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Description of War & Wonders

--Top Defense--

Tower defense games are full of fun, strategy and challenges!

Whether you are a rookie or a master of tower defense, Top Defense will bring you a great experience!

--Merge to Upgrade--

Whether it's a building or a turret, just merge them to upgrade!

Top Defense is an innovative strategy game with a "Merge to Upgrade" function, no longer need to wait for a longer upgrade time, just merge the two to complete the upgrade immediately!

--Assemble your Army--

The land, the navy, and the air force army gather together!

Lead three armies to an invincible position!

--Build a great Military Base--

Build your base to train the army, and then make your base unique when you upgrade. Put your imagination on customization.

--Real-Time Experience--

Chat and Fight in real time. Fun and fast-paced military battles.

A variety of battle modes, Battle of Capital, Rebel Army, War Robots,Throne Showdowns and experience real battles with your alliances, fight for honor, rule the World.

--Open World Exploration--

No matter what server you hail from, you have the chance to explore the open world by crossing server to server and conquer the whole world.

Top defense: merge wars is a combination of tower defense and real-time strategy.

In the game, you can develop your island corps, build a strong army, and confront millions of online players around the world. There are endless strategies and ways to play in the game for you to experience.

Commander, for the glory, join the battle now.

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More Information Of War & Wonders

lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:1.0.111 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:ZealBit

User Reviews


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The EpicTanker 2020-11-30

I love it its one of a kind, this is a work of art if i\'ve ever seen one, but I encountered a bug, if I lose the game is glitched, I can\'t go to next level but get stuck at the level previously I past so plz fix that😁
manis 72 2021-01-01

Good game but I have 2 suggestions for you......can you either give us the option to close the task bar, or move it?, it\'s really annoying in defence mode because it goes across the fusion area making it awkward to merge towers, and also in defence mode at the top of screen theres the \"challenge boss\" button, make it smaller or transparent or something cuz its hiding one of the towers, I suppose you could cure these problems if you made the defence map scrollable
Francis Ace Dela Cruz 2020-12-03

I rate it 4 star because it has a lot of bugs i want you all to fix that but dont worry your game very good and too fun to play
Margaret S. M. 2021-01-15

Re-skinned version of top war battle game! Eerily similar. I thought this is also from the same makers as of top war. Are they really not just the same devs?
French Fries 2021-01-30

This game is great but I think there\'s still some things that you need to fix first. Sometimes, the barracks or the gold mines don\'t appear when I merge them into a certain level. Can you please add more avatars? and maybe add the flags of our country? Sometimes, It\'s too much of a hassle when we are talking. We don\'t know who\'s who. Thanks, I hope. 😊
Blood Seeker 2020-12-01

It was pretty good day I was good and boring until I found this app I love it it was like good
Ahmad Fazwan 2020-12-16

Soon, this game became like Top War, just wait & see. I know because I\'m a beta tester. No different from Top War. The only thing this game different from Top War is, this game has TD. The rest same like Top War. Soon this game became like top war too. This game is a rivals to Top War. The lack about this game is, too much bug issues. And need lot of improvement. So I\'m done about this game. Not suitable for play for free user. So your choice if u wanna play Top War or Top Defense. No different
1 sub before April? 2020-11-27

The First Review For This Game
Clark Kent Rosales 2021-01-02

Trash Update! I\'ll change it back to 5 stars if you give me my 1k gem rewards for winning the top 1 at AR😏
Anne Anandy 2020-12-11

Very good quality and good service