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Description of Volcanoes & Earthquakes

Volcanoes & Earthquakes shows the latest earthquakes worldwide or only quakes near you, as well as earthquake "I-felt-it" reports for earthquakes, in near real-time. It also shows active volcanoes on a map and as a list, along with volcano news from all the world.

You can filter and display the data in various ways, for example by magnitude or age of earthquakes, distance from your location, volcano status and much more.


If you like the app, please write us a 5-star review to support our premium ranking, which in turn will help us to keep on improving the app and developing it further. More features and upgrades are planned!


- See currently erupting volcanoes on a map (more than 1600 active and dormant volcanoes)

- Get most recent volcano news, including volcanic ash advisories (starting from v.1.4.0)

- See the most recent earthquakes around the world based on one of the most complete and accurate earthquake datasets on the internet – earthquakes worldwide up to 7 days old

- Notifications: near-real time earthquake & volcano alerts

- Custom alerts for user-set locations/areas

- Optional background update at custom interval

- Alert if earthquakes might have been felt in your area

- Larger earthquakes (above magnitude 6.0) available for up to 1 year

- Listing of earthquakes near active volcanoes (could indicate volcanic unrest)

- Complete volcano listing worldwide alphabetically/by country/by activity level (starting from v. 1.4.0)

- Multiple data sources (more than 40 international and national data sources)

- Filter earthquakes according to magnitude, age and distance

- Filter quakes by continent, country or state (starting from v. 2.3.0)

- Sort quakes by time (latest) or size (magnitude)

- Earthquake archive since 2012 - arguably the most complete available on the web (starting from v. 2.3.0)

- Earthquake stats – magnitude/energy/depth vs time or magnitude (starting from v. 2.4.0)

- Submit/read/view user earthquake reports on map via the "I felt an earthquake" feature

- Detailed information about each earthquake

- Detailed information about each volcano including list of eruptions and manner of eruptions

- Tectonic plate boundaries

- Purpose-built and customized, highly compressed data format to save bandwidth

- Optional automatic background loading of data

- Submit a feature request through comments!

Upcoming features:

- More data sources to be added

- Earthquake news

Main earthquake data sources currently used:

- British Geological Survey (BGS), UK

- China Earthquake Information Centre (CEIC), China

- Russian Academy of Science (Камчатский филиал Геофизической службы - EMSD), Russian Federation

- European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC), France

- National Geographic Institute (Instituto Geográfico Nacional - IGN), Spain

- Icelandic Met Office (IMO), Iceland

- National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia - INGV), Italy

- Geoscience Australia (GeoAu)

- New Zealand Earthquake Commission and GNS Science (GEONET), New Zealand

- German Research Centre for Geosciences (Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum Potzdam – GFZ), Germany

- National Seismological Center of the University of Chile (Centro Sismológico Nacional, Universidad de Chile – GUG), Chile

- Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute-Regional Earthquake and Tsunami Monitoring Center (KOERI-RETMC/BOUN KOERI), Turkey

- Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN), Canada

- Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHILVOLCS), Philippines

- Swiss Seismological Service (Schweizerischer Erdbebendienst. SED), Switzerland

- Servicio Sismológico Nacional (SSN), Mexico

- United States Geological Survey - Earthquake Hazards Program (USGS), USA


Although we take care to collect data from reputable sources and strive for accuracy, there is no guarantee that the information is correct or complete and that the app will always perform as intended.

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User Reviews


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Lamont DuPlessis 2019-09-20

This very informative APP is in my opinion, Flawless!! I am a 64yr old disabled veteran with alot of time on my hands so although my physical state has several issues I can still Exercise my so-called mind 😵😂!! Every day I monitor and check All earthquakes (usually 3.5 or higher mag.) and volcano activity (as best as I can) that I\'ve requested notifications on thru your very Informative and Educational APP!! I love the study of Geology and your APP is the perfect tool for me!!
Stephen Green 2019-06-14

Have used this app for a couple of years and have always found it fast and accurate. Improves all the time. However, I can\'t discover how to list quakes in magnitude order.
Verte-Arbusto\'s Schumann-Resonance-Harmonics 2016-12-22

Very selective. No earthquakes or volcanos in the continental US are shown. This is a big problem, mainly if one lives near a volcano. The FAQs state ouright that there are no active volcanos in the continental US. This is NOT TRUE. According to the USGS data (on their website), there are a number of volcanos in the US now currently active, yet not shown on this app. Mt. Saint Helens, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Hood, Yosemite caldera, Mommouth Mountain, among others, are active in outgassing, as well as >3.0 Magnitude quakes.
Vincent Ruvalcaba 2019-07-08

app very weak, was not accurate 4 hours after an earth quake hit in my area and still no info on it, do not waste ur time with this app
David C. Weiser 2019-04-08

Volcanoes & Earthquakes is the perfect well thought-out and implemented app, with everything I need. Even in the free version, set your own thresholds, get lists of all quakes, those near you, and near volcanos. Also, different types of maps, news, sorting capabilities, and a large frequently updated DB. More, with no advertising, in the pro version. Great gustomer service — I suggested an addition; the creator got back to me, quickly, saying it would be in a subsequent update.
David Clay 2020-08-05

Highly recommend! Free version very accurate with timely alerts. I like the feature that allows user to adjust to show the depth of the quake. The world map, though not as clear as desktop global maps, allows you to zoom in close enough to make out major details.
Sharon Roberts 2020-01-05

This is a really good excellent app. It keeps you informed on all the earthquakes and volcanoes erupting all around the world. You also have the option to get alerts on earthquakes as they happen go to the settings on the app and set it up. I\'ve had this app for quite some time and I highly recommend it.
A Google user 2017-03-08

This app could save lives. It also can help people find world info about family\'s stuck in epicentre areas. Great for visual tectonic movement, volcano ash advice when flying and up-to-date data with push notifications. Nice feature to add your own \"felt it reports\".
Steeveni Osborne 2018-11-26

I am lost of words but infact so surprised to find this app really up to date. In the last 2 hours we had 4 earthquakes in Iraq and the locations pop up was updated in minutes. Great job on the app...... hats off to you and for those who don\'t have this app, I don\'t know what you guys are still waiting for. Just try it out.
Stuart Armstrong 2020-04-03

Really like this app. It thinks the way I do. Especially like the earthquake historical archive. And the ability to set up alternate locations. For example, I\'m interested in the New Madrid fault zone but I don\'t live anywhere near it. I can set it up to monitor my own location AND the New Madrid zone. I\'ve used several other apps and they all frustrate me, but this one is easy to customize, friendly, and very flexible. Ads are not intrusive but the Ad free version upgrade is well worth it.