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Description of Velographic for Strava

Velographic combines your GPS data and photos to create beautiful mementos of your cycling and running activities from Strava! Whether you've just ridden your first century, ran your fastest 10k or simply gone off the beaten track, Velographic allows you to share your achievements with your friends and family.

Velographic can be used for any of your Strava activities including rides, runs and hikes.

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More Information Of Velographic for Strava

lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:1.12.5 Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:Marc Baldwin

User Reviews


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Bonzo 2017-12-31

Nice looking layout, simple enough to use apart for one drawback. Photos are shown as a swipe never ending list. It would be easier is this was set up to access the Gallery instead of swiping through 100s of photos to find what your looking for.
Alexander Andreev 2018-01-21

Cool app but needs more features. Personally I would like to add (and turn on/off) more data fields like average heart rate, average speed/pace, maybe commentary line... Also would be cool to have little route graphic scalable (so it could be enlarged all over the photo) and be able to change font size and alignment of the text data. Right now it looks cool enough but all the same.
George Green 2018-11-03

Seriously lagging behind the iOS version. So basic it\'s not even worth using, with the only customisation being changing colours..
Laura Broenink 2019-10-31

With the latest update this app has basically stopped working, now crashes every time as soon as you try to create any graphic. Edit: with the next update app is now working again as intended, just in time for the next monthly summary graph 😜
Markg216 German 2018-03-03

Like it, nice way to remember a good adventure, sure it will develop and become better. Would be nice to make more use of multi rides with a collage of photos.
Igor Loborec 2018-02-06

Can\'t select my older rides so I need to wait for my next big ride to actually use this app which makes no sense. Plus for using oAuth, although would be nice to allow just importing a gpx file as well. When opened there\'s no text, no instructions, only a plus button on the top right side which makes me ask myself what am I supposed to do. Simplicity is great, but some instructions would still be nice to know if the app is still async loading data or is that it or what\'s happening.
Mark Hayes 2020-06-04

I have been using this app for a number of months and have really enjoyed the graphics. The lastest update has given even more choses for colours etc. The customer service is spot on as well. My email was answered and issues resolved in a satisfactory time scale
Ryder Byke 2019-01-13

Very simple way to create a photo memory of an ride or any event tracked on Strava. I like it.
Bre Gustafson 2018-06-04

It\'s good but I saw the IOS version and was excited by it. Android doesn\'t have as many options Very basic. Hope to see some of the ios features come over
T dh 2020-12-04

You can\'t choose a month, it only gets you the last month... There is no way to select a month for a recap. Limited possibilities.. Doesn\'t really do much.