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Walabot DIY

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Description of Walabot DIY

Walabot DIY lets you see through your walls!

Connect your Walabot DIY device (available at www.walabot.com/diy) to your phone for instant “X-Ray” vision.

• Locates studs, pipes, wires, and movement.

• Works on drywall, concrete & lath and plaster.

• Detects up to 4 inches / 10 centimeters deep.

Want to hang a TV? See where the studs, the wires, and the pipes are and drill with confidence! Perfect for DIY-ers, plumbers, contractors, carpenters, renovators, installers, and more.

Winner of “best tool” by: ESPN, This Old House, Popular Mechanics, CES and over a dozen more publications!

Million walls scanned with the Walabot DIY!

Learn more/order now at walabot.com/diy

** Compatible with Android 6.0 phones and above with USB On-The-Go (OTG) **

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Walabot

User Reviews


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christianwrightdc 2019-12-31

When I first got it, the app did not require you to log in to Google, now all of a sudden it FORCES you to log in or the app shuts down. Because I know it can workout needing to log in to GOOGLE, I refuse to use this thing again. Do better people, you DO NOT need my personal information for this to work!
Mike M 2019-12-08

Initially I used the Walabot and was totally satisfied. It was 5 stars. Now all of a sudden I need to log in to use it. I read the BS about needing to log in for security reasons. I am so tired of everyone trying to capture my data and tell me it\'s for security reasons. Tell that to someone who does not understand how security of devices work. You do not need personal information for security. Please correct this issue! You having my information is intrusive on my privacy!
Andrew Sumpter 2019-12-30

READ the fine print! I purchased the Walabot over a year ago as I\'m a DIY\'er, but I haven\'t used it in awhile. Now when I try to use the device, I\'m prompted to read the new app policy. \"6.1. We may transfer your Personal Information to our local or foreign subsidiaries or affiliated companies for the purpose of storing or processing such information on our behalf pursuant to the legitimate interest of providing the App and the Hardware to you.\" This policy is BS, I no longer want the Walabot.
liu gonzalez 2019-12-22

The app does nothing more then force you to login with your google account in order to get your information and after that, the device simply does not work. They make it seem really easy on the commercials and ads but in reality the product is nothing more than a flawed device that takes your information.
James Mckeithan 2019-11-13

Very poor device for the money,false advertised. Does NOT sense anything behind gypsum board :\" even though the tutorial shows it doing so\". Does not accurately determine what is pipe and a stud even on regular dry wall. Easily confused machine bit great idea. . I HAVE completed ALL of the walk through, 3 voice conversion guides and the system is just a poor design with false advertisement related to gypsum board.
Dennis Guajardo 2020-12-15

I have been using this for a couple of years and it works great. It is the best stuff finder you can get. I use the picture view and it is plain to see the studs and anything else that\'s behind the drywall. I have only used the drywall setting but I\'m sure it will penetrate stucko on that setting. It shows you where the center of the studs are which eliminates the guess work. It shows pipes and wires inside wall. I highly recommend. Customer support is OK no speedy response but they do.
Mark Carney 2020-07-30

UPDATE: The new update fixed the not working on my phone issue, but I\'m still not happy about needing to sign in to use the walabot☹. I mean I don\'t have to sign into an account to use a hammer or mixer... What the heck did you do? With this last update I can\'t use my walabot for MULTIPLE reasons! Not only do I have to sign in with an account(which I shouldn\'t have to), but now the app doesn\'t even work with the device anymore!
Thomas Simo 2020-02-14

With the recent update now the app requires you to login in order to use the device. This is unacceptable and absolutely not required for this device. Please do yourself a favor and roll back to a version where login was not required. This shouldn\'t be a case by case fix via emailing support. People will stop purchasing the device as credentials to sensitive data is not an option for many including myself.
Ronald Poling 2019-05-29

I bought my first Walabot about 2 years ago and absolutely loved it. Since then I have 5 more for our shop, including the new plus model for myself. We use them to find studs, both wood and metal, we find pipes in our cement block walls, we have even used it to find pipes under our shallow cement floors that are about 4 inches deep. For a Facility maintenance group this is a MUST HAVE tool.
DG 2020-10-02

pain in the A** to use! tutorial every time you turn it on. 45 sec to a minute to \'calibrate\'. then if you accidently lose contact with the wall, guess what, you start over and have to re-calibrate. the silicon bumper that is supposed to keep contact with your phone doesn\'t. so hold on to phone AND walabot while you do 2 foot circles on the wall for a minute to \'calibrate\'. clever gimmick for DIY geeks maybe but will stick with a good quality stud finder at a fraction of cost.