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Description of VitusVet: Pet Health Care App

When it comes to managing your pet’s health, it’s important to stay informed and organized. The VitusVet™ App makes keeping track of your pet’s health a breeze by putting all of their necessary information in one place. It’s a great tool for anyone with a single pet, multiple pets, anyone who travels with pets, and those with multiple pet care providers including veterinarians, groomers, walkers, sitters, and more.


Monitor your pet’s health

Manage your pet’s weight, keep track of their medications, log microchip and pet insurance details, plus note any allergies or medical alerts for quick reference.

Access your pet’s information anytime

Get access to your pet’s medical records on your phone wherever you are! Need a vaccine record for your landlord, the dog park or a dog-friendly restaurant? Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their information is just a few clicks away. It’s easy to share with other care providers while taking the best care of your pet.

It’s the to do list for pet health management

Set reminders on everything your pet needs –– from giving your pet medication to scheduling appointments to buying food and more.

Request Appointments and Prescription Refills

If your veterinary practice partners with us, you can easily request appointments, medication refills, and products directly through the app.

Download VitusVet to keep your dog, cat, rabbit, bird, snake, or whoever your friend is, healthy and safe.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:3.34 Publish Date:2021-08-16 Developer:VitusVet

User Reviews


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Jesslyn Hendrix 2020-07-28

Edit 7/2020 After my initial issue, I\'ve enjoyed they simplicity of submitting a claim via my phone. The setup should be done on a computer, but after that it\'s super fast via the phone. LOVE IT ------ I\'ve requested that an incorrect vet be removed from my account numerous times. It hasn\'t been done and the vet I go to and have added more than once won\'t \'stick\' on my account. In addition, the app needs an overhaul of features as does the website.
Christine H 2020-06-22

This app was great for about a week until an update in Nov 2019. After that the app wouldn\'t open. I tried uninstalling & reinstalling the app several times. I contacted vitus vet & it took over two months to fix the app. They emailed me once the app was fixed. I reinstalled the app and it works great. It\'s the easiest way to submit claims to nationwide for my pets. Hopefully there are no future issues. F/u 6/22/20: The app is still working well! I recommend it to anyone with nationwide.
Christina Porcello 2020-10-31

I absolutely love this app.. I can see all my dogs medicine, past history Nd current. I can make appointments through the app.. its super easy and amazing. I wish my human kids had a pediatrician app like this too. I love it. And would recommend it.to anyone 20 stars for me. Also no ads and no glitches
Deb Durant 2019-03-25

getting spam emails from this app telling me to \"register\", as if i hadnt been using it for years. but worst is that records i used to be able to see have disappeared, and no new information is available from any recent appointments. 100% worthless and it is a shame that my vet uses such a horrible app.
James McNulty 2020-12-24

It makes communicating our dogs veterinarian really easy, especially in the current environment. All the routine hassles can be addressed quickly and easily, refills appointments, other items. Communication with the doctor is also much easier, and very direct.
Carol Fenner 2021-01-19

I don\'t know why people are giving this app good reviews, I think it pretty much sucks. Very difficult to set up, most of the info must be input in the app, can\'t do it online. If you enter something incorrectly, it is impossible to edit. Can\'t even delete and start over. My vet used to use PetPage which was much easier to use and probably had the same amount of information. I don\'t know as I can\'t get any info to populate on this app. Giving two stars as it seems like it would be nice if it worked.
Kristine Kovacs 2019-09-15

Easy to use and extremely convenient to file a claim with my Nationwide pet insurance. Great way to keep track of veterinary records too, especially when going on vacation and being able to provide records to the pet-sitter!
Jenny Nolan 2020-05-14

I like the simplicity of the app but it\'s unfortunate that it only allows JPG uploads of records because all of my pets\' records are in PDF format so I have to convert everything to JPG and thats just time consuming. Also there is no place to log vaccines so there\'s no way I can easily check to see when they are due except for creating a seperate reminder. That should be a function when uploading medical records so I can log the corresponding vaccinations in that particular appointment.
Claire Birch 2019-04-24

This app makes it so easy to keep track of records, vet visits, submitting claims, and much more. How handy to have everything in one spot for your furry friend! love it.
Dawn Peters 2020-12-14

Keeps both my babies medical information easily accessible. I travel a lot and having their medical information handy is nice if anything should ever happen. Gives me peace of mind.