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Description of Visual Studio App Center

The Visual Studio App Center app is a single location to easily view, download and test Android apps distributed to you. Get quick access to the latest release of an app and see what has changed.

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More Information Of Visual Studio App Center

lable: Business - Apps Current Version:2.1.2 Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:Microsoft Corporation

User Reviews


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Brian Nash 2020-05-20

Has been a great app to help manage installing various builds of the app. We have about 100 people in our groups and they\'ve had good luck using it. Much better than using email distribution. Occasionally it does fail to install a build but that is usually resolved by uninstalling the current app build and retrying the install. Lots of user issues reported here are problems with configurations or not properly distributing the app.
Rafael Wolf de Goes 2020-11-04

I should have read the description before downloading this app. It only allows you to download the apps published using App Center. I was hoping I could see the number of install for each version, and some other really simple statistics. The app is just poor and there is no point of installing it.
Ed Lomonaco 2020-09-27

I was hoping you could view error logs with this app but it\'s just for downloading the app which I can do just as easy with an email link, I really hope they add the ability to see error logs as that\'s more valuable to me than what this app is currently allowing me to do.
Burhan A. 2020-06-07

Pretty much useless. Only to download test releases which you can do directly through sent email. I wish to see crash logs and events on the app. It shouldn\'t be so hard as they can shown on the website.
Ergin Küçükiravul 2020-04-25

no notification, doesn\'t keep backstack properly, difficult to find apps and builds, no search function. really bad experience comparing other distribution tools.
Perikles C. Stephanidis 2020-03-11

App does what it should, nicely at this point. Hopefully Analytics and Distribution will eventually be added and available to Managers. At first, please add push notifications for when a new release is available. This way we can avoid email clutter.
Artur Kharchenko 2020-11-01

Downloading of an app artifact can be interpreted and stopped by any single wrong moving😄 (e.g. app minimizing, small network issue or even your breathing)
PetSmart App Development 2020-02-19

App is not showing the latest build. It\'s showing correctly in website. Fix it please.
Marek Hlava 2020-09-07

Add an option to sort releases by date, not just name. This is useful for named releases to see the latest one.
Cirrus Android 2020-02-05

After the last update the app crash every time I try to download a new version.