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Description of Walking Meditations

Enjoy the benefits of meditation as you walk. Walking meditation can be just as profound as sitting meditation. It brings the meditative experience into daily activity.

Walking meditation is perfect for those who have trouble sitting still to meditate. For those who enjoy sitting meditations, walking meditation helps bring meditation into every moment of the day.

Our approach to walking meditation is easy and informal. The meditations gently guide you to experience your body and your surroundings fully as you walk, letting go of the mind's preoccupation with naming, analyzing and evaluating what's going on. Letting go of thoughts about the past and future allows you to experience the present moment more fully.



THREE WALKING MEDITATIONS, each with a different emphasis

DIARY PAGE - for those who want to keep notes on insights and experiences


Each walking meditation has a different focus:

BEING FULLY PRESENT Guided Walking Meditation (16 min)

Helps you to be fully present to all of the experiences you have while walking -- what you experience within yourself and in the world around you.

ENLIVENING THE BODY Guided Walking Meditation (17 min)

Focuses on the experience of the body while walking. It enlivens the body, strengthens the mind-body connection and is both calming and grounding.

ENHANCING THE SENSES Guided Walking Meditation (18 min)

Focuses on what you see, hear, smell and feel through the sense of touch as you walk. It enhances your experience of life by enhancing your perception.


CREATED BY MARY MADDUX, MS, HTP and RICHARD MADDUX, best known for their popular Meditation Oasis® podcast, smartphone apps and CDs.

Mary and Richard bring over 30 years of meditation practice and teaching to the creation of their guided meditations and music. In addition to teaching meditation, Mary has worked in both conventional and alternative settings as a counselor and healing arts practitioner. Richard has played and composed music all of his life. His music is composed especially for meditation, relaxation and healing.

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:4.4 Publish Date:2021-07-19 Developer:Meditation Oasis

User Reviews


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Vicki Power 2015-07-03

Brilliant! I used it today while walking. I\'m recovering from a spinal injury and I\'m trying to walk further each day. This distracted me from my pain and helped me focus on the walk and my surroundings. I now realise I walk looking at my feet! I\'m going to keep using it to encourage myself to look up and not down!
Google User 2018-02-26

Really love this! Complete my walk feeling relaxed, renewed, refreshed, and all my senses alive! Will use this regularly for my walks, and also while running. Delicious! Highly recommend.
SW Smith 2014-09-29

Wont play on S4 Disappointing. Went to site for Troubleshooting help. Followed dir to uninstall and re install. No chsnge. Now ill unindtall 4 good. There goes peace and tranquility
Richard De Bruin 2018-02-15

My first meditation app and it is okay. I would have liked gentle background music. I found that before I knew it I had walked a half hour but each section does not make it clear it ended.
A Google user 2012-05-22

Perfect Great the way it is. No music necessary. I love it with my job. I walk all day. Well worth 99 cents.
A Google user 2011-10-11

Dale This app needs background music like the other apps have. I think it would give more continuity and flow to the session. With music 4 or 5 stars.
Kris Ring 2013-09-19

Grateful for this app This app is grounding, heightens my appreciation for my surroundings and awareness of its beauty. Feedback for developers: -enable app to continue running if person navigates away from page. -Protect app from accidental closing(add are you sure you want to exit). -Reduce time of pause....sometimes unsure if app closed or if it is a pause...problem when I go to see sometimes it will close. -maybe add a larger photo or aesthetically pleasing home screen... Fixing the first two-three will change the rati
john casey 2013-01-11

needs update add some background music please then it would be 5 stars
A Google user 2018-02-10

The voice is creepy. Is there a way to select the voice I want. The female voice is really creepy.
Brigitte Hellberg 2017-05-09

Couldn\'t get it too work