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Description of Warrior Cats Amino

Warrior Cats fans unite! Join the fastest growing community for all things Warrior Cats. Meet other fans, get the latest news, and share and discover fan creations! Warrior Cats Amino is like a forum, chat, and fan community all rolled into one!

- CHAT with other Warrior Cats fans and meet new people

- DISCOVER new Warrior Cats trivia and art

- GET the latest news about Warrior Cats

- SHARE your own Warrior Cats creations and get positive feedback

- LEARN from and CONTRIBUTE to our Feral catalog - an encyclopedia of all things Warrior Cats

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More Information Of Warrior Cats Amino

lable: Social - Apps Current Version:3.4.33514 Publish Date:2021-03-04 Developer:Amino Apps

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

anorexic panda 2020-01-10

It\'s honestly the best warriors app I\'ve ever downloaded, I love it so much, it\'s really easy to use and understand, and there are so many great people apart of the app, if your wondering weather or not to download it I very much recommend you do!:)
sky ? 2019-06-06

Honestly, some of the people here and obnoxious, especially Patrolclan. I don\'t really like how there are so many rules as well. Plus loads of drama and etc. Honestly, I probably wont use it again.
Halo the Rat 2019-04-29

I am just amazed by this app! It\'s so easy to figure out and it is sooo fun! You can make new friends and it is dedinetly worth your time. If you download this app, it will be worth your time!
A Google user 2019-03-09

So fun! Ive made new friends but there is one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb, you can swear. I think if you found a way to tag it out or somthing that would help! (just the f word)
Flemontea 2019-09-19

WA is one of the best Aminos! It\'s really awesome when you log on and see so many other people that love Warrior Cats as well.. Everybody just HAS to download this! In my opinion, probably the best thing about it is the roleplaying that goes on there. Everybody is so nice and friendly, and when you first join everyone\'s like, \"Hey there! Welcome to ___!\". The art people post is AMAZING. The AOTW, Rosepuff, has MINDBLOWING art. Keep the updates going!
Sockz iz Cute UwU 2019-04-04

i love this app you can do roleplays,quizes,blog\'s,and you can also do voice chat and discuss things! but my favorite part is that everything has to be about warrior cats! I love watching Warrior cats so much that I seen every episode in the series and now I\'m going to get the book series! one last thing....I LOVE THIS APP AND YOU SHOULD LOVE AMINO TOO BECAUSE ITS SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!💝💝💝💝💝
Brock Wisniewski 2019-05-07

I was just checking my blogs when someone was calling one of my blogs a spam I was just trying to share my creation but guess what? they tried to ruin it. it\'s not fair. fix this.
Ricardo Ramos 2020-05-23

Its great! I love how you can post different things to show to all members. Chats are fun, though at times they are a bit strict. I have not broken a single rule(well, if course I\'ve got a couple warnings) and it is important to follow. I think you should add a thing where there\'s a Gathering and members can join and talk about ideas and other stuff. Entertaining amino though!
beast claw 2019-02-28

Wow! I highly recommend this app! I made so many friends, met people I don\'t regret meeting! I\'ve been on here for about over a year! But i accidentally logged out and don\'t have access now :( but aside from that I made a new account and I LOVE THIS APP! My user is xxxMerchCatxxx (just check the bios cause of the logout issue) so ever online? pm and we can meet!
Gacha Jackala YT 2020-01-16

Love it! But can you add. If your younger than 13, like 10 or something, it cuts out, cussing, sex, gore, other than that, DO NOT SUGERCOAT EVERYTHING. Pleaseeeeeeeeee, it\'s very fun and hard to get off and its addicting, but also stressful when people think you stole art and hate on you but you did nothing. Nobody else knows I have this app. I dont want to get in trouble so please do this. And for new people maybe make it easier to understand how it all works. I dont wanna report you.