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Description of Voice Recorder & Voice Memos

🤔Have you encountered problems with poor voice recording quality?

✍️ Do you need to record voice memos conveniently?

🤨Are you troubled that you can't find a simple voice record pro app that supports editing?

🧐 Are you troubled that you can't quickly find the clips you want to listen to when playing back the audio recording?

🔥Then it's time to download 🏆Voice Recorder & Voice Memos - Voice Recording App!🏆 .

🏆Voice Recorder & Voice Memos - Voice Recording App🏆 is an easy-to-use audio recorder and voice app that helps record audio of meeting notes, interviews, speeches, lessons and so on. Don’t forget recording music! You can also use it to record voice over.

The recording quality of this smart voice recorder pro is stable and will not be interrupted. There’s no time limit in this audio recording app. You can also make voice-over by this phone recorder. It’s a useful sound recorder app for you.


You can record audio of meetings in this voice memo recorder at any time to avoid losing important information. It’s a useful audio recorder & ambient recorder, you can better record work and make audionote by this audio manager that manages voice memo, audio player that plays with multiple speeds. You can also categorize each voice recording by adding tags.


Using this HQ mp3 recorder, you can record sounds clearly. You can make voice notes and markers so that you can quickly find the audio clips during review. Also this poems recorder can help you seize inspiration. This useful background voice recorder with ambient recording and recording app will help you pass the next exam!


By this rev voice recorder pro & music recorder plus you can record audio, record sound or a quick voice, quickly record music inspiration and make voiceover for videos. It’s a good music recording app for microphone recording so record it. With this and handful song recorder & guitar recorder to record music, maybe someday you can release a voice record or an aesthetic record!


This voice recorder can help you in many ways, you can record voice, record conversation by recording memories and make voice-over for videos. Thus your phone can be used as a phone recorder, a dictaphone, or a podcast recorder or a smart music recorder.

Among all the recording apps, 🏆Voice Recorder & Voice Memos - Voice Recording App🏆 is a useful audio recorder plus a rev voice recorder app for you.


✅Audio recorder & Podcast recorder - High quality audio recorder

👌Recording app to record voice memos via phone recorder

😍No time limit for audio recording, easy voice recorder & voice app

😉Support multiple voice recording formats: AAC, M4A, AMR, MP3

🎧Support multiple sound attributes: Mono, Stereo

🥳Support multiple sound sources: Mobile phone recording, Microphone recording...


💬Add markers to the audio note at any time

👏 Super Voice recorder Audio editor - Cut the sound in the middle in the audio app

▶️Audio player & Audio cutter of recording

📌Check the mark to quickly find the marked audio notes

💌Add categories to audio, find voice notes faster

🎹Song recorder & Music recorder: Set audio as ringtone


😎Conversation Recorder & Singing Recorder

👌Voice record in background: record voice when screen is off

🤩Tape recorder. This feature can be turned on or off in the settings


🌟Simple and good-looking interface, easy to record audio and trim

🎊Audio manager - Clear audio recording list page, which can be sorted

🧡Easy to share this easy voice recorder pro & audiorecorder

If you think it’s a perfect sound recorder, please share this voice recording app with your friends!

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More Information Of Voice Recorder & Voice Memos

lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Dairy App & Notes & Audio Editor & Voice Recorder

User Reviews


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Charlotte Brooks 2020-12-28

This app is a dream come true, since downloading this app I have been able to record conversations I have with certain teachers meaning I can keep a record of everything they are doing wrong for example I was sexually assaulted by another student and they told us to kiss and make up so recording the conversation really helped me in order to report it to the board of governors. I 100% recommend this app.
tina quaresma 2021-02-02

I wasn\'t sure which app to choose until I checked the reviews and seen someone is actually listening and trying to make bad reviews experiences and apps better. That is not something you always see! I will make sure to pay for my app if I like it cuz I don\'t like ads either and I know these developers deserve to be paid also!
DJ Shamax 2021-01-28

Awesome app!!! Lovely audio quality and very easy to use. I use this for recording beatbox and piano. It also reduces background noise. The only problem are that there are too many ads... I\'m ok with it but I\'m not too sure about the others...
Hayden Petrick 2021-02-11

Very frustrating app. Will play an ad every chance it gets, then multiple messages to upgrade. The app is mostly useless if you dont pay for it and even then it doesnt offer anything you couldn\'t just do with another app that plays fewer ads on their free version. If you are going to play that many ads you shouldn\'t restrict the functionality of the app.
toffie_tastick_foxi 2021-01-08

It\'s a very good voice recording app, the ads had bothered me but I got a reply from the creator about the reasoning of all the ads. I 100% recommend this app to people who are looking for a app to record anything. Stay safe, and beautiful just like everyone is, and always will be!
Karen Runnels 2021-01-15

Love this app!! Using it on my Galaxy Tab 8 to record original songs/tunes that suddenly pop into my head, voice memos, convos, audio from other sources, ambient sounds. Said it isn\'t optimized for my device, but is working perfectly. About to buy the pro version to get rid of ads. Thanks for a great, reliable app!!
Maleigha Bishop 2020-12-07

Went to record something for the first time, put a lot of work into it, gave it a title and saved it, and then it just disappeared. Maybe it was just a one time bug, or maybe I hit the wrong button, but that doesn\'t matter. If there\'s a bug that *ever* makes recordings not save there\'s no way to trust it. If it was my mistake there should have been a \"confirm delete?\" option, especially after I got to the point where I typed out a title and tagged it. Don\'t trust this app, find another one.
Maths Classes for class 1-3 2021-01-12

This app is amazing but the problem is, I was recording for my youtube video but when I was editing it, it wasn\'t working properly. I don\'t know why but the audio was not starting. That recording is too important. All is very well but this issue so annoying! I hope this app\'s team will solve it. Thank you.
Madeleine Jones 2021-02-27

Do not waste your time with this waste of an app. The app gave me an add every single time I tried to do something. When I wanted to be done recording, before I could save it I had to name it, which would lead me into the saved recordings. The recording that I named just now would never show up. Going to the record screen showed that I was not recording, but after I exited the app and reentered, a pop up said recording in progress saved. Huh? Apparently it was named something random. Horrible.
Manuel Emilio Vasuqez Gomez 2021-03-02

Well my first impression with the app is that it\'s very intuitive just by entering you could actually see and know what you going to do, pretty easy to use it has multiple options you can trim your audio and share it you can also use voice effects. very useful to keep your ideas and if you want just to know how you voice sounds it works great.