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Description of VokabelBox - Vocabulary trainer

The VokabelBox is a vocabulary trainer with which you can learn your vocabulary in a structured and lasting way.

The VokabelBox is limited to 50 words for testing. If you want to learn more vocabulary, you can remove the limit at any time by purchasing an in-app-purchase.

Learn your vocabulary with three different exercises:

- Exercise

- Vocabulary test

- Card box

With the exercises, you playfully add new words to your vocabulary. You either have to choose the correct translation from a series of suggestions, find the correct word pair, choose the initial letter or put the letters of the translation in the correct order. Your learning progress is shown in a diagram at any time.

The vocabulary test prepares you ideally for your next exam. If you have made mistakes, you can repeat the wrong answered vocabulary immediately, or you can start a test with new vocabulary.

The card box helps you to consolidate your vocabulary in your long-term memory. The card box has six compartments. The aim is to bring the vocabulary to the last compartment. If you make a mistake, the vocabulary goes back into the first compartment. The learning distance increases with each compartment.

Overview of the learning gaps:

Box 1: immediately

Tray 2: 4 days

Box 3: 7 days

Box 4: 14 days

Box 5: 60 days

Box 6: every 180 days

(You can adjust the gaps to your needs)

With the folders you can structure your vocabulary and learn in a systematic way. For example, you can create a folder for a learning a book, then add a folder for each chapter and a box with the individual lessons for each chapter. So you can learn a single lesson, a whole chapter or even the whole book.

Book (folder) -> Chapter (folder) -> Lessons (box with vocabulary).

Not only can you create new vocabulary lists directly in the app, but you can also easily import them into the VokabelBox on your PC using your spreadsheet program. You can find instructions for this here: www.vokabelbox.com/xlsx-import

The app contains no vocabulary.

With the backup file you can save all your vocabulary along with your learning progress or transfer it to a second device.

Supported languages:







































If you would like to have more languages, you have found errors, you have suggestions for improvement or you have questions about the VokabelBox, please send me an e-mail at:


I wish you much fun learning!


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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:5.2.5 Publish Date:2022-05-28 Developer:Marcel Breska

User Reviews


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zaher lavi 2020-06-11

I have upgraded the app and paid €9,99 however when I want to do the exercise,(press graduation hat) and then press the start button, the word appears then I touch the right translation this turns green and then the app freezes and I can\'t go to the next word. What is the problem here
L K 2020-04-04

I am using the app for 2 years now and I really like it. I made the update today and I find it difficult to adjust the days for the flashcards, now. It\'s hard to stop on the exact number of days you want. A plus/minus button to adjust the days is easier. I am a bit sad to see that the price has raised to 7 €. My sister wanted to install it, because I told her the old price, but now she won\'t.
A Google user 2019-01-10

it is not possible to copy words from the irregular verbs box to the collection box. it is also a bug that one can not reset the learning progress (nothing will happen if you do so). then i tried to export the list, deleted everything, reinstalled the app, imported the irregular verbs list file tho the collection box list, the import failed and now the best: the file was deleted!? why?! now all vocabs are gone! thats a huge bug.
desislava gercheva 2016-06-04

Disastrous changes in the new version At once it became unusable after payment for more than 50 words is needed!
A Google user 2019-02-21

The perfect app! It allows you to built up your vocabulary very successfully. I really enjoy it very much, thank you!
Johanna Unterholzner 2017-03-04

Mir gefällt die App sehr gut, ich habe auch viel mehr Motivation Vokabeln zu lernen. Es wäre zusätzlich toll, wenn es bei den unregelmäßigen Verben auch noch eine Funktion für diejenigen Verben in den Fremdsprachen gäbe, die in der Pränsensform schon für jede einzelne Person eine spezielle Abwandlung haben ... aber das ist nur ein Vorschlag. Einziges Problem: es stürtzt sehr oft ab!!!
Matthias Richter 2017-03-04

Großartig. Lohnt die 4 Euro. Hebt sich ab vom industriellen Sprachlernmist..
A Google user 2018-11-23

So useful! Helps me a lot!!
Anna-Sophie Balasko 2018-02-01

I have just downloaded it, but I\'m so happy with already… I think when I use this app for learning for my next test, I\'ll definitely get through it very well ;-)
Ronja Schiestel 2018-03-07

Beste App, um Vokabeln zu lernen!