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Description of Vibration Meter PRO

This is ad free (no ads) version of https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gamma.vibrationmeter

Vibration Meter measures vibrations using your device’s sensors on all 3 axes: X, Y, Z and shows reference to earthquake vibrations as classified by internationally used Mercalli intensity scale for seismic activities such as earthquakes. The Mercalli intensity scale is a seismic scale used for measuring the intensity of an earthquake. It measures the effects of an earthquake. Vibration Meter can also be called seismograph or seismometer when used for measuring seismic activity.

Vibrations are shown in all 3 directions: X, Y, Z in different colors and specific directions can be turned off or on for more accurate directional readings.

To use; place your device on stable surface and measure seismic or other vibrations.

Mercalli intensity scale:

I. Instrumental - Not felt. Recorded by seismographs.

II. Weak - Felt only on top floors of high buildings.

III. Slight - Felt indoors, like a passing light truck.

IV. Moderate - Windows, doors rattle. Like passing train.

V. Rather Strong - Felt by all. Small objects upset.

VI. Strong - Books off shelves. Trees shake. Damage.

VII. Very Strong - Difficult to stand. Buildings damaged.

VIII. Destructive - Significant damage. Trees broken.

IX. Violent - General panic. Serious damage. Cracks.

X. Intense - Most buildings destroyed. Rails bent.

XI. Extreme - Rails bent greatly. Pipelines destroyed.

XII. Catastrophic - Near total damage.

Some countries use Richter scale instead of Mercalli scale. The Richter scale is a base-10 logarithmic scale, which defines magnitude as the logarithm of the ratio of the amplitude of the seismic waves to an arbitrary, minor amplitude.

To translate from Richter Scale to Mercalli and vice versa see below comparison:

Richter Scale = Mercalli equivalent

<3.5 = I

3.5 = II

4.2 = III

4.5 = IV

4.8 = V

5.4 = VI

6.1 = VII

6.5 = VIII

6.9 = IX

7.3 = X

8.1 = XI

> 8.1 = XII

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.09 Publish Date:2022-06-02 Developer:Gamma Play

User Reviews


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Steven Senjaya 2017-06-05

Not so useful.. if there\'s an earthquake, i will have no time to look at my phone to look at the graph and all of the information.. you should add a feature that allows user to record vibration for example 05/06/2017 12:05 No vibration, 12:06 Moderate vibration (how many SR..) , 12.07 (very strong earthquakes,etc..) 12:08 No vibration.. and also +vibration graph history by clock/date.. much appreciated
Roman 2018-04-15

Have to admit saw the app and was like pffff okay, downloaded and does exactly what it says. Yeah you won\'t look at the phone during an earthquake but sure will come in handy if any aftershocks occur. In short this app got it right on the money.
A Google user 2017-10-06

Love it. It does what it says. For that guy who complaint that he will have no time to look at the app during an earthquake, who wants to look at a phone during one? I think your priority would be to find shelter. Btw, thanks for the free upgrade to pro.
Ethan Dahlsad 2017-06-05

Read the description, the app does exactly that. Also, it\'s harder than I thought to simulate catastrophy by shaking my phone.
Roger Hagley 2017-03-21

Works just like it should. It is definitely well worth the $1.99 price. It is quite sensitive. Just what I needed to add to my ghost hunting equipment. Will look for more apps from this developer.
Swaroop Bhonde 2017-07-22

Does what it says. App is simple, but too simple IMHO. Quite some places of improvement. Graph does not auto-scale according to Y-axis. Easily clips on Y-axis. No titles given on X-axis and Y-axis of the graph. Does not display instantaneous or average value. No way to export or record the values. Cannot scale the X-axis (zoom-in/zoom-out the timeline). Mercalli to Richter translation should be provided in app, instead of just the app description. Overall, nice implementation, but long way to go! Best wishes to Dev!
Smok 2112 2018-12-28

As soon as I opened I tested for thumps and bumps. I walked around my apartment and it picked it up. The first working app I\'ve ever been pleased with and have given 5 stars. EVER.
A Google user 2017-10-15

Does exactly what it says it does. You can\'t do any better than that. The real question is, do you actually need to measure any vibrations, and what would you do with the info that you obtain if you do.
T.J. Span 2018-09-22

The word Intensity is misspelled as \"Inrensity\" in the phrase Mercallli Intensity Scale
Victor Menlolo 2019-02-13

No digital indicator