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Description of Warplanes: WW1 Sky Aces

Be a pioneer of aerial warfare in Warplanes: WW1 Sky Aces. Fight above the battlefields of World War I and become the ultimate Sky Ace!

The game will take you into the times when aviation was in its dawning of existence – the first Wright brothers machines went into the sky just 11 years before the Great War! Engineers were quickly adapting this brand new invention into military purposes while creating fascinating and sometimes oddly looking planes.

In Warplanes: WW1 Sky Aces you take control of over 30 historical airplanes – including the Fokker Dr.I, famous for its pilot Manfred von Richthofen a.k.a. “Red Baron”. Others stemming from light fighters like the Airco DH.2 to an enormous 4-engine bomber like the Sikorsky Ilya Muromets – all planes can be customized and upgraded.

Choose between two modes suited for different playstyles and skillsets. In Pilot Mode you can simply focus on air combat, collecting and upgrading planes. Squadron Leader Mode adds an extra layer to the gameplay – apart from combat, you also need to manage resources, hire and train pilots and expand your base.

Two campaigns for Triple Entente and one for Central Powers will let you experience all major fronts of World War I – you’ll fly above most countries that participated in the conflict in various types of mission. Pilot fighters and bombers. Protect or destroy ground targets. Face mighty zeppelins and anti aircraft artillery to change the tides of war.


● Experience WWI aerial warfare with intuitive controls and user-friendly flight mechanics.

● Choose between fun-to-play Pilot Mode or a more advanced Squadron Leader Mode.

● Collect over 30 historical planes from World War I.

● 3 campaigns set in all parts of the world.

● Various types of missions and tasks.

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lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.4.2 Publish Date:2021-10-27 Developer:Home Net Games

User Reviews


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Don Van Akker 2020-09-30

I\'m not a gamer but remember fondly the WW1 flying game that was included in Windows 3.1. This game is everything we could have wished for back then. I am amazed at what you folks have been able to do with a tablet processor. The detail is wonderful. A few suggestions: Make it possible to turn off the targeting symbols. They hide the details of what is behind them. Make it possible to reposition the throttle and firing icons. Their position in the lower corners make a tablet awkward to hold.
Joe Blue 2020-07-23

4th review, EZ learning curve. Once you find game too easy, play SOLO missions at the difficult level option for harder challenge to win, needing combo of strategy, tactics and skill. Be patient getting pilot skills. Watching ads is worth the free gold to buy great planes. Tips; to kill high barrage balloons, fly circling under them and let your co-gunner shoot them; If outnumbered by fighters, fly high and circle them to let your co-gunner pick them off. Use big bombs ammo options too.
Judah Boyd 2020-08-17

A very fun game. Lots of customization and very beautiful planes. There aren\'t too many adds but you can watch them for rewards. One thing I would like to see added is the ability to buy multiple of the same plane. As it is you can buy more hangers than you would ever need for the planes available. I notice the same two planes are damaged the most often and I would like to remove them from my squadron without being down two planes.
Gaylord Cohen 2020-03-09

This game is like a time machine that takes me back in history to one of the bloodiest global military conflicts of all time. Easy to \"pick up and play\" (although not all of the flight controls seem to work), and a very entertaining (as well as educational) adventure, where I can \"do my bit\" to save the Free world...or even FIGHT AGAINST IT, if I want to...whichever side I want to fight for...it\'s ALL ON ME!!!
Sam Sung-Ocho 2019-12-31

Good graphics, does not require Wi-Fi or Internet connection for first level play, good audio, good controls, good information, no tutorial required because there are on screen control guide to toggle between coarse and fine movement for targeting. Does not require intrusive permissions on the device like many other games like this. The enemy pointer it\'s an excellent idea 4 games like this. Kudos to the developer. Good for simulation and pilot game players. Not a strategic game.
D. Geo 2020-06-25

An easy to play game and fun. I personally prefer an air combat game that\'s full realm active where you take off and land, line up and make your own kills without an assist button. An option I like in this game is when escorting bombers on a mission you can switch between both bomber and fighter and enjoy the opportunity of flying both missions. Overall a fun game and recommend it to those who only want to enjoy the inflight combat and not have to master takeoffs and landings.
John J 2019-10-10

Looks like it could be a good game but the controls are ridiculous! I appreciate the simplicity of the joystick controls but it\'s too way too sensitive and hard to control! I can\'t even get BEHIND an enemy plane much less shoot at one!
David Berry 2020-12-05

I accidentally found this game and it quickly became my favorite! Excellent graphics and controls make this addictive game very hard to put down! One would expect a game of this quality to be on a higher end console instead of a download! Absolutely love it! 😁
AssassinWolf98 2020-10-14

It\'s a good game to play when you\'re bored. I love the animations in the game especially when you destroy a Zeppelin, it looks amazing. My only critique is I would like for the maps to actually look more like ww1. I was really disappointed to not see any trenches or no man\'s land.
Red Dalek 2020-03-07

This is a great game easy controls and great fun. Thank you for adding the custom mission in last update I really enjoy them. I also strongly recommend your ww2 version. Could you create or update a multiplayer version. 6th March Update I am still playing this app on a regular basis. It still holds my attention. If you have not tried it why not it is gr8. To the developer, how about creating another app on say the Korean, Vietnamese Falklands and the Gulf Wars. I would buy it