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Description of Vegas Deluxe Slots:Free Casino

Revel in the most authentic slots experience online! Forget any annoying casino sideshows - just sink into the full screen reels and zone in on the big win!

No fluff, no distractions. Vegas Deluxe gives you the perfect look and feel of the classic slot machines you love!


* Lifelike slot machines

* Full screen slots gameplay

* Enormous jackpots

* Hourly bonus coins

* Tournaments with friends

* Weekly gifts, deals, and events!

Download to start winning NOW!

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Vegas Deluxe Slots:Free Casino is intended for an adult audience for entertainment purposes only. Success at social casino gambling does not reward real money prizes, nor does it guarantee success at real money gambling.

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More Information Of Vegas Deluxe Slots:Free Casino

lable: Casino - Games Current Version:1.0.6 Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:ME2ZEN Limited

User Reviews


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Jim Sutton 2017-11-04

I\'m m a disabled who can\'t get out of the house and these people take advantage of the less fortunate by taking all their money, your sick people. Never any big hits, out of millions of spins I\'ve seen the red 7\'s 3 times. It\'s unfortunate you take advantage of vets like this.
A Google user 2017-10-20

I\'m enjoying it very much since i havent been to real Casino for a year now. I COULDN\'T believe I\'m winning more here than winning in real money at the Real Casino THANKS so much for the App. Great Job!!
Daniel R Calvert 2017-09-07

Need to be able to turn off the tournament participation. It slows down...makes the reels jerky & jumps when pay lines are hit. I had 3 doubles and they slipped down to a no-pay line. If the tournament mode cannot be optional, speed up the win counter. Even though touching the \"spin\" button accelerates the counter, score doesn’t appear for an inordinate amount of time.
Greg Conte 2017-04-16

It just kinda strings you along in order to try and persuade you to advertise for the app or convince you to purchase more coins. No big enough wins to provide enough coin to bet and contend for a large jackpot. Is really set up with thought to get the patron to make a purchase.
shirley morochnick 2017-03-05

I didnt get the 220 million coins i was promised for signing up.
Jonathan Holman 2017-04-19

The games are Casino like in nature. However, there needs to be more games to play. It would be nice to have more games like Double Diamond Haywire or Double Diamond Run available to play. Some years ago, I was at a real casino and played a game called Cascade Of Diamonds. It would be really neat if this game could be created on this website or one very similar to it!!!!
Terrell Hardin 2018-03-15

Graphics are excellent. Way too many ads popping up in the middle of the gameplay. That alone ruins the game for me.
Patty Graef Logan 2020-04-19

Having trouble down loading the game to play.It stops at 3% and will not go any far.Love the game a lot that\'s why I downloaded it again.Please help.
A Google user 2018-02-11

I love these older slot games. They are funner than the other ones. I really enjoy playing here.
A Google user 2017-10-23

I just had to download the app and activate your account login to your email and I win I win fave thousand coins out of the gate and even more excited does keep you posted on all games played...