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Description of Vineyard Valley: My Renovation

Are you looking for ROMANCE, MYSTERY, and PUZZLES? Design and renovate the resort and solve challenging puzzle levels in a new FREE color blast matching game!

Nestled in the hills of Vineyard Valley is The Tangled Vines, a once thriving resort and vineyard where you spent your childhood with your Aunt Margaret and best friend, Simone. The Tangled Vines is in need of renovation and it’s up to you and Simone to help restore and decorate the resort to its former glory by playing matching games! Blast cubes through hundreds of challenging collapse puzzles, create powerful combos and let the renovation fun begin!

Fall in love with a colorful cast of characters and see how the story unfolds with drama, romance, mystery and more. Uncover secrets and mysteries from the Tangled Vines’ past as you blast cubes and solve addictive and challenging match 3 puzzles.

Game features:

RENOVATE and restore your very own vineyard resort

DISCOVER the quirky cast of characters and enjoy their stories and secrets

MATCH and blast cubes to solve hundreds of addictive matching puzzles

DECORATE the resort to increase your Prestige level and unlock awesome rewards

JOIN social clubs to connect to earn free lives, extra coins, and special perks

Ever ask yourself “What would I want in my home?” Bring your home designs to life as you transform the rundown vineyard to a vibrant resort. Customize the kitchen, dining room, entrance, guest rooms, garden and more. Renovate the kitchen and help Margaret and Simone get the restaurant up and running again! Embark on a brand new adventure puzzle game and uncover the mystery of the The Tangled Vines.

Are you ready for mystery, drama, and romance? Get immersed in addictive gameplay and the personal stories of your new friends while you design and renovate a once beautiful vineyard resort in an all new home decorating game.

Download Vineyard Valley and play hundreds of free blast puzzles!

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More Information Of Vineyard Valley: My Renovation

lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:2.1.8 Publish Date:2021-10-22 Developer:Jam City, Inc.

User Reviews


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Kristyna princivalli 2019-08-09

The game constantly crashes and I have only been playing for 1 day! It crashes when your playing the levels, it crashes when you do your tasks, it even crashes while your in the middle of reading the dialogue between the characters. I have lost lives, many of the boosts, and money earned for MANY levels. When you watch the videos to earn extra money sometimes nothing comes up at all and you can\'t go back so you not only lose everything you just did, you have to completely restart the app.
Ashley Taylor 2019-08-09

Thank you Jam City for another great game! I love the story, designing, and not just playing continuous puzzles. You feel like you are working towards something, rather than finally beating a puzzle only to move on to another.. this game rewards you for your hard work on the puzzles by giving you things to enjoy and do in the storyline. Easy going and beautifully done!!
Ferocious Kitty 2019-08-08

I like this game. Will adjust my stars to higher when all the kinks get worked out. And I\'m hoping they do. As of right now, the items that I change in the bar area, keep going back to the default items. Sent in a ticket. Hope support is prompt and doesn\'t ignore players problems. **UPDATE**-support was very prompt and are aware of the problem and are working on fixing it. Changing to 5 star rating.
Angelica Chavarria 2020-08-03

It\'s fun to play if you\'re doing something else and just need to kill time. Not my go-to game. It could be with some improvements since the storyline is fun. 1. Way too many mundane baking tasks. 2. Levels are really hard to use the star to \"take souffles out of oven\". 3. They should give more chances on color matching levels. You\'re at the mercy of how the color blocks line up. Progress is very slow going so you quit. Down to 1 star. Impossible levels so that you spend money to pass them.
Katlyn Hinds 2019-08-08

I would give it 5 stars theres just a few things that I think you guys should do. I think that after completeing a level you should get more than 30 coins (the most I\'ve gotten without watching an ad). it would seriously take FOREVER to ever be able update any of the rooms. I made it to level 15 and it got extremely laggy. I just updated it so I will see if its fixed then I will fix this. Otherwise it\'s a wonderful game!!!
Jan Cole 2020-12-16

UPDATE 14.12.20 Since the new Christmas theme update, I am having major issues trying to get the game to load... If I had rated this game yesterday it would of got 4 stars. Not sure what has happened or changed today, but I\'m literally stuck on level 711. I finish the level and nothing happens. From reading other reviews today, it looks like other people are having the same issue. There clearly seems to be a bug/glitch that\'s needs to be sorted ASAP, before you lose all your players!!!
Jessie Orlich 2020-07-29

Good storyline, but less dialog would be better. The puzzles are frustrating, knowing you will have to do the same puzzle multiple times before it gives enough combos to complete is enough to stop playing the game. It\'s supposed to be a fun diversion but it\'s just taxing. :After playing a bit more I hate the puzzles, they are just infuriating and take any fun away from the game and the story line ( which is the point of playing; the story) There are no ad watching options to skip a puzzle.
Becky Bradley Roughton 2020-04-06

Fun, and love storyline. Downfall for all the games now is too many updates, along with costing too much to play and move forward. Nobody has money required to enjoy playing games, too many are without paychecks during this pandemic and stay at home order. I know I cannot afford anymore money to play games, no paychecks is hurting us all.
Melissa Winkelman 2020-04-17

Love the theme of the game just wish it was cheaper to play. 1500 coins to continue a level is really steep. Most games are 500 to 900 coins. Update! Love the fact that you lowered the coin amount. Thank you. Also loved the fact it only took 1 star to complete a task. Until I got to chapter 18 and it jumped up to 3 to 4 stars for on task. That seems a little extreme. Why change it now?
Sonja Cain 2020-07-02

This is my new favorite game! I\'m loving the story line, I can\'t stop playing! The graphics are unique, thats what caught my eye about it first. Edit***this was my favorite game until you get to the higher levels. Then it becomes so frustrating hard, I have given up. I tired for 2 weeks on one level and am over it! I was really loving this and couldn\'t wait to see how the storyline played out, but being frustrated over a game that is almost impossible to win is so aggravating:(