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Description of Washington Post

Stay informed with award-winning national and international news, PLUS complete local news coverage of the D.C. metro area. Scan top headlines for must-read stories. Get fresh perspectives on the world from Post bloggers. Save articles for offline reading in My Post.

Free to download, subscribers enjoy unlimited access.

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lable: News & Magazines - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-09-05 Developer:The Washington Post

User Reviews


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karen duffy 2020-10-25

Works well. Photos & stories load well. It\'s not so video-dense that it buffers & buffers. I enjoy the feature stories, the human interest columns, and the lifestyle tips. WaPo is always at the forefront of breaking news. Their reporters are fearless and always on top of situations as they develop. I like the app and the coverage. Highly recommend! Update: Am still loving WaPo after using digital subscription for months. They will be my go-to for election & COVID coverage.
L Fraser 2020-12-10

News reporting is solid apart from a few lapses (Hewitt, JJ McCullough, for example). Great paper.
Kevin Chen 2020-10-31

Great app. Very, very easy to navigate among the articles, sections, alerts, headlines, etc. The \"audio\" function, where the app reads the articles to you (presumably if you\'re vision impaired or are busy doing something else and want it in the background) isn\'t the best though. The voice sounds like the robot alert from that 1980\'s Atari game \"Bezerk\". After a few times I just went back to reading the articles myself. Very happy overall.
Mahadi Xion 2020-10-16

Updated Review: At last, WashPo made some notable nitty-gritty changes on both the UI and UX. Improved navigation on the side bar, proper category heading for each topic, and my biggest complaint - images no longer take hours to load. There is still the annoying inline lazy-loading ads that gets in the way of a tranquil reading. Now that the bedrock is laid out, I firmly believe it\'s about time the comment section was shown on the app, so I don\'t have to open the browser everytime.
Andrew werdnA 2021-02-01

I love this app. So much better than the NYT app. All of the sections and trending articles are easily accessible, as well as my account features and now even comment sections. It has nice options like dark mode. The only thing I would change would be the search feature, it\'s not very effective, identical to searching on the website.
Angel Wright 2021-01-02

Easy to navigate, can turn alerts on or off. Has dark mode - which is great, it\'s less stressful on the eyes. I can bookmark articles on my phone and read them on my Fire, or laptop. It\'s great to be able to read the paper without getting covered in ink, or have to recycle. Great for those who miss reading a newspaper. Super convenient, much easier to read at breakfast, before bed, and waiting on line.
Will O 2020-10-28

Please stop \"fixing\" things that aren\'t broken in the first place. The existing app worked fine. Why are you forcing an \"upgrade\" that can only cause problems? [Oct 2020: And now we have yet another \"upgrade\" that serves no apparent purpose except to keep programmers employed, regardless of the annoyance to users. Please don\'t insist on ruining what was once a perfectly fine app!]
Chris Young 2021-01-16

Good app delivers great reporting. Important, independent need source that tells it like it is, without a string leaning. Of course, right now there is a party that will tell you that anything that is balanced (fair to both sides) is fake.
Nader Absood 2021-01-19

Obviously the content is top notch as The WaPo is nearly without rival for journalistic quality and integrity. The app itself is quite good - better on a tablet, but still makes categories and stories fairly accessible on phones as well. One feature I wish they\'d add is a way to flag or bookmark stories you\'ve started and want to come back and finish later.
Cathy Johnson 2021-02-18

I used to take the Post when I lived in the DC area and found I missed it after my move to PA. So I subscribed a few years ago. The in depth news coverage as well as the quick and clear updates have been invaluable these past several years. I\'ve been kept informed from reporting I can trust. Plus I still get to read lighter articles and features!