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Description of Virtual Families: Cook Off

Cook, Grill and Bake your way to greatness in this free time management cooking game! Your Virtual Family needs to grow their House Flipping fund, and you’re going to help them reach their goal - one feast at a time in their own personal backyard restaurant! 🍴😍🍴

Become a top chef, making gourmet food and drinks from around the world! 🌍

Manage your time to beat the dinner dash and dish out the delicious, from pizza to burgers, sushi and cupcakes and so much more!

The house isn’t going to flip itself! Spend your hard-earned dough and renovate and decorate the house and yard the way you want it. Maximize the property value and move to bigger, better homes!

Fire up the grill, mix your marinades, become a chef and start your very own Cook-Off now!

Fun and Challenging Levels! 🍪🍳

• As a chef cook gourmet meals for you guests

• Replay family memories

• Expand your cooking technique with every level

• Serve customers from your backyard restaurant

Fun foods from around the world! 🌎🍜🍝🍕

• Cook up delicious meals from New York to Hong Kong, and everywhere in between!

• Upgrade your dishes to maximize serving size and profit

• Amazing kitchen upgrades

Develop a cooking strategy! 💰

• Blast through memory levels for bonus coins

• Serve your food fast to get all the likes

• Challenge yourself with unlimited dishes in timed levels

Fun chef games are free to play! 🏆

• Time management kitchen cooking meets home renovation and decoration!

• Bake, grill and fry delicious foods in the kitchen for your hungry guests!

• Serve your family and the whole neighborhood!

Upgrade every food and preparation item in the game! 💎

• Upgrade your foods to become more valuable

• Update your kitchen gear to increase capacity and decrease prep time

• Become a master chef in this time management game

Cook all the classic restaurant foods in this free kitchen cooking game! 🍔

• Cook juicy hamburgers, hearty American steaks, mouth-watering Italian pizza, gelato, pasta and risotto!

• Whip up Mexican breakfast bowls with eggs, avocado and chorizo!

• Serve up savory Japanese sushi, classic Canadian maple poutine or Jamaican jerk chicken!

• Bake 3 milks cake, super sweet cupcakes and so much more!

Decorate and renovate your home!

• Give your family home a complete makeover

• Renovate and decorate different houses, restaurants and so much more!

• The options are endless for your virtual home

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lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.26.1 Publish Date:2021-12-16 Developer:Gogii Games Corp.

User Reviews


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Stephanie Drafahl 2020-10-11

The overall game is a good concept and really fun. However, it\'s very buggy. Network keeps crashing. I have a screenshot where I actually won and it said I lost. I showed support they didn\'t seem to understand my problem and gave a generic response. They\'re just money hungry. Graphics wise I love the food but some is hard to distinguish. Edited review to say I already contacted support responder didn\'t take time to see I wrote that. 3 to 1 stars because you can\'t read.
A Google user 2020-05-31

Loved this game but taking WAY too long for new levels, even for the mansion portion of the game. NOTHING. Been waiting for over a month and STILL nothing! Not worth \"playing\" any longer. Customer service blows as well. It\'s like they aren\'t doing anything, so what is the point of them wanting feedback when nothing is changing? If you want a fun cooking game, I would suggest \"Rising Super Star Chef 2.\" Way more enjoyable and you don\'t have to wait half a century for new levels and updates.
Kineta Maull 2020-11-09

When I first started playing this game I absolutely loved it. However there have been so many errors that have started happening its ridiculous. From not being able to watch the adds to double my rewards or get a second piñata. To how it makes me use chef hats because it says I need more guest to then say I completed the level and hats are taken for no reason. I have had to Uninstaller this app 4 times of the last 2 days. Customer care is no help at all.
Angie Cooley 2021-03-01

Great game! Its just hard enough. Some of the cooking games are impossible but this one is just right! Some of the graphics are hard to see. Like is that cheese on the nachos or just beans. But its my favorite cooking game! Keep up the good work! Still my favorite! Back again to say this is still my favorite game!! Cant wait for more levels!
Traci Colvis 2020-12-24

I loved the game before. Sure it\'s annoying how every once in a while it intentionally makes you lose a level to get you to purchase boosts but I don\'t mind watching an ad for that. Since the latest update it is happening way more frequently which is not good. The main issue I have is now there are short (usually but sometimes 30 seconds) ads between every couple of levels. No thanks. I think I\'d rather uninstall.
Naedia Williams 2021-02-05

Its a very fun game but it is literally impossible to get pass the third house without paying for extras. On the third house on level 116, you have to get 21 thumbs up in 55 seconds but will only give you 12 or 13 customers each time to you play. Very disappointed. I decided to uninstall until they do something about it.
Stephanie Cooper 2020-10-26

This is probably the most engaging and fun time managementgame that I play (and I play wayyyy too many of them). Never a long period of time to wait for updates. I had to start over from the beginning since switching to android....not sure why since I am logged into my FB, but I don\'t mind starting over! Thank you for such an amazing game!!!
Charlayna Harris 2020-02-01

I enjoyed the game until it got to the point where passing levels was impossible! And don\'t give me your generic response about power-ups and watching ads. Some of the timed levels, the customers come out SO slow that you have to watch an ad for extra time AND pay with hats. It\'s not user error. They simply come out way too freaking slow! Not only that, but after the first few areas, it becomes so expensive to upgrade. Still waiting for the next area, however.
Ann Madden 2020-10-17

Please fix the bug issues. I finally completed a difficult level only to have a check your connection message to pop up. This is beyond annoying. Not only did I lose a life I lost 2 boosters in the process. While fixing that issue. Please fix the problem with the timed levels. The clocks starts before any customer arrives. Which waste precious seconds. Other than that it\'s a good game.
Tiana Carty 2020-10-23

Fun but glitchy. I was playing round 102 the goal was 1500 I got 1999 and it said I failed the round and took a life away...smh not the first time something like that has happened to me while playing this game either. Update...I am deleting the app. I hope to get it back at a later date because it is a fun way to distract ones self while waiting. But unfortunately now the game won\'t open. It keeps saying I need to be connected to the net...which I am...😔😔