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Description of War Machines: Tank Army Game



Play online matches with up to 8 players, join the weekly clan wars, climb the ranks, and unlock the most powerful and deadly machines to BECOME A LEGEND !

WAR MACHINES is a strategic shooter packed with action in which you command a tank in a series of 3-minute matches.


Start the game with the old Chaffee as a Private, then progress in your military career to unlock the historical Panzer IV, the legendary T90, or even the state-of-the-art M1A2 SEP v3 as a Brigadier General!

To succeed you must:

- Destroy the enemies;

- Collect resources;

- Upgrade your tank and, ultimately,

- Have fun!


We are proud of the strong community we built over more than 4 years.

We have thousands of clans spread around the globe with strong commanders that play and help each other every day.

However, rest assured everyone is highly competitive!

While your allies will help you learn the rules and set you for success, your enemies will try to crush your clan!


Are you ambushed? Call in an airstrike!

Is your enemy too strong? Maybe changing your ammo to a High Explosive or Armor Piercing will do the trick. It's just the beginning!



- 30+ realistic 3D tanks

- 4 unique maps to battle

- 3 action-packed game modes (alone or in a team)

- Technology trees to research 30+ different skills and customize the way you play

- 40+ awesome power-ups

- 10 types of ammunition (AP, APDS, HEAT, HESH, etc.)

- 30+ items for customization (military patterns and decals)

- Clans with up to 50 members

- Live Events: Clan Wars and Championship!!

From the makers of Sniper 3D!


Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Warmachinesgame/

Discord link https://discord.com/invite/warmachines

Twitter link https://twitter.com/PlayWarMachines

Reddit link https://www.reddit.com/r/warmachines/


In-game via Settings > Customer Support > Talk to Us or access it directly: tfghelp.helpshift.com

Privacy Policy:


Terms of Service:


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lable: Action - Games Current Version:6.3.1 Publish Date:2021-12-02 Developer:Fun Games For Free

User Reviews


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Stewart Robertson 2020-12-01

Good game ruined by the hard sell ads. You cannot escape the constant requests for you to spend money on this game. Four or five pop up \'ads\' every time you return to the home page. It\'s ridiculous. A \"one time offer\" to upgrade to Premium membership (silly money!) every 30 battles or so. Unrealistic tanks (what tank can\'t go through a hedge or over a little bit of rubble?), and some annoying bugs in the game. I\'m enjoying playing it but it could be a lot more fun and a lot less frustrating.
Larry Gritton 2021-03-13

Good game, but it\'s a major pay to win game and it will cost you thousands. One star is too many. I\'ve deleted the game a couple of times. I drop out of 90% inside of 10 seconds. Total unfair gameplay which the developers allow and encourage. Red players will cheat & gang up on you. Expect it.
Tyler Tubbs 2021-01-26

Dont download this game. I\'ve been patient with it to see if they could get it working correctly, but it\'s no good. Every time I turn around there is a problem. Their customer support just ignores every complaint. I have open tickets from 1 month ago. No response. 1 week ago, no response. Update. My paid active subscription to premium isnt working. Customer support hasnt responded for a week now. So, even when you pay extra, theres no support for problems. You are an idiot if you download.
Arek Nowak 2021-03-12

Can\'t get free diamonds anymore! Can\'t get free fuel anymore! Chat is ridiculous! Can\'t access the battlefield straightaway, need to try several times! The game stopped accumulating kills towards the weekly mission! No clan gifts! And let me guess.. There will be no compensation, right? I think these developers are either blind or deaf, or both, but greedy for sure! GET IT FIXED !!!!!!!!!!!! And of course, they never respond to reviews 😏
Karam Zein Addeen 2021-02-12

Worst game ever!! First of all nothing in this game is free, if you don\'t pay, other players who do are, basically, invincible. Secondly, the game advertisement is unrealistic: in the game your in an arena, not in an open environment which is worst! Thirdly, attacks and armor are never consistent, it depends on your luck. And last but not least, sometimes, when you kill an enemy, the game doesn\'t count it because apparently someone else killed him even though there was no one around, seriously!!
Jaber Mukit 2020-12-09

I would have given a minus five stars (-5*) rating if I could. When I started playing this game, I gave it 5 stars. But after playing it for 1 year, I reduced it to 1 star. After one point there is no hope for non premium players. Only money can save you. Otherwise you are just a target practising dummy for premium players. If you can spend a huge amount of money only then install this game. Otherwise do not waste your time and money. And game gets messed up even more after every update.
Phillip Rice 2020-12-25

Free to play is a joke. You will have to spend thousands of dollars to stay competitive. Game is very ad-focused, and customer service is HORRIBLE, and not willing to compensate for issues. To gain any ground, you need enough time for a second job. Server issues, tech issues the norm here. I don\'t suggest this game unless you have DEEP pockets and high tolerance for for buggy gaming. Horrible experience. If you play currently, don\'t hesitate to cancel your subscription and walk away.
Honi W 2020-09-26

I started out really liking this game. But as time went on I reached a point where it become hard to level up without paying real money. And then the money players completely dominate the battle field. It\'s not fun being cannon fodder for pay to win players. The developers are greedy $$$ no skill required in this game. If you want to win then pay$$$$ Dropped down from 5 stars to 3. And now down to 1 star. Why pay top dollar for an average game full of bugs.
Raye Boatman 2020-09-26

Excellent game!!!! Intense, fun and a lot of action. Team up with other players to join a clan for more intense battle. Several tanks to choose from different world war scenarios to play. If you like a game with a lot of intense action war and tanks fighting, this is your game. You can work your way up through the ranks or even start your own clan and be the Commander of your own army of tanks. I recommend downloading it, this game is fun intense, exciting and competitive. Let\'s do it!!!
SCD 2021-01-06

Been playing for quite some time. Those that say it takes a lot of money are being truthful. I have spent over $2k. What has it gotten me: the most powerful tier 8 tank in the game at over level 20. Sounds great? Well, I still get killed by one shot, two thirds of my matches end up being useless as players quit and they are not backfilled, and 20% of the time I start matches frozen, losing fuel. Customer service is useless. I was an idiot for spending $ on this game. Trust me, do not download it