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Description of Weather Station

Fully Functional Weather Station

* This is not free software, requires a subscription

* Supports both large screen HD and phone displays

* records data displays history graphs

* Pressure

* Current conditions widget

* Forecast weather widget

* Rainfall

* Humidity

* Solar Radiation (if supported by station)

* Wind Speed and direction

* Dark mode

* Metric and American Standard Units

* Inside temperature sensor support (Arduino, Netatmo & battery sensor, clientraw)

* Android Sensor (pressure, temperature, humidity and light)

* Automatic location update by Wifi or GPS

* Sunrise and Sunset

* Widgets x4, Lockscreen

* Talking Clock and Weather announcement

* Service providers supported: Ambient Weather, Davis, NOAA, Weather Online, Open Weather Map, Yahoo Weather, BOM Australia, Norway Weather, Netatmo, Arduino (HTTP JSON), Mesowest and ClientRaw, PWS (subscription only).

* Arduino based inside temperature, pressure humidity sensor

If you're having difficultly with the App working please try

Android Settings > Application Manager > Weather Station > Clear data

This clears all the configuration and hopefully will restore the App to a working state. You might also need to remove the widget from the home screen and add it again.

If you'd like to try the Beta, press the "Become a tester" button at https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.arf.weatherstation.

After this an update will be available via Google Play.

Questions, comments, or bug reports? Feedback is welcome, just send to dromosys@gmail.com or use the in App request support form.


gps - automatic location configuration

wifi - communication to weather service

storage - import / export user preferences

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More Information Of Weather Station

lable: Weather - Apps Current Version:6.1.7 Publish Date:2021-08-08 Developer:Dromosys

User Reviews


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Craig McDonald 2020-06-20

Paid for a subscription so I can get the forecast. And I get \"no forecast data found\" great app just don\'t waste money on the subscription as it doesn\'t work and you get the exact same functionality as the free version. Weather zone+ is much better than this garbage.
Abdul Mokaddes 2020-06-04

This so far has been the best experience I have had to date of any weather app I have. The ability for this app to give me weather data specific to my location and not just to the city means to me that the info is very reliable. I love the availablity of data that is pertinent to my specific needs. I do wish I could get the barometer readings in inches of mercury. Thank You!!
Jeff Space 2020-05-10

Its a nice layout, all info is there on page. The two things wrong are the day is totally wrong. It says it Sunday....no its Monday. It gives you the forcast for two weeks but still shows the previous week. It should show the coming two weeks, i dont care about past days. The wind direction and speed indicator is cool. I\'m removing a star, today is the 10 and forecast is only up to the 6th. Updated did nothing for forcast. Will be uninstalling this soon.
Tracy Corello 2020-07-01

Worked great for a few weeks, but now it\'s not given correct weather conditions. It says cloudy with no rain and we are in the middle of a thunderstorm. Wind speed is not working anymore either. No available updates to correct the problem either.
John Rafferty 2020-06-22

It worked well for a few weeks after I installed it and it would have got a definite 5 stars, but for a week or so now, I can\'t get anything to show on the Detailed Forecast option. I\'ve emailed the company, but no response from them yet.
Roy Sanders 2020-05-27

This is amazing. Everything anyone would need for weather. Has the time, temp, pressure, humidity etc. This is about the only weather app that I am using. I really enjoy the sunrise/sunset feature.
Marcus G 2020-07-15

Nice implementation. Love that it supports also widgets. Maybe widgets could be more configurable and maybe more than one update per hour. Faster update of widget would be highly appreciated with 5 stars.
Michael Taylor 2020-10-26

The radar image is not visible over water. For Michigan, where we are surrounded by the Great Lakes that\'s a huge problem because we can\'t see what\'s coming. Uninstalled. Response to reply: I used whichever radar comes up when the button in the app is clicked. If there\'s more than one option then it\'s whatever the default is because I didn\'t change it.
scott ackerman 2020-04-09

Crashes on maps and won\'t fit to screen. Good app. If those were fixed. 4-8-20 lost the humidity and the temperature on the last. Other than that they have seems to be working well.
G Stelly 2020-09-21

This weather app doesn\'t give your exact home or tracks your location for weather in your area it only generalizes your location like your city not your home address if you live in a big city it might be raining across town but this app won\'t tell you only that is sunny in your city. Not recommended for exact weather information at your location.