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Description of Volvo Cars

One app. Everything Volvo.

The Volvo On Call app is now the Volvo Cars app. Discover the services that enable a convenient and enjoyable Volvo experience.

Too hot. Too cold. Just right.

Adjust the climate system remotely and pre-cool or pre-heat the cabin.

Helps you recharge.

Track charge levels and electricity consumption on your Volvo full electric or plug-in hybrid.

Always at your service.

Schedule your next service appointment using the app.

Information. Manuals. Support.

Your one-stop resource for the information, manuals and support that let you get more from your Volvo.

An app that opens doors.

Use your phone to remotely lock and unlock your Volvo and enjoy increased security.

Personal support

Talk to one of our Volvo specialists. We are available to answer your questions and help you get the most from your Volvo

Explore your Volvo

Access information, manuals and other material to find answers to your questions and optimise your Volvo experience.

Compatibility and availability of features and services differs between markets and models, so may not be available in your location or for your car. Contact us for more details, https://www.volvocars.com/intl/support/contact-us.

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lable: Auto & Vehicles - Apps Current Version:5.8.1 Publish Date:2022-01-11 Developer:Volvo Cars

User Reviews


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Mark 2019-09-09

Excellent App, seamless with my 2019 XC60, love the way you just send destinations to the car using the map and the remote locking is superb if you forget to lock the car, sends prompts and even warns if a window is open, remote start will be handy in the winter, trip details of mpg and mileage plus a constant tracker on where the car is at any time.
Lutz Schaefer 2020-08-07

After about 3 months of inability to sign in the app now finally with the last update I can use it again. Thank you Volvo, now I can give you back all the 5 stars :).
Kevin 2019-06-20

Great app, I always wanted remote start and it\'s great to be able to do it from anywhere, not having to point the key at the car from inside or something. It\'s handy to be able to see if the car is locked and how much fuel it has from anywhere as well. Great job Volvo
Barry Savill 2020-11-25

Since updating to version 4.616 the fuel figures have gone missing. It is getting that each time volvo issue an update something breaks. Volvo please test before updating.
Don Bubba 2020-02-02

App was OK and worked fine. A recent update now will not let you unlock your Volvo or do a remote start unless you have your phone set up with a screen lock. I preferred the old way of just entering your VOC password to unlock or remote start. Since I do not want a lock on my phone, before I can remote start or unlock I have to go in to the phone settings and set a password, unlock the phone and then go back and turn off the phone password. What a pain in the rear.
Nick Gawlik 2020-10-06

Update #2: It seems that the glitches of yesteryear have been resolved. Have not had any issues with the app since. Not a must-have app, but definitely handy and nice and pretty cool features (driving journal and nav are awesome - even though it has Google maps integration it doesn\'t update routes or traffic using Google which is a huge bummer. Sirius and Inrix are HORRIBLE for nav updates or routes). Just wish Volvo didn\'t charge so much for it!
Jim Martinsen 2017-06-11

Doors are unlocked function has quit working. Remote start works. . . sometimes. I just sent Volvo $250 to extend this service and it isn\'t worth a plugged nickel. I agree with all the others who say Volvo needs much better software engineers. Several months later and I still continue to get a \"Cannot start your Volvo\" message. But. . . Who cares? Apparently not Volvo.
John Holden 2021-01-04

I\'ve raised the score because it has worked fine, for me, for a few months. I\'d like to see oil level and battery charge state (on ICE engines) added. After all, there\'s no dipstick and you can only check the oil level 5 minutes after stopping. Guess what, I\'m not there 5 minutes after stopping.
stephani lewis 2021-02-01

For the quality and price of the XC90, not having remote start on the key fob doesn\'t make sense. The app is buggy, takes longer to open, sign in, and start the car than it does for me to walk to it and do it myself. Scheduling maintenance from the app is great, but I mostly use is to start my car and, for that, it\'s mostly worthless. I used the remote start on my Acadia daily and really wish Volvo would get on board with having a button for this on the gigantic key fob.
Tanya B 2018-12-14

ETA Dec 2018: Wish Volvo gave owners the option to pay monthly for just autostart and/or remote lock. Can\'t believe that after two years, they still haven\'t fixed the basic problems with this app. It\'s truly the only complaint we have about this car. Constantly tells us that the car is unlocked when it isn\'t. Very slow to lock and unlock. It\'s great to check on the performance and stats for our xc90 but I won\'t be using the app to exclusively lock or unlock it 😕 ETA: after the dealership updated the computer\'s system, we can no longer get the car to lock or unlock with the app. The remote start rarely works. It keeps saying the car is unlocked when it isn\'t. And it wants us to renew in 30 days. Why on earth would we pay for something that doesn\'t work? Disappointed that we won\'t be able to use the remote start soon but then again we can\'t really use it now 😠