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Description of Vivian - Find Healthcare Jobs

At Vivian, we ensure your next step is a step forward. We believe in providing you with information, not withholding it. That’s why we built a jobs marketplace that serves healthcare professionals first.

Create one profile

Create a specialized universal healthcare profile that can be used just like a healthcare resume/cv to quickly and easily apply to healthcare employers across the country for travel nurse jobs, local & per diem or any type of healthcare positions.

Know what we know

As the largest marketplace for all nursing and healthcare jobs, we have access to an unprecedented amount of unbiased, objective information, including detailed job postings, concrete salary ranges, authentic employer reviews and more. And we’re not afraid to share it all with you.

Explore your options

We connect all types of healthcare workers to all types of healthcare jobs (including nursing, therapy, and allied health jobs), including per diem, permanent, local contract and travel nursing jobs. We’ll show you every job that’s right for you.

Forget cold calls

And endless emails. With Vivian, you can keep all your applications and messages in one place. Get notified instantly when a job matches your needs, and connect with employers right away through our real-time chat.

Why download the Vivian app?

Join our community of over 300,000 incredible health care professionals. Vivian has facilitated over 1 Million Job Applications

Get access to trusted health facilities and travel nurse agencies such as: AMN, Cross Country, SSM Health, Honor Health, Host Healthcare, MedPro & many more.

Rated 4.8 stars by thousands of healthcare professionals:

“I don't have to search dozens of job boards. I added my specialty, and the recruiters come to me! One Vivian profile and I'm done.” Cynthia P. ED - RN, Tampa, FL

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:2.0.28 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:NurseFly

User Reviews


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dtjay7 2019-03-21

It is an amazing app. Allows me to work and travel at the same time. The app lets me find work in different locations. It is a great way to find a job someplace new. It is really easy to use and has a lot of great information about a lot of different places and jobs that are available there. I like to travel and this app allows me to do that while working.
Rex Aboo 2020-11-03

I tried several times to get the download but can\'t get through,it will rolling and rolling then will come back to open again, Saturday to Sunday which is 10/30/20 to 11/1/20 I have kept on several times to submit or upload my resume, the system will be rolling for hours and still wouldn\'t go through and I\'m surprised none of the computer techs or a recruiter will call or text that we\'ve seen you sending a document and this or that is the challenges no one has done nothing but kept on sending te
Jess Branik 2020-10-17

Best site for recruiter-free travel jobs. great if you just want to see whats out there and not feel pressured into making any commitments.
Sushi Deflare 2020-10-15

Great site, the mobile app is a bit weird. easy to apply and I actually get contacted
E H 2019-11-08

Mediocre app. Lists of cities are reset when you click on one and then go back. No way to filter by what cities have jobs, so you have a list of 50+ cities that may have had jobs in the past but no way of knowing if they still do until you click on the city. And then when you go back, you guessed it, the list is reset. Have fun with endless scrolling. Youll see jobs listed for high amounts and the recruiters will tell you that it isn\'t accurate.
Dawn Wiseman 2019-11-14

Would love a map option when viewing job listing search results. Also needs the ability to save or \'favorite\' jobs without having to submit interest to recruiters to make it easier to go back a narrow down choices without getting overwhelmed with calls and texts.
Tori Clark 2019-05-26

just wanted to search for travel nursing jobs, not create a profile or browse various cities. no search/filter option for jobs is stupid. uninstalled.
Mason Webb 2021-01-15

i like how easy this app is, i wish there was a map view though
Alice Chow 2020-05-15

The website is better than app. The app only shows 25 jobs, after that, I\'m unable to continue scrolling down. It also has fewer filters to search with compared to the website. Weird.
Tresina Oliver 2019-12-22

When I try to sign in to the app, a message pops up and says \"data and hash arguments required\". What does that mean!? Will be uninstalling if the problem persists!