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Description of Vita Fighters

An epic fighting game for casual and veteran fighting game players and free 1v1 fighting game designed for mobile. Choose from the initial 20 playable characters based on different fighting game archetypes and defeat the final boss Meaty Titan. More characters, bosses, & stages will be unlocked in the future.

The game features block-styled cast of fighters merged with anime characters and a crossover gameplay of classic fighting games with emphasis on intuitive controls and simple art style.

** Game Features **

- 20 Characters

- 10 Background Stages

- Titanic Boss Fight

- No Swipe, No Cooldown Dependent Moves

- Touch and Controller support

- Sweet Fighting Game Mechanics

- Next Generation Graphics ***

- No Forced Advertisements

- More contents to be added in the future

** To Use a Gamepad **

- Go to config -> controls -> press Assign Controller -> press a button in your gamepad

** Special Thanks **

- One Man Symphony (@onemansymphony)

- Kevin Macleod's music (incompetech)


For comments / suggestions - let’s connect!

Twitter: @AngryDevs




For more info:




Developed by:


Solo game developer who loves fighting games.

Published by:

Ranida Labs

An indie publishing arm of Ranida Games, the creator of PBA Basketball Slam and Bayani - Fighting game.

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More Information Of Vita Fighters

lable: Action - Games Current Version:.69.1 Publish Date:2021-08-13 Developer:Ranida Labs

User Reviews


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Leave me alone 2021-02-22

I Love this game so much!!!! Its just that the one thing it is missing is a Story mode or story for each character... Or atleast some dialogue...I wish you could add something like that... But in closing... I love this game...especially since fighting games like this on Mobile arent really out there as it should be... And because this isnt like all the others, i think you have a great start 🙂🙂🙂
Dolphin Lord 2021-02-23

Absolutely an amazing game, great work of art and a staple for mobile fighting games. Controls are amazing fluid. But here is my wish list for the future. 1. At the beginning I wanted to see what each character was like. I had to go in and out of training mode testing each character while now really seeing the combos. Have an option where you can easily switch characters while in training mode 2. Give more info about characters like which character they are modeled after and their archetype
whynot 2021-02-24

By far the best fighting game on mobile the gameplay is super fun, I especially like cancelling moves with the dash. I would like some way to play with other people, doesn\'t have to be online, just locally through wifi or something. It would also be cool if you can play with someone the arcade mode locally, kinda like the dramatic battle from the street fighter alpha series. Also please add grab or something else to break blocks because right now it\'s pretty hard to open up a blocking opponent.
Aditya Misra 2021-01-01

Proper fighting games are a rarity in the play Store and this is one of them. A very good effort imo, plays very well. Controls are simple enough but the best way to play it is through an org or bluetooth controller. Action is nicely paced and all the standard fighting game mechanics are there, with the exception of throws. As a dedicated fg player, its a thumbs up from me! Update: love the 2 new chars but better make them paid dlc instead of ads. Happy to pay for the characters..
gingerkidmatt 2021-02-02

Where do I start characters feel unique, combos range from simple to insane(like they should) and controls are easy to pick up while still feeling like an actual fighter. The only thing I would add is maybe some more defined archetypes like maybe a trap/setup character or a straight zoner. If you are looking for a fighting game for mobile this is the one.
Tristin Garrastegui 2020-12-22

Incredible fighter experience. I search for platform fighters and got this as a result. Happy that I did. It\'s free with no forced ads. Only to continue your game if you lose. I\'m hoping to see a lot come out of this game. Some character models need a spit shine. I like the graphics though. Don\'t change that. Some of the limb collision just looks off is all. I recommend it fully.
Kevynn F. 2021-03-02

Great game, although it needs to be more challenging. I beat impossible mode on my FIRST. TRY. And I don\'t even play fighter games. The characters are ok, not alot of diversity though considering the fact that most of them fight with either their fists or swords. Just needs a bit more of a challenge and we\'ll call it even, keep at it Devs! :))
Shane O\'Rourke 2021-01-11

Wow, this is an actual fighting game. It\'s far beyond my expectations. Decent characters, all with unique move sets, nice stages, awesome music. A genuinely well developed game that is an absolute joy to play. To be truly appreciated, you need to play with a controller, I found the on screen controls to be difficult to use. What a gem!
Zach N. 2021-03-04

Great game! It\'s easy to tell that the devs are passionate about fighting games. The controls are great and the meter system is one of the more engaging ones that I\'ve experienced. My favorite characters are Millions (based on Jojo HftF\'s DIO) and Akira (a ninja with oppressive projectiles and mobility). They both have extremely powerful lockdown tools that allow for creative pressure. Extremely thoroughly designed game that constantly surprised me. Any plans to release on PC? I\'d buy that.
D9D 2021-03-02

The thumbnail on this app looked sketchy but when I downlaoded and played it, it was amazing!!! Nice characters and moves but, their design needs work and more moves in the future. There are a lot more things you can add in this game to make it even better. All I saw and experienced in this game was its fun and addictive gameplay and massive potential to make this game one of the best there is. Overall a fun a game with massive potential. Hope this game can shine brighter in the future!!!