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Description of Warship World War

This is a large multiplayer military naval battle simulation game. By using the hundreds of battleships that really existed during the Second World War, the player experienced the most authentic and exciting fun of naval battles.

Online PvP battles. Prove your commanding skills in fierce naval battles with players from all over the world.

Game Features

• The number of warships is huge, and all of them originate from warships that were engaged in battles in the Second World War between the United States, Japan, and Germany.

• Hot and exciting fighting, up to 7VS7 players.

• Team battle! In addition to fighting with strange teammates, you can also team up with your friends.

• The screen is beautiful and real, each map has its own characteristics

• Extensive training content, players can use the United States and Japan and Germany each type of warship warships through research and development.

• Unique submarine play and interesting aircraft carrier battles allow players to experience all the fun of naval battles.

• Various level ships & various weapons. From light canons to torpedoes & plains!

• Latest 3D graphics, corresponding to all the characteristics of the best mobile games.

• Touch control & several versions.

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More Information Of Warship World War

lable: Action - Games Current Version:3.7.0 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Wargame

User Reviews


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wtf memer 2020-06-12

This has a very very good chance at being one of my favorite games because I\'ve been looking for a game like this for months, but now when I find your game, it doesn\'t work. The issue is that the start button isn\'t making the game actually start. I\'m hoping you fix this bug because your game has potential and ad soon as this is fixed I will give it a better rating. Please fix, An intrusted gamer.
maroel pakoeningrat 2020-12-25

I love this game! Theres submarines and depth charges for DD\'s, my favorite are the depth charges, ive been having with them blowing up submarines! And one thing i want you to have, is getting credits for free, i mean, comw on, theres gotta be a way to get it for free
Cedric 2021-02-07

Was in the mood for a good battleship game, downloaded this only to not be able to get past the accept terms and agreement screen. No matter how many times I accept and click start, it won\'t. My device is a Huawei P Smart 2019, so I doubt it\'s a hardware issue. Would have like to give it a go. For now, it\'s a 1 star.
Wacky_Rick 2020-07-03

I would give this a four star but it has a limit, what i mean by that is for submarine, you can only go for a dive or surface, and when you lanch a torpedo when you are underwater in dive, it just teleport up to the surface with no animation or and sign of it moving up, it just teleport, and you should and different level of dives like deep medium, shallow and surface. I got to say tho, it is better than world of warship blitz cuz it doesn`t even have submarines so i have to say this is better
Shakunthala kv Shakku 2020-02-13

The game is not at all opening ,when I start the game ,it shows server is undergoing maintenance or failed to obtain resource list.Please work on this problem or guide me to repair it. I will be waiting for your reply.
KLA LLC 2019-07-10

Even though graphics aren\'t perfect, gameplay is actually really realistic. I\'ve been looking for a realistic Naval game for a couple years, and came across this one almost by accident. Awesome job. Very well thought through!
Sakura Fate Sendo 2020-04-28

I like the gfx and the effects but the battle time sucks its to short only 6mins. I wish you could make it 14 mins. or 10 mins.
Danial Tasnaiem 2020-12-17

When i enter the game and press the start game icon it didn\'t do anything, i press many times still nothing, same happend from previous version. Please fix it.
Maria Antonio 2021-01-28

This new version turn the game unplayable for many. My FPS dropped to 5. The smoke sure is responsible for that. All destroyers right at the beggining of the game launch smoke, and now the ships are equiped with lasers??? PLEASE CORRECT THE FLUIDITY OF THE GAME, IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PLAY LIKE THAT.
Mech Run Forever 2020-04-01

This game take too much time too load and consumed More data even not started Everytime server is under maintenance please don\'t download it to waste your data