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Description of Vibration Meter

Vibration meter is an app called seismograph or seismometer, which measures the strength of vibration, quakes, earthquakes, vibrations of the human body or any other objects around you.

Our app allows for detecting and recording of seismic waves generated by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, avalanches and other sources of vibration and shocks.

Accelerometer in your mobile phone is used for detection of vibrations and measurement analysis.

Graph presents a record of the ground motion at a measuring point. Ground movement or an object is presented as a function of time in the three Cartesian axes, with the z axis perpendicular to the Earth's surface and the x- and y- axes parallel to the surface.

Mercalli intensity scale is a seismic scale used for measuring the intensity of an earthquake. It measures the effects of an earthquake and it is distinct from the moment of magnitude.

Richter Scale assigns a magnitude number to quantify the energy released by an earthquake. Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA) is equal to the maximum ground acceleration that occurred during earthquake shaking at location. PGA is equal to the amplitude of the largest absolute acceleration recorded on an accelerogram at a site during a particular earthquake.

In this app we use Instrumental Intensity Scale (developed by The United States Geological Survey) which maps peak ground acceleration and peak ground velocity on an intensity scale similar to the felt Mercalli Scale. These values are used to create shake maps by seismologists on around the world.

Mercalli Intensity Scale distinguishes the following levels of vibration and impact damage:

I. Instrumental - Not felt. Recorded by seismographs.

II. Weak - Felt only on top floors of high buildings.

III. Slight - Felt indoors, like a passing light truck.

IV. Moderate - Windows, doors rattle. Like passing train.

V. Rather Strong - Felt by all. Small objects upset.

VI. Strong - Books off shelves. Trees shake. Damage.

VII. Very Strong - Difficult to stand. Buildings damaged.

VIII. Destructive - Significant damage. Trees broken.

IX. Violent - General panic. Serious damage. Cracks.

X. Intense - Most buildings destroyed. Rails bent.

XI. Extreme - Rails bent greatly. Pipelines destroyed.

XII. Catastrophic - Near total damage.

This app allows you monitor and share the results of your measurements with other users.

Measure and monitor all vibration and shocks using smartphone or tablet!

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.4.04 Publish Date:2022-06-05 Developer:EXA Tools

User Reviews


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Matthew J H Yates 2020-04-09

Random camera useage without permission is very suspicious. Suspect it is spyware. I would avoid this product as it is not what it claims.
Matthew Vacanti 2018-12-13

I have this on my Samsung tab a and love it\'s sensitivity. I agree with others that I wish there was a way to drag what\'s been recorded, but data can be exported with premium (which isn\'t badly priced either).
Michael J Demele 2019-03-12

Not sure why, but my phones security detected the app using my camera. Don\'t really see a need for that since the app is supposed to be using the accelerometer.
XCS 2019-06-29

It uses camera permissions in the background and has lots of ads.
Bob 2020-10-20

One of the best apps I have used if you need to measure any vibration get this app the slightest touch, and this app will sense it well done to all those people involved in the making of this app
corey w 2018-03-08

Could be better if you could drag the recording to see it better...otherwise you have only the play and pause button...needs to be more sensitive without having to change the phone settings...
wong yee yong 2020-06-25

Awesome app! Greatly helps me on dynamic balancing the motor fan.
Rob Moore 2021-01-04

Couldn\'t detect anything until I started drumming quote vigorously on the surface, which it described as \"only detectable by certain people\". And then it seized control of my phone to display an ad and I immediately force quit and uninstalled.
Karen Takatani 2020-11-19

So much easier than using a standard triaxial, using it for assessing power tool HAV. Would like it to calculate RMS but being able to isolate x y z and saving a sample is still a huge jump! Limited to about 13 m s^2.any axis so won\'t work for some tools.
charlyRoot 2019-07-02

Randomly uses camera long after dormant in background.