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Description of Vignettes

Vignettes is a casual but unique exploration game without text or characters, where objects shapeshift as you spin them around to wander through a kaleidoscope of different moods and settings.

An accessible, colorful experience for all to enjoy, filled with playful interactions and hidden secrets.

Drag your finger on the screen to rotate an object, and tap to interact.

Here are some neat things you can do in Vignettes:

• Rescue a stray cat

• Re-enact the moon landing

• Take a selfie on top of a mountain

• Awaken an ancient snake spirit

• Travel back in time

• Conduct biological studies

• And lots more!

"Remarkably clever"


"An artistic puzzle game that looks and plays amazingly well"

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No in-app purchases or ads.

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More Information Of Vignettes

lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.0.0 Publish Date:2021-03-07 Developer:Noodlecake Studios Inc

User Reviews


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jodediah holems 2018-02-22

Really good! (Though the game told me I found all its secrets even though I\'ve yet to finish my business at the witch\'s house.) Such a pleasure to navigate, great art, great sound. <3 Also I just noticed there\'s no achievement for finding all the objects in the witch\'s house area... Google Play says I have 14/14 achievements.
Timothy Eberle 2017-12-23

Vignettes is a an amazing puzzle game that turns faffing about into discovery and about 3 to 5 hours of fun. It accomplishes this without you having you read one single line of text, which is amazing for the most part. The UI takes some getting used to, and you might accidentally exit out of the game before completing an area, but it doesn\'t take long to get back to where you were. While I think the smalls pains you into with the UI is small price to pay for a wordless game, I think the inclusion a zoomable map that shows all branching pieves (at least once you have all the objects found) would be a cool, and helpful thing to include. Other than that, great job, well worth the 3 dollars.
Paul Winstone 2019-01-09

Can\'t agree with the other views here. Sure it\'s clever & unique, uncovering all the shapes by manipulating the current object in front of you, but it doesn\'t make it a good game. I found the whole experience vague & unfocused, frustrating & tedious to the point of sending me to sleep. I really did yawn 😴 Each to their own, I guess. This isn\'t for me.
Jim Medcraft 2018-02-02

Great little game, very clever concept and great if you work in 3d or visual effects as makes you think about perspective a lot. As there are no words in game it\'s hard to put the nto words just need to download and explore
James Moulang 2017-12-21

Just playful, surprising, immediately accessible. The wordless UI is a little confusing so far though!
Joel Bentzen 2018-07-29

This is my first review of any game I\'ve ever played, and there is no game more deserving. The premise of this game is simple, explore, but under the initial mechanic of a borderless world (which has amazingly seamless transitions) is an open world exploration puzzle game that is completely unique and whole. Buy this game, I urge you
Aeron Russell 2018-10-07

Super cute, super charming, and super fun! Difficult puzzles were rewarding to finish, and easy ones still gave off a sense of learning something. Perfect alignment was a bit tricky here and there, but it was easy to remember once found the first time. Well worth the few dollars, in my opinion.
Shlomo Nadler 2019-01-04

I thought it was okay. Its interesting, sure, and unique. You basically are given an item and if you turn it a certain way it morphs into a new item and that item then morphs into other items... And some of the stuff make little scenes. But, overall, it feels more like a demo of an idea than an actual \"game\".
Justin Schauer 2018-02-16

It reminds me of a super compact, mobile version of Antichamber. It\'s surprisingly deep with several layers of secrets. Also, nothing is explicitly explained; you figure things out by playing around. A really wonderful game and experience.
A Google user 2018-01-06

Noodlecakes has some truly original ideas. I love a lot of the their games - lumino, framed, the who did it clue game, shift type. They experiment a lot so th game ideas and make some real gems! This one is rather psychedelic and certainly very colourful. imagine playing with a kaleidoscope- this game is like that A puzzle of exploration that is really like no other game I ever played. I enjoy it, it\'s an experience and a playground for discovery and a very original game - despite linking story-rich narrative-driven games in general, I also enjoy finding fresh concep games and this one is it. oh noodlecakes I look forward to your future games!