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Description of Verizon Messages

Stay connected using Verizon Messages sync features for your Smartphone, tablet, and computer. Keep the conversation going even when you’re switching between devices. Connect with family, friends, teammates, and more through personalized group chats, texts, photos, videos and gift cards worth up to $100 at stores like Starbucks, Dominos, and more. Now anyone can download and chat with Verizon Messages, even non Verizon customers (available on compatible devices).

GROUP CHATS – Create larger group chats with up to 250 people. Send and receive photos/videos in seconds. Personalize your chat experience with avatars, backgrounds and more. You can even mute a conversation or add or remove members or without creating a new group.

YELP INTEGRATION – Tap the plus menu and easily access Yelp from within the app. Search for restaurants, entertainment and directions. Make plans and share the details all within your chat.

SHARE YOUR LOCATION – Glympse™ lets you share your location with the people you choose for the length of time you set. Perfect for meeting up, or letting people know you’re running late.

SEND AN eGIFT – Tap the plus menu and select eGifts icon. Easily send an eGift card right through text message. eGifting has been expanded to include eGift cards from more than 30 brands

SYNC ACROSS DEVICES – Download Verizon Messages on all your devices, and sync messages across your smartphone, tablet and computer. Switch devices whenever you want. Make calls with your tablet anywhere.

DRIVING MODE – Turn on driving mode to send an Auto-Reply message and disable incoming message notifications so you don’t get distracted on the road.

HD VOICE CALLING – Eligibility rules apply. Link your phone number to the Verizon Messages app on your tablet and make and receive calls wherever they want on any network (cellular or Wi-Fi).

Other features:

# Schedule messages to be delivered at a specific date/time, even if your phone is turned off.

# Search the web for images and gifs to include in your chat with Yahoo search.

# Express yourself through colorful Emoji’s by tapping on highlighted keywords when composing messages.

# Send and receive messages over Wi-Fi from your smartphone, iOS device, tablet, PC, MAC, and web browser.

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More Information Of Verizon Messages

lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:7.3.8 Publish Date:2021-11-20 Developer:Verizon Consumer Group

User Reviews


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Maria Garcia 2020-12-06

This new update isn\'t working properly. Notifications for text are not showing up properly even after changing the settings and now old messages that I had already received are showing up again and no longer in the sequence they were received. It\'s like the message got moved to a later time. I also used to have notifications but without a message preview. Now even though I have it off, it still shows it.
Jason Brown 2020-12-08

I have had this app for years and loved it. Now my text messages will not send. They sit in my box and say sending but the text messages never go through. I was prompted through Google play store to update the app which I did and restarted my phone and still it\'s not working. contacted Verizon and they\'re unaware of the issue. I need to be able to text I hope you get this fixed soon I don\'t want have to have another messaging app
Frankie J 2020-10-05

I was a fan of this app before the update. Before you were able to customize your pictures with many different options, but now since the update you are not able to customize pictures that are to be sent. Even when sending a picture you are stuck with these horrible stickers and horrible text on the pic options. The creators of this app need to bring it back to what it was before the latest updates. This new version sucks.
Nathan Lamar 2020-10-22

The app is great. Have used it for years, but just got a new phone and it uses the phones default notification sound when new texts come in. The only way to change it is to customize it in each text. You used to be able to change the notification sound in the main customization and all texts would come in with the sound you selected. That option is still there, but doesn\'t work anymore. I like different sounds for texts, emails, and regular notifications.
A Garcia 2021-01-31

I used this app exclusively for so long and it never failed. Now I cannot send Multimedia messages about 80% of the time The solution to report a bug is ridiculous. I\'ve reported a bug twice. I received a suggestion to turn off report bug in my settings. Nice fix. How about I just stop using the app. You suck
Troy Lacey 2020-10-07

I used to love this app until recently. Now the microphone shortcut on the keyboard is gone and I have researched for hours and tried all the tricks suggested to get it back on my keyboard but I cannot get it back on there. And I also have a very hard time with my notifications now. I am getting urgent notifications for everybody and an annoying pop-up every time a new text comes in. Have to customize each person to fix it. Very annoying!
MrNews Media 2020-10-08

Can\'t Block Numbers! Works moderately well, but highly annoying lack of one feature: you cannot block specific numbers texting you from within this app. You have to open up your phone app, go to settings, go to block numbers, and enter the number manually. The messaging app should have this ability built in. Big pain with spammers, election calls, etc.
Jennifer Monterio 2020-12-15

UPDATE: An update was sent to me the same day I did my original post and the app has been working perfectly since. Thank you for your prompt response!!! ORIGINAL POST: I have used this app for years and loved it but since the most recent update I\'ve been quite disappointed. I no longer receive text notifications of any kind, which is very frustrating when I\'m expecting a text!!! My texts are sometimes getting scrambled when I receive them.
Valerie Butcher 2020-09-30

I am very frustrated with the latest update. The highlighted words that lead to emojis, seem hijack that part of the text. I can no longer edit anywhere near one of the highlighted words. It just doesn\'t work. I have to erase the highlighted words and start again. I almost exclusively use talk to text. Now when I speak the word period to donate the ending sentence all I get is the actual word spelled out. Not every time, but often enough I am thinking of changing to a better app. Grrr!
Michelle Perkins 2020-11-16

All was well with this app and have used it for years. It recently did an update. As of yesterday however, it seems to pick and choose who will receive my messages. I have sent some extremely important messages since yesterday and my text are not being received at all. I get messages from individuals but they do not receive mine. I have done everything: turning off the phone, clearing caches, soft resets, upgrading storages, deleting images and videos, you name it and still nothing!