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Description of Viewpoints

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Technology

• Earn points and rewards - Get rewarded for participating in programs like surveys, tasks and research.

• You’re in control - Before you decide to join a program, we'll explain what data the program collects and how it's used. This is to help you make informed decisions.

• Be part of creating impactful insights - Data from Viewpoints is used to help create better apps and services, and to benefit the community.

Get started by installing the Viewpoints app and creating your account. When programs become available, we'll let you know through email or notifications. A program can be any type of task such as participating in research, taking surveys or trying new products. You'll earn points for every program you successfully complete.

Data from Viewpoints is used to help create better apps and services, and to benefit the community. We don't sell your information from this app to third parties. We don't publicly share your Viewpoints activity on Facebook or on other accounts you've linked without your permission.

Terms apply: https://www.facebook.com/help/viewpoints/tos

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Meta Platforms, Inc.

User Reviews


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Tristen Robbins 2020-06-18

Programs are what I view as invasive. One program wanted me to download another 3rd party app to keep track of everything I do. Calls, texts, screen time, when I open what apps and so on. Another program wanted to record my voice to say certain phrases. After these two programs to participate, it\'s clear this is not for me.
Katie M 2021-01-14

I would love this app more if there were more opportunities for me to earn.So far, since getting the app a year ago, I\'ve only had two total opportunities and I missed out on one of the 2 because I missed the email. I just wish there could be more opportunities, more often. I\'m hoping for more in the future, and since it doesn\'t take a ton of space or constantly run in the background, I\'ll just keep the app until another opportunity arises. Thank you for the reply, app dev. 😊
Amy Olmstead 2020-07-05

LAME I\'ve had the app for 24 hours and the only \"project\" I\'ve gotten is to install the Facebook study app, which collects data about your app usage. It\'s an ongoing project that pays 250 points a week. I get the feeling that the viewpoints app is just a ploy to get you to install the Facebook study app. If I don\'t get any other projects in the next couple of days I\'m just going to uninstall viewpoints.
Prince Alarming 2020-06-16

I installed this in the afternoon. I didn\'t have any programs after I installed so, closed it up and forgot about it. The next morning I turned on my device and got an alert there is something to do in the program. BAM, spent approximately 20 mins and earned my first $5.00 (USA Currency) and am happier than a pig in slop. Thank you Facebook Viewpoints!
Yųŕ_Mąŕïïə 2021-03-01

3 stars because I just did my first task which was the \'pronunciation\' recordings. I made $5 but says it can take up to 10days to deposit into my PayPal account. No issues with connecting my accounts but it was glitchy here and there. Overall it worked out all right for the most part. I will update this rating once I have more experience with the app.
Joseph Manley 2020-12-25

I posted this yesterday \"Unable to load program, I started a program a few days ago, it was taking a long time between activities and now it\'s unable to load at all.\" Got a response here to check out the viewpoints help, I\'m not sure if the person that said I should look at that didn\'t read my post, or hasn\'t read the viewpoints help, but it\'s obvious that viewpoints help does not begin to address this issue.
Sai Elizabeth 2020-03-21

I recieved my initial $5 from the first survey, so that\'s cool. Have not gotten a single survey since then though, and it\'s been 2 months. Keeping this installed because I\'m hopeful, but I\'m honestly pretty disappointed since I expected Facebook to do better than this. *edit to respond to developer* I\'m aware of how the app works. There have been no new programs available in months. Your response does not remedy the situation.
Pat Deering 2021-02-07

Have had the app for multiple months now, but have only been offered two programs to complete - one of which is an ongoing, personal data pull (that pays way too little for what you give: $5 a month). I\'m half convinced that\'s the only reason for the app and that there are no other programs. Earnings are low and slow. Skip it.
Amanda Keyes 2020-06-11

Edit: almost a month later and only one offer ever. Not worth my phone storage. Cool so far. Downloaded app today. Signed up. Waited a couple hours. Was notified there was a program available. I recorded myself saying some stuff for about 20 minutes. Made $5. Says it should be in my PayPal 10 days or so. Waiting for more programs :)
Taylor Kent 2020-07-15

Installed a few months ago after seeing a YT ad. I expected an opportunity to have my, well, viewpoint, heard by the company. So far, no opportunity. 3 stars is a reflection of unmet expectation. Maybe I misunderstood the ad? I do appreciate that FB is making moves to pay people for data collection, seems like a move towards a more ethical tech environment. The $ were nice, though not nearly enough to make it worth my time. I participated because it seemed like an interesting experiment.