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Description of Visible Phone Service

Visible gives you unlimited data, messages and minutes for as low as $25/mo with no annual contracts or hidden fees*.

• Unlimited data, messages and minutes with unlimited calling to Canada and Mexico included

• Pay as little as $25/mo with Party Pay. To achieve this price, your Party must have at least 4 members, but there is no longer a limit on Party size.

• Mobile hotspot included

• No hidden fees or annual contracts

• Powered by Verizon, now with 5G**

• Bring your current compatible phone or buy one from us

• Flexible payment methods you can manage in-app

For more details and full coverage maps, go to Visible.com.

Sign up in-app or online.

*In times of traffic, your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic.

**5G will be capped at 200Mbps. 5G currently available on select devices. 5G Ultra Wideband available only in parts of select cities. 5G Nationwide available in 2,700+ cities.

For more details and full coverage maps, go to Visible.com.

Sign up in-app or online.


Reach out @Visible on Twitter

@VisibleMobile on FB/IG

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lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:1.3.87 Publish Date:2022-01-23 Developer:Visible Services, LLC

User Reviews


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Josiah Griffin 2019-11-12

It\'s cheap, and you get what you pay for. It\'s Nov 11, and I have been unable to send or receive calls and text messages since Oct 22. I get a \"No SMS connection\" message, and nothing will send. I\'ve tried troubleshooting but so far nothing has worked. I\'ve removed and replaced the SIM card, I\'ve set messages as my default app, I\'ve updated all my apps, I\'ve deleted and redownloaded them, reset my network settings, and I even tried factory resetting my whole phone, and nothing worked.
Dorothy Hansen 2019-08-08

It\'s going on day 6 trying to set up service. The chat is a joke. They ask the same questions each time you chat and promise to get back to you with a solution. They never do and even though the web site claims you can request a call from them, they ignore you and don\'t call or email you back.
James Arnold 2020-05-10

This is about the company, not the app. Visible has excellent coverage & data, at a great price. But customer service is horrendous. No phone number to actually talk to agents. Your only option to is via online chat. If your internet or browser resets, you not only have to start over but you go to the back of the line. Only way to pay your bill is online, but their system has communication issues. My phone is shut off for non-payment despite no record of an attempt to charge my account.
Brandon Thompson 2020-06-12

I Feel compelled to share: The app is very buggy. That aside, my issue is with the service itself. I\'ve been stranded without ability to call and text for a week. Data works. Support said it was a number porting issue and I never received a 48-hour response like they promised. No one can tell me anything on my status when I reach out. My phone is unlocked and completely compatible. App said number port was successful but support says otherwise. Terrible. Hope your experience is better than mine.
Jessica Blum 2020-04-12

EDIT: Since the update on April 10, 2020 it seems the crashing and login issues have been mostly resolved. We\'ll see if this persists. --- This app is TERRIBLE! I encounter difficulty logging in EVERY time I open it and now it has locked up and quit when attempting to pay my bill. The option to sign in dissapears practically every time the app is opened and prompts you to set up your service over and over again. Almost no part of the app seems to work as intended. This app MUST be updated!
Nomiblek 2019-11-28

Fix your verification so me being logged into your app/website while chatting through it doesn\'t require 3 more steps of verification (email, imei, and order numbers). Allow me to actually access my service (followed your steps for activation and now I can\'t make/receive calls nor texts). Upgrade your customer service so I don\'t have to waste 30 minutes of my time explaining to them what my problem is 10 times because they keep asking the same questions over and over.
Bryan Bott 2020-03-10

The app is currently broken. When I open it it doesn\'t show me my account, only options to start new service (I already have). The data is very slow. It seems like this is using the leftover bandwidth from real Verizon customers. Phone call quality is terrible. During a call it goes through periods where the voice is garbled, then works okay for a little bit, then back. None of this happened with my same device on my previous carrier. I will be switching back.
Israel Rogers 2019-11-09

I\'ve been recommending it to people a lot. More than happy with my service so far. Had a service issue but they worked it out. Everyone I came in contact with was helpful polite and knowledgeable. Better than any carrier I can think of since they\'re the only ones with great coverage in my particular rural AR area. Overall like I said I\'m recommending it to people all the time and not just for the sweet sign up bonus program but bc it\'s been perfect for me and my needs.
Jody Nicholson 2019-09-04

Good investment!!! Had this service for almost a month and I have had little to no issues. What minor things I did run into were easily fixed. They tell you before you sign up for the plan that they\'re just starting out and expect some\"hiccups\", Besides what other service provider will give you a free phone and all you have to do is send your old phone back within 14 days.,..Greatplan, Great price
David Alwine 2020-08-22

By far the worst cell phone service I\'ve ever had. Every step of signing up had it\'s glitches and every part of their service has been nothing but glitches since. My hotspot service has been messed up since the beginning and they promised they would call me with a fix within 24 hours but it\'s been over a month and they still haven\'t called. ZERO STARS!