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Description of VSee Clinic for Patient

VSee Clinic is a simple, secure way for you to hold a telehealth consultation with your provider from anywhere. VSee Clinic allows HIPAA-compliant chat and video calls. It’s encrypted, so your patient health data is secure.

Seeing your doctor is easy with VSee Clinic. You can schedule an consultation or “walk in” without an appointment. You can also make credit card payments, review your visit history, and read your doctor’s notes – all from your Android device.

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More Information Of VSee Clinic for Patient

lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:1.19.1-1-5a0717f Publish Date:2021-07-18 Developer:VSee Lab, Inc.

User Reviews


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Noble Yolanda Dickson Bey 2020-04-29

Had trouble downloading. It took forever 😭😒 to get it to just come up and it was like that on my other phone as well. Then when I finally got it to download and open I had problems connecting with my Dr. Plus the connection talking to him was a interference in and out. Will give it another chance next time but if it\'s anything like the first I will not be using it again. I give it three stars for effort
James Wells 2020-05-08

It seems like this app was created as a rush job. The whole thing feels really amateurish. I really can\'t give any advice on how to make it feel better as I am not really a UI guy, but you folx really need to get one stat. I was also bothered by the fact that this is a video messenger app doesn\'t have an option to keep the screen awake, so I had multiple screen shut-offs while talking to one of my providers yesterday. Not sure if I can blame your app for this, but audio / video quality was sub-par. My main provider\'s office has really good network connectivity, but you certainly could not tell it from my appointment yesterday. Video kept breaking audio sync, artifacting and ghosting images were disconcerting to say the least.
Donna Caulfield 2020-05-27

This is great during the pandemic, but also if you are just too sick to drag yourself to the doctor\'s office, or inclement weather. The televisit is awesome. Easy to use, easy to set up, even I had no problems with it, that\'s a true miracle.
Christoffer Erickson 2020-04-28

I used this on my A20 phone april 2020 for a crucial doctors visit which was easy to download/setup & I was able to move the phone to show the doctor why I made the video appointment which was the only way I could see her otherwise I would have to go to an emergency room. My feet has swollen due to heart issues and it was clear enough for her to detect what was going on and tell me just come see her immediately. Despite a pandemic going on. I can say this app safely saved my life.
Harry Green 2020-04-08

Very interesting. For the first time using by both me and the doctor it went pretty well. I was able to show the doctor a large hematoma on my leg using my smart phone. There were some network issues that distorted the doctor\'s voice so I did not give it 5 stars.
Erica Redgate 2020-07-23

I\'d give this app a negative rating if I could. I constantly lose video feed if I even get connected to the provider at all. It\'s terrible and I don\'t recommend it to anyone. I think I\'m going to have to find another provider that we can actually see.
Sarah Saunders 2020-04-07

I typed in the room code provided to me and kept getting an error that said I had no internet connection and needed to connect. But all my other apps and internet seem to be working just fine?? Any advice? I had to reschedule my appointment and I\'m hoping I can get it to work by then.
Maliha Daniels 2020-11-06

Was unable to see a Dr because he couldn\'t understand that the app\'s informtion is different from the patient\'s information. He made us log off, reorder the visit with another hold on my card which the bank blocked for suspicious activity. No one knew how to credit the current hold to allow a virtual visit, nor were they able to expedite the release so I can reorder a new visit. Basically, you\'re thrown to the wolves and figuire it out with no avenues to a sucess in goal. Thank God for OTCs..smh
better not good 2020-11-12

It\'s not the worst app iv ever used, but it is very uncomfortable, and limited. I wish it would add my doctor\'s contact so he knows I want to see him, and he can text me any info I need, but instead it just throws me into a call without any other options, or instructions. Even zoom has a better set up. It really needs improvement.
Steven Tolbert 2020-03-31

Great app.was able to visit my doctor and not have to worry about getting out and being exposed to the viruse.