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Description of VyStar Card Control

VyStar Card Control provides you direct access to your VyStar Debit, Business Debit, HELOC, and Health Savings Account Card.

Take control of your card with these features:

• Turn your card on/off with ease if your card is misplaced, to prevent fraudulent activity or even to control spending.

• Location-Based Alerts and Controls

• Be alerted of transactions in real-time

• Establish spending limits and get alerted when transactions are above your limit.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:3.9.3 Publish Date:2022-05-27 Developer:VyStar Credit Union

User Reviews


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Chris Russ 2019-04-07

Great app ...BUT... This is a great app in controlling your card and getting alerts to when your card is used. It helped me identify fraudulent charges and notify the bank quickly. However, since my Android did its most recent update, Card Control, now doesn\'t work because of incompatibility.
Scott Hernandez 2019-05-26

Couldn\'t use it before due to connectivity issues. Downloaded and installed again after the update. Now getting an error message: \"Update your device settings to enable Verify Apps, a Google utility used to secure your device.\" Unsure of how to proceed.
Norman Epperson 2019-03-21

loved this app until my phone update to latest software version (pie?) now I am unable to reach server like many others are reporting. I hope a fix comes soon. until then I am so glad I still have my old note3 to be able to get into the app and make changes or read the details on declined charges
Richard H 2020-07-14

After waiting for almost 5 months this app is finally working. I will give 3 stars for now until I test it out a few weeks.
Kathryn Robinson 2018-03-25

Love this!!! With Vystar being a small credit union, it sometimes felt like we were a little behind the times. This catches us up and doesn\'t compromise Vystar\'s customer service or great rates to do it! Thank you guys!
Irene Levi 2019-10-17

I enjoy the card control. You have peace of mind control of your own card watching expendiures as you go along
Austin Hagen 2019-09-14

Works great!
Carla Halyard 2018-10-16

Does not connect to Vystar\'s server on Pie 9. I have tried accessing through both this app, and Vystar mobile app. In both cases, I receive an error msg. \"Your financial server could not be reached.\" The error is very easy to produce, contact if you would like screen shots.
Sydney Hill 2020-04-08

This app used to work great but for the last few months now it doesnt alert me on anything at all, and when trying to open the app it just shows the loading screen and says that it\'s trying to find a secure connection. Tried uninstalling and downloading again, tried using wifi and just my cellular data. Nothing has worked.
Damon Jones 2021-01-02

Its very handy and gives you a little more protection in times like these, were you can\'t trust anyone because a lot of people would rather steal and lie instead of going out and working for a payday. The people are ugly and life\'s hard enough with money. So use every tool available to protect what\'s yours. It\'s quickly done. The longest part is logging in.