can afford it by specific date.

Track money in multiple accounts for better control over your home budget. Ordered list will show upcoming planned payments, where they can be marked as paid. Quickly see future balance projection on charts and calendar.


• Calendar showing calculated balance or spent/received money for any date

• Budget planning and future finance forecast* based on your income and spendings

• Balance and income/expenses charts (graphs), including future dates*

• Chronologically ordered list of upcoming payments

• Single or periodic (daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc) income and expenses, transfer between accounts

• Cloud sync*

• Track multiple accounts* (cash, bank, savings, etc) with different currencies

• Automatic currency conversion*

• Notifications (reminders) about upcoming planned payments*

• Mark transactions as paid

• Simple financial stats, averages and totals

• Filter payments, balance and stats by account

• Password or fingerprint (Android 6.0+) protection*

• Backup and restore data*

*In-app purchase required to unlock. Free app is restricted to 2 accounts and 2 months of budget forecast. Free version has no ads.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:2.16 Publish Date:2022-06-03 Developer:S. Tubin

User Reviews


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Cyrene Winquist 2019-03-15

Exactly what I need! Vault functions so much better for the way my mind works than the dozens of other tools I\'ve tried. I love the ability to see be what my balance will be if I stick to my budget and being able to immediately see if or when I can afford an extra expense considering the timing of upcoming payments and expenses. I would like to see a few other features someday, but my life got so much simpler and my stress lower thanks to Vault that I am 5-stars-worth of grateful!
Edric alFali 2018-04-30

A good app for what I need. It\'s a simple calandar with deductions and deposits that you can customize to your pay schedule. There are other features but most are locked in the free version. This does everything I need to and I haven\'t noticed any ads getting in my way. Because this is a free version, you can only plan one month ahead. I needed this to help get through the current month and a month ahead is all I can plan for anyway.
Malayan Grago 2019-04-07

Free for 2 accounts only
Gravitystix 2019-01-26

Been using this app for over a year. Its responsive and easy to use BUT it is missing a key function, the ability to group purchases by category. I can ASSIGN categories and label a purchase to one, but I cannot for example quickly find how much I spent on groceries last month. I contacted the developer twice and while I appreciate their getting back to me quickly both times the promised feature was never implemented. I cannot recommend the app in its current state.
Nathan Wilkins 2020-11-27

I love this app so far. My biggest worry is spending what I have, and forgetting about a recurring charge, so I end up in the negative. This helps me to track how much I can safely spend. The only real critique I have is that the interface is slightly different between the ios and android versions, because I hop between the two platforms a lot. But this isn\'t that big a deal, and the app works fantastically.
Luke Eisele 2020-08-31

Exactly what I was looking for, I downloaded to see what features this has, ended up paying for the pro version. Being able to set an approximate amount for bills and change to reflect it later is great, especially for reoccurring payments. Easy to use and all the features I could ever want! Definitely worth $4 to be able to budget further out👍
Eileen Hennessy 2019-10-29

With highly variable (but seasonally predictable) income/expenses, I\'ve found traditional budgeting apps frustrating in their stolid reliance on planning to a very regular monthly budget. I need to be able to fine-tune monthy forecasts so I can see when life might slam me if I was under-prepared. This is perfect for my needs!
CMD 2018-06-06

UPDATE: still using this app, it\'s great! I bought the pro version and I am so glad I did. Thank you, S. Rubin. to S. Rubin, 12 17 15: Thank you for your concern. I unistalled the app and then re-installed it, using it now. Overall, still the best app for me. We can have 2 accts, right? If so, is there a different calendar for each one. I entered the second account name, yet one calendar? THANK you for your prompt reply. I now figured it out. Great app, giving it a 5. update..12 3, thank you for your reply.....this app have easy to use and very useful. Something is not right with. I\'m using like I have also done. Now if I make a correction to an entry, my balace goes into negative for the month. I have to check my checking account balance to make corrections on vault to see my available balance. Thank you for time with it.
Tonya M 2020-12-14

Love this app! So user friendly, and helps me keep on top of exactly how much I have available to me at any given time. I love that I can edit individual entries in a series. Allows me to input estimates of regular, but variable, expenses like groceries and the electricity bill, and then adjust them when the actual bill comes. The only thing that could make this app better is if it could integrate a line by line budget.
Wayne Bird 2019-12-28

Can\'t change date of recurring transaction. App hasn\'t been updated in a long time, is it another dead app like SmartAmount?