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Description of VERSUS : SEASON2 with AI

VERSUS: REALM WAR Season 2, the flame of new war sparks!

Under your great rule, the glory of prosperous cities and grand civilizations revives.

Mighty heroes of the continent will lead your troops into the fray of fierce battle, and the banner of your alliance will be the flag of the vanguard that raze cities of your enemy.

The new era! New battlefield! VERSUS: REALM WAR Season 2!

They await you to write a new history of the war between Asia and Europe.

■ The New Season 2 Server!

One world! One throne! The war between eastern and western civilizations continues.

Lead your troops to victory at the new battlefield of the Season 2 Grand Update.

■ More Sophisticated Strategies! Strategy Sim Upgraded with A.I.

No great lords in history have journeyed their long course by themselves. Conquer AI Castles and appoint their governors.

Gathering, hunting, battles, and wars... AI Lords work 24/7 by your side.

■ A Story of Relationship with Heroes! Onboard Tavern

Many heroes visit a prosperous city everyday. Don't miss any of them.

Make a deep relationship by earning the favor of heroes to make them your reliable allies.

■ The Strongest Troop Made of Choice Rather Than Chance! Hero Exchange

A pack of lions led by a stag cannot be a strong troop. Hire the commander who will lead your troops to greatness.

■ Europe VS Asia! A Battle for The Glory of Civilization! Raid Competition

On this continent scarred by the war, the goddesses from myths have revealed themselves. Beyond the legend and into the myth! Claim your victory at the Raid Competition.

■ Fiercer! Stronger! A War Game Beyond the Strategy

The war starts when you choose a civilization! Extreme War between Asia and Europe! VERSUS: REALM WAR Season 2

Light up the fire of the war!

▣ Check our events at our official community sites! ▣

☞ MOOT: https://moot.us/lounges/304

☞ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialVersusRealmWar

☞ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/versus_slg/

☞ Customer Services: https://jsone.oqupie.com/portals/768

▣ Smartphone App Access Guide ▣

[Optional Access Permissions]

• Photos/Media/Files: If you decline to grant permission, you cannot use functions such as image sharing at the in-game Customer Services or real-time chatting.

• Microphone: Used for in-game real-time voice chat

• READ_PHONE_STATE: This is used for distributing advertisement rewards to users according to the device information when starting the game.

* The service is available even if you do not agree to allow optional access.

* You can reset or withdraw optional access.

▣ How to withdraw access permissions ▣

▶ Android 6.0 or later

- Setup > App > Permissions > Permission List > Accept or withdraw access

▶ Android 6.0 or less

- Upgrade your operating system to withdraw access, or delete apps

※ The app may not provide the individual consent function

and access permissions can be withdrawn using the method above.


Contact :

#904, Gamasan-ro 96,

Kum-chun-gu, Seoul, 08501,

Republic of Korea

+82 02-6956-0913

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lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:1.2.2000 Publish Date:2022-06-17 Developer:JSONE

User Reviews


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intermarrying millenarianism 2020-04-21

This is a very good game. I played it several years ago before I lost it after my device broke. I had forgotten the name of the game until I happened across it again and downloaded it about a week or two ago. It changed some from what I remember but its still awesome and a bit addicting. It can be a pain though to get attacked by higher level people but you can join or create your own alliance to help you out in battle and gathering much needed resources.
Karlo Luis Mercado 2020-04-11

Graphics are good. But please take time to add more details on the game like change the looks of each tier of troops from t1 - t10 . Add more resource fields and low level monsters. Throne is to simple. Just like a little buildings on it. Make it more bigger and grander. I\'ll play the game but please make those suggestions. For more players to come in. Make a page and boost the page.
George Osborne 2020-08-13

Wonderful game. I love it. I\'m I\'m emporer of kingdom 10, leader of JoD.. I\'m a free player, you dont have to have cash to grow. There was alot of network issues but now after the 1.0.0142 update system works great. Very happy now. Thank you Versus for all your help..
Trevor Fuller 2021-01-01

this game is awesome. I love the graphics. It doesn\'t take long to get level up. It\'s one of those games that is a time killer. I currently play 5 other games just like this one. I only wish more people would be active.
Joshua Auman 2020-09-17

I spent over 1k usd in 3 days and didnt get close to what i paid for. The top alliances are ran by the owner of game and use your purchases to boost there own accounts while you get trash items in game purchases. Not worth playing and this game violates google policys. Dont buy or play this game. I would like a refund back to my bank card before leagal action is brought apon the owner.
backstroked deadening 2020-04-20

Great game, but waiting for your troops to train takes longer the better you get at the game, and waiting for your buildings to finish upgrading takes like a day once you get farther into the game. But I like the battle style. You sometimes need to be more strategic like how or where you place your troops.
Joseph Chaotic 2020-05-21

I was liking this game. Easy to learn and didn\'t seem too extremely pay to win. I went to bed last night. And in the 5 hours I was sleeping I got a mail about the maintenance and got attacked multiple times losing everything is worked hard for. I didn\'t have much because I\'d only been playing for a few days. But someone over 5 times my level annihilated me. I\'ll raise to 5 stars when the game Auto shields everyone during maintenance to keep the Asians from getting even more an advantage.
Jose Uy 2020-11-06

China will support your game you have the Best Game ever existed on Google play keep up Good work and please add all The Missing Generals from Three Kingdoms as well thankyou. I rate you 5 stars
Justin Selby 2020-11-06

This game is well made and super fun everybody should try at least once don\'t knock it until you try it.
Ryan Carl Montano 2020-11-04

All the prices dominating on the screen in day 1. This is not a game where you can enjoy.