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Description of War and Magic: Kingdom Reborn

War and Magic: Kingdom Reborn – A free 4X wargame combining real-time and turn-based tactical gameplays. The fantasy tactical multiplayer online role-playing simulation strategy wargame has creatively inserted chessboard gameplay into battles, making it possible to fulfill the needs of war and battle strategy mania, board game (chess) fans and 4X gamers. As the lord, you could manage the entire city and use military strategies to fight other lords. Also, you could fight in person to maximize your tactical wisdom in chessboard battle playing, marshalling heroes and soldiers to win every battle. Simple rules, easy to start yet capable of mobilizing your brain’s full tactical potential.

Are you tired of traditional tactical games in which you could only watch troops come and go and win by mere number ? Do you want to use your outstanding strategy and tactical mind in every battle? Try War and Magic right now for free!



1. Know how strong your enemies are and pick suitable heroes.

Your reputation and prestige will attract more heroes to serve you.

2. Equip your heroes with good soldiers!

Dozens of soldiers of different races are ready to fight. A perfect hero and soldier match-up plus a suitable formation make 1+1>2.

3. Mind every step on the chessboard!

Wise choices could even turn the tides in your favor in an adverse battle.


1. Manage your city well at first!

Collect resources, build functional buildings, research techs and train soldiers. They are all necessary.

2. Find like-minded allies!

It is hard to survive alone in the huge war with so many powers in play. To get the throne, you need a powerful alliance. You could work with players of different states or unite those of your state to show the world how powerful you are!

3. Find your role in the war!

The complex system makes it possible for you to be any role in this war. A powerful warlord, an outstanding strategist, a resource collector or dealer, or the spy that dances among varies alliances to maximize your interest. It’s totally up to you to decide who you want to be!

4. Take the Dragon City to prove your strength!

The throne of Tyroria belongs to the strongest. Dare you accept the challenge?


1. There are always new heroes and units to satisfy your need of collection.

2. Brilliant events and festival celebrations make the game never boring.

3. All Players in One Server. The real-time translation system allows you to communicate with people all over the world.

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lable: Strategy - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2021-11-24 Developer:GOAT Games

User Reviews


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Sapiens Sas 2019-07-20

One of the worst out there. Money hungry, toxic playerbase way too small map and you dont have the ability to change server past level 6 by no mean. All you see is Russians(most toxic players ever) completly devastating your gameplay and effort.. They never fight each other. GAME Mechanics are terrible heroes auto-pick troops to defend a town... seriously ? If you don\'t buy packages for prestige you\'re wasting your time. Everybody will attack you with 2x troops per battle lmao. STAY AWAY.
Crystal Eagle 2019-07-13

Looks magnificent. Similar to the other war games I\'ve played however, what makes this game unique at first glance how well the graphics are and how much detail that has been put into everything I\'ve discovered so far. As far as gameplay, setup, location of items, buildings. Not for the faint of heart, helps to have exp in playing war games.. The walk through is not the best for a noob but thats also what alliances are for. Just started playing today but I will definitly update.
Xelonir 2019-04-22

In this game, players can basically buy server domination by spending enough money in the store. Then, at 10 or more levels above normal players, they can blackmail those normal players to either give them resources or face daily destruction. There are no mechanisms to protect smaller players from these whales as it is obviously in the interest of the game developers to keep the whales happy.
joseph Spivey 2020-03-24

This was pretty close to the classic. However I\'m rating the game 1 star for being deceptive in advertising on Facebook. They used gameplay footage from most likely homam 2 to get people to jump at it. developers that aren\'t confident enough to just show their own games footage are weak. It is an obvious giveaway that it will ultimately just be another crappy game. You dishonor heroes of might and magic by pretending this is any one of the classic hotseat games they made that we all loved.
Carl Turner 2019-07-04

Not even anything like the fake video. Yet another wash rinse repeat game. Doesn\'t even display well, boring level ups very very slow. Do yourself a favour skip this one. 🙄🙄
Nate Fincher 2019-01-04

Rape and misogyny! NO! One add for this game depicts a bound busty woman and says \"punish the traitor\" with two options \"kill\" and \"undress\" with an 18+ bubble over the undress option! This is beyond NOT OK!!! Stop promoting this type of trash to anyone! Shame on these developers for perpetuating RAPE CULTURE AS A GAME AND FOR FUN! DISGUSTING!
Robert D Hartlage 2020-06-24

My experience has not been very good. The game itself does not show my resources at the top of the screen 99% of the time. Also when you touch the screen on the tablet you have to touch about an eighth to a quarter of an inch lower than what you\'re going to be getting with where you touch it registers above were you hit with your finger. I am not the only one to have this problem I\'ve been on world chat and me people say they\'ve had this problem. Secondly she should be a lot of hesitation X
AnonymousLoki 2019-08-06

Honestly, there is no strategy in this \"strategy game\" your hand is held the whole way through, and you\'re being rewarded for damn near doing nothing. There is no incentive to this game that makes it worth playing any further. Its boring, very boring. I really only downloaded it to gain points on a rewards app, now that I\'ve milked this borefest dry, its outlived its usefulness and relevancy. Im glad to hit the \"uninstall\" tab. Good riddence to bad rubbish.
Artem Bobylev 2019-01-03

This is a pay to win game. They have events with a \"random\" wheel which is not random at all. Tested it and every time you get certain prize at the start of every turn. Sucks that they dont do any events geared for F2P. Their \"discount \" costs ex: $100-> $0.99 are on everything instead of just saying its $0.99 and gear towards claiming huge % savings. Horrible concept. Also, the game is falsely advertised and is nothing like HOMM.
Keith Christensen 2019-09-25

Boo, just another pay to win game from developers that only want money. Nov sure why anyone rates this so high, the game is filled with payers, not players. Has many interesting aspects but the basic game has little war strategy, it is the typical play a lot pay a lot and still someone takes you like you are nothing. I would give it 0 but.... I stand by my analysis, if you are not willing to spend money nearly everyday you cannot compete. When a level 24 hero comes knocking to your level 17 door You allow for big pay players to dominate with impunity, you allow them to harvest lesser players without damage, you allow them to buy the big rewards in tournaments: Why? Because you are not interested in creating a game that requires sill or strategy, only one that allows you to extract money from peoples pockets. The game is all about allowing people that have nothing better to do with their time to decimate players that are just looking to have a little fun and relax playing a game that requires some skill and strategy, your game is a lie and needs to be taken down a few notches, as t is not a 4 maybe a 2 will teach you that your development is for a few but not the many. I quit your game and declare war on you!