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Description of Wallets: expense tracker, money manager

The "Wallets" expense manager will provide you with:

– Three-level drill-down in expense and income categories

– Possibility to manage your debts, budgets, recurring payments

– A huge number of icons for expense and income categories

– Powerful, customizable filters for expense, income, and transfer transactions

– Possibility to export your personal finance data to a .csv table file

– Support of almost all world currencies

– A handy shopping list

– The "Wallets" expense manager –

The idea of the "Wallets" expense manager is to keep your personal finances in separate wallets. For example, you may have a "Base wallet" for your living expenses, a "Cash savings" wallet for your piggybank, a "Loans" wallet for your loans, and so forth. You may easily transfer funds between your wallets.

– Managing debts, budgets, payments –

The "Payments" section of the "Wallets" money manager will help you manage your debts, budgets, and recurring payments in a single place.

– Drilling down in expense and income categories –

In the "Wallets" expense manager, expense categories can be detailed up to three levels! Say, you want to keep track of what you spend on food. You can split your "Food" expense category into the subcategories: "Food –> Healthy food –> Salads" or "Food –> Sea food –> Salmon". You will then have full statistics on each expense subcategory.

– Fancy looking icons that meet your every need –

In the "Wallets" expense manager will provide you with a huge number of icons so that you can easily find one for any of your expense or income categories.

– Using advanced filters –

With filters, you can find your expense and income transactions based on any search conditions. For example, you want to display all transportation expenses you had when traveling, say, to Cyprus. To do this, just add a filter "My Cyprus trip," specify a period for it, specify a "Travel –> Transportation" expense category, and save the filter. Then just apply it to the records list, and you will get only those records that you are interested in.

– Backing up your personal finance data –

At any time and for free, you can obtain a file in which your personal finance data is stored and then import it to the "Wallets" money manager on another device!

You can also export your data to a table that can be opened either in Excel or Google Sheets.

– Using world currencies –

Using world currencies will be handy, for example, if you like traveling abroad.

Manage your finances with the "Wallets" expense manager!

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:0.9.5 beta Publish Date:2021-06-06 Developer:Oleh Romanenko

User Reviews


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Mr Constantine Updates 2019-05-10

no recurring transactions reply: its a standard \'feature\" otherwise whats the point of it
Marzena Górska 2019-11-09

Love, love, love this app! I\'ve used several money managing apps so far and this one is my absolute favorite. Love the option of selecting your custom image for wallets, all the graphs and the calendar showing how much money I spent/received each day and also the simplicity and ease of use. It would be great if there was an option to see the summary of expenses/income by wallet - right now I\'ve set a filter to see the transactions, but it doesn\'t calculate the amounts. But great work all around!
utkarsh bundela 2019-11-07

Love it! I don\'t usually write reviews for apps (which I should, I\'m not arrogant about it, just lazy :P) but here I\'ve to, as the app is great and is exactly what I required. A free, add less, with no need to link your bank Acs, no SMS access for automatically tracking your bank\'s messages just a simple and effective personal expenses tracker. You need to manually input the expenses which is good and there\'s pie charts and other tools to analyse it. All this with no advertisements popping up.
donald hilvano 2019-12-28

This is the best money tracker app that I have used, so easy to use and very well designed. If I could re arrange the categories and sub categories after it is made according to users\' preference, re positioned the pie charts label because sometimes they become over crowded in the area this would be perfect to my needs. Nevertheless, this is still a 5 star app. Thank you to the developer of this app.
jock mcbru 2019-09-08

I\'ve been using this app for a few days now and wow!! Absolutely brilliant app, it\'s really simple to use (which I like and need, lol), it has for so many excellent features all of which I use. I would like like to have a bit more choice of themes, but that does not detract from just how brilliant this app is, a well deserved 5 stars from me. Download it you will NOT be disappointed.
Dorai N 2019-09-19

Exceptional.. All the features that one could expect from a Expense manager app, is available here in this app. That too in Free version. Very helpful. Thanks for a nice and complete app. gudos to the developer team.. In future, I hope this app will provide Loan and investment management features also.. This app is getting better and better. I love the \"tag\" feature. Great job and thanks to developer(s).
Faith Chitawo 2020-04-18

Been using the app the past six months it has made tracking my expenses easier. I appreciate that I can use my local currency and also personalize the expenses items list. For a free and ad-free app, it gets the job done and then some! Suggestions: 1. Have an add receipts options to transactions 2. Enable ability to filter expenses and incomes according to wallet e.g. I just see the transactions happening in one wallet and not all combined. Other than that, highly recommend!
Patricia Grace Santiago 2020-01-06

The ability to customize and choose icons and reorder them with subcategories was terrific! Excellent idea! If I can make a suggestion, the records can be separated by date so it can be sectioned. Also, when adding expenses can you have a history/most used feature so when I click on the category/subcategory it shows my frequently used? That would be so helpful like when you use grab it shows you the usual places. Edit: Taking photos of receipts is also a good feature
Vinod Ar 2020-07-19

Thank you for trying to add the recurring option. But its complicated and unable to meet the purpose. Request you to add Bar chart in addition to the pie chart. Because pie chart having limitation to vishualize small values while using multiple categories. Many categories showing in pie chart as narrow line and the category name is ovelapped each other. Hope help this many users aswell
Angelo Freitas 2019-12-10

The best of its kind! Easy to use and very customizable. No ads, no fuss. I would happily pay for it when the developer implement recurrent transactions. But no subscription, please. Keep up the great work!