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Description of VDOT Running Calculator

The official VDOT Running Calculator, designed by Dr. Jack Daniels - named World's Best Running Coach by Runner's World Magazine - and the team at V.O2.

Thanks to over 50 years of scientific research conducted by legendary coach Dr. Jack Daniels, runners and coaches can quickly determine appropriate training paces, equate race performances and adjust for heat and altitude.


• Calculate time, distance and race paces

• Calculate your current training paces

• Calculate and compare the equivalent performances of a race result at other distances

• Calculate the effect of temperature or altitude on training and race paces

What's Your VDOT?

VDOT is a measure of your current running ability. It assigns a score to all running performances, let's you determine your current training paces, and equates a race time in one distance to another. For instance, you can compare your VDOT score from a recent 5k result to a friend's score who just ran a half marathon. Who won?

What VDOT Level Have You Reached?

Input a race result or estimated performance and learn what score it reaches on the VDOT scale. Enter all your past performances to see which race result scores the highest. There are 10 levels starting at Beginner - White (Female: 34.3, Male: 36.8) all the way up to Professional - Gold (Female: 71, Male: 80).

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More Information Of VDOT Running Calculator

lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:2.6.0 Publish Date:2022-05-21 Developer:VDOT O2

User Reviews


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Iannis Ioan 2019-09-30

Very Nice app, really nice!!! But i would definitely love to put the weight and hight there, that the caclulator would give me more precision on Vdoto2 and training paces. Also consider adding and resting heart rate. All these are crucial for giving as precise as possible Vdoto2 pace. Can you tell me please why you don\'t have considered putting those metrics in the app? Also would like to have a range for the pace, it\'s not possible from gps watches to have a stable pace, for instance as you have done for the easy run (that has a range) i\'d like to have a range and for the other paces. Thank you, I like a lot the app great job
WacTer 2019-02-05

This app help me calculate and design running plan easy
Joseph Cahill 2016-11-29

Not enough detail I have two of Jack Daniel\'s training books. This app doesn\'t give as many options for training as the book does. If you enter your mile or 5k PR it only gives you 1 or 2 options of distances. The book gives you Marathon, Interval, Threshold, Repetition and Easy pace for a variety of distances based on ability. If you were able to add those to this app I would definitely increase the rating. A little too basic for me and the athletes I train.
Nate Hathaway 2015-11-22

Great app for everyone! From the recreational runner to the elite athlete, this app will benefit everyone, including coaches.
Sayyid Aliyu Tilde 2017-10-07

I love it. It is a nice and easy app
Mark Gee 2016-08-30

Fine I guess Much better spreadsheets with Way more detail online. But a nice handy app
Rob Hasler 2015-06-29

Great app Glad there is now an official app. Would love and invite code for the online features!
M Southam 2018-12-30

Great way to stay connected with you coach.
Robert Sims 2020-09-02

Great running app
Tito Eslava 2015-08-19

No age factor Is too general, not exact cause is not considering age factor