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Description of Veggie Garden Planner

The Veggie Garden Planner provides you with clearly arranged information that you need to quickly compose your vegetable garden patch.

Before purchase we provide a free download so you can see for yourself what value the app provides.

Choose vegetables that harmonise well together. You will find information regarding good/bad neighbor plants for each vegetable.

For your chosen garden composition you get tabular overviews to quickly determine sowing/harvest times, and which interactions exist between vegetables.

As an bonus feature, you can visually arrange your vegetable patch with our Patch Plan Editor - with vital information regarding planting distance & good/bad neighbors at your fingertips.

Note regarding the climate zone: The seedtimes and harvesttimes are adjusted to hardiness zones USDA 7-8 (e.g. Atlanta, Seattle or Central Europe). Please adapt accordingly.

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lable: House & Home - Apps Current Version:2.4.1 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Bento Software

User Reviews


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Graham Williams 2020-05-01

App is very basic. Paid for the upgrade (very cheap) Improvements needed for 5-Stars.... Would be better and worth more stars if developers added more fruit and veg types as there isn\'t a very large choice, also would be good to add different varieties of each fruit/veg type so that you can select the exact crop you are growing rather than just the generic type. In addition to that, would be good to add companion flowers too.
Brian sperry 2020-01-29

App is disappointing, this app has less features then the iPhone app. I purchased this app because my father and law used it for is garden so I downloaded it and paid for it and it does nothing on a android phone. Don\'t waste your money on this app you can get better free apps that do more then the paid version of this app.
Lynette Nagy 2021-02-02

Nice, but needs to be adjustable to growing zone, otherwise, the calendars that would be helpful are just confusing.
Juan Carlos Rodríguez 2020-09-07

I paid to have more options and plants available but this is not enough, you need to add more features and plants to be worth
Christa L 2021-01-04

Seedtimes and harvest times appropriate only to a narrow band of US and somewhwtevin Central Europe. If you can\'t be bothered to provide settings to adjust for zones 3-9, all you reallt offer is a data base of companion and antagonistic plants. Also, carrot, dill, and fennel RUIN each other\'s flavor when planted near each other.
Steve Mcleod 2020-06-07

Disappointed with this app. I was ecpecting to be able to layout my garden bed by dragging and dropping veggiea into their places so I could optimize the bed but theres no option for this. Would like a refund of my 3 dollars
Mike 2020-04-10

Useless. You have to pay for basic info to even start.
Rebecca Simpson 2021-01-22

As a user it would be greatif you could have separate bed plans. I have four separate veg patches so it\'s awkward to plan, with just having the one bed to work on.
Sassy Gil 2020-01-10

Looks promising but one cannot get the full appreciation of this app without getting all the options available.
Mantsepo Setai 2020-05-01

Does not allow one to adjust according to location or when suitable for sowing. There is no point in having this app