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Description of WalletPasses | Passbook Wallet

With WalletPasses, you can use passes on your Android phone to check in for flights, get and redeem rewards, get in to movies, or redeem coupons. Passes can include useful information like the balance on your coffee card, your coupon’s expiration date, your seat number for a concert, and more.

WalletPasses Saves Your Battery

The app only consumes battery when you use it, no power consuming operations are performed in background.

WalletPasses Respects your Privacy

The app requires only minimal permissions to work and you keep full control of the data shared with pass issuers.

WalletPasses is fully Passbook compatible

The app supports all great features of Wallet / Passbook passes:

* Automatic Pass Updates & Change Notifications

* Relevance based Display of Passes (Time, Location, iBeacon)

* Embedded Scanner

WalletPasses is backed by the Wallet Passes Alliance, a consortium of firms that develop and promote an open platform for the mobile wallet

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lable: Travel & Local - Apps Current Version:1.2.3 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Wallet Passes Alliance

User Reviews


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Aaron Brown 2019-02-10

A Really good app for frequent travellers or concert or theatre attendees. To start off with the good looking and modern interface. You won\'t be facing any complications or adverts what so ever. You can even create digital passes when they usually don\'t exist and they work! I use the app to save my Concert Tickets, Boarding Passes for Bus, Plane or Train or for Loyalty Programmes like a British Airways membership. Verdict: The best Android version of the iOS Wallet/Passbook app.
NuclearCore 2020-02-11

It does what it\'s supposed to, unlike other apps, but it hasn\'t been updated in a long time and it shows. On tall aspect ratio screens, the bottom quarter of the screen is completely blank. There also isn\'t any dark mode. The app was last updated in 2016. 4 years ago now. The developer should update the app to support more modern devices properly.
Pedro Arizmendi 2019-10-14

Failed to recognize my airplane tickets on two different airports. The QR displayed was shown as invalid in their terminal. I tried with another app to display the same pkpass without issues, so I think the issue might be with how the application generates the QR. In the end I wasn\'t able to board with this app, so for me it doesn\'t work.
devarpan chakraborty 2020-01-03

Coming from IOS I was looking for an alternative to the wallet which is a very handy tool especially for air travel. This app delivers similar and in some instances added functionality of the Apple wallet. I would love to have an option for it to be included in the lock screen of the phone maybe the feature is present but I have been unable to find it.
Alan King 2019-04-25

Tried this at a concert for the first time last night with tickets purchased online at mutick, and the QR code shown by the application could not be read at entry gate with the code either zoomed in or out. The person at the gate of the venue claimed that it happens often with this app, and suspects that it\'s due to the black background around the QR code, but the QR codes really look nothing at all like those on the printed tickets.
Dusan Jotic 2020-02-03

For me this is a half way done app. The point should be to import and scan passes, not just scan. Example: When I check-in to my flight online, I receive my boarding card on my email. This app should be able to import from pdf, jpg. I cannot scan my own mobile phone display.
TB Hawker 2019-12-16

The app is simple, but that\'s the beauty of it. Nothing more than a central storage location for all your e-tickets. I\'ve found the scanning and subsequent conversion of barcodes isn\'t necessarily super effective, but the airlines I use all allow automatic download of tickets to the app. Great way to travel without wondering where you put that blasted paper ticket, or having to scroll through your emails when internet isn\'t available.
Ante Hölbling 2020-07-18

Using this app for Boarding passes as I am traveling more than 80 flights a year. Couple of things can be upgraded: 1. Expired boarding passes are still sending notifications of boarding time for same regular flight number 2. Add ability to delete a group of Boarding passes at once, I would suggest filter by date or simply older than 6months. 3. Add simpler way to get to the boarding pass (like happening in the next 3h) from locked screen, same feature is available on iOS Apple Wallet Thanks
Michele Pasillas-Feria 2019-07-19

The app havent been updated in all 3 years, it\'s not working correctly. I use to manage my passes with this app but the developer doesnt support the app anymore. You better look somewhere else, no order whatsoever, eveytime you aproach an airport the app says Hi and start displaying old tickets, you need to skim in all of the tickets (I have several of them) after a few minutes, you realize it consumes a lot of power. Tripcase or others will be my recommendation but to be honest there\'s no option for carrying around passes on Android.
Alex Davies 2020-04-07

Convenient: gets the job done simply 👍 If the developers are reading, I\'d like a loyalty card / store card template; the ability to edit the text on custom cards after they\'ve been finalised; and the ability to add a photo or picture to custom cards Even with what\'s there, though, it scans and holds all my cards with no fuss. Thank you!