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Description of Web Banking

The free BGL BNP Paribas Web Banking app allows you to perform banking transactions easily and securely wherever and whenever you want.


The first time you log in, you’ll need to enter your username and password. To log in after that, simply enter your PIN or use your fingerprint.

You can also choose to make your online banking transactions even more secure by using your LuxTrust Token or the LuxTrust Mobile app.


Activating Express View enables you to check your preferred accounts and cards without having to enter any codes.


Set up alerts, for example when:

- you have been credited or debited above a certain amount;

- your balance falls below a given amount;

- you receive a message from your bank, etc.

Increase your credit card limit in real time:

- reached your card limit?

- going on holiday soon and planning extra expenses and withdrawals?

Instantly increase your credit card limit in tranches of EUR 100 up to no more than an additional EUR 2,500 (maximum period of 30 days).

Do you want to open a new account? Do you want to open an account in another currency or a savings account? Go to Accounts and click Open a new account.


Make transfers or set up standing orders to your usual payees. 

Browse payments you have made over the last two years.

Search for transactions in the account details section. Go to account transactions and enter a date, amount or key word: the transaction you are looking for will appear in one click.


Use your LuxTrust Token or the LuxTrust Mobile app to secure your online banking operations:

- save your payee details;

- make a transfer to a new payee;

- transfer amounts over EUR 5,000;

- send an email to your advisor, etc.


Need help budgeting and managing your accounts?

Genius is the everyday assistant that sends you notifications and information about your account activity. Receive personalised messages from Genius in your Web Banking app.


Do you have a project or dream?

Simulate a personal loan or a mortgage directly in the Web Banking app to estimate your monthly repayments.

Have an advisor call you back to discuss taking out a loan.


Access the entire stock market through your Web Banking app!

Place your stock market orders, check your portfolios in real time and learn about market trends to make the right decisions at the right time.


Secure messaging lets you communicate with your advisor about your accounts or future plans. The Client Service can be contacted from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm.

►ABOUT BGL BNP PARIBAS – the bank for a changing world

BGL BNP Paribas is one of the biggest banks in the Luxembourg financial centre. It successfully combines local expertise with the BNP Paribas Group’s power to act on an international scale.

The Web Banking app is a free service available to BGL BNP Paribas retail clients.

For security reasons, the app cannot be used on a "jailbroken" device.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:3.5.3 Publish Date:2022-06-05 Developer:BGL BNP PARIBAS

User Reviews


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A Google user 2020-07-09

Had a review 2 years ago, now I am sure that the application is probably the worst in all google app store. Cant log in to check my funds, make payments etc. Only from a computer so missing the point of using the app.
Bharath M 2019-06-21

I never seen a Banking App throwing so many technical error. Every time when I login it give some 5 technical error message. And often it crashes. Why are you asking for luxtrust password even for login even tough we need to enter the secret password. its annoying. you can ask secret password for login and checking movements. And luxtrust password for making transfer. Thos is how other banking apps does. Please invest on improving the quality and performance of this app.
Danil Duzmambetov 2021-01-26

Previous bug was fixed but still some problems with app when using mobile data instead of Wi-Fi, biometric entrance doesn\'t work, luxtrast verification sometimes give error and transfer don\'t approve with luxtrast.
Abhaya raj Singh 2019-08-24

Credit card transaction alerts appear after 3 days when they are settled not when you transact. There is no consolidated view where you get to see all account at once. Why to show mortgage ads to everyone everyday. No one wants to see the simulation everyday; put it somewhere else, not on first view. However there are some cool features. One of them is that you can open sub accounts from the app.
A Google user 2017-09-09

Nice app, very fast, ergonomically easy to navigate & attractive.
Angel 2019-09-23

Does the job, useful to make transfers. The app is shutting down often when switching between apps.
Samuele Gaiotti 2018-05-27

The app is ok: it does what I need. When the fingerprint access will be added also for Android phones?
Luxxboy luckyluck 2020-08-03

This app is horrible and makes everything so much harder than it actually should. Why is there no option to turn off the token everytime you log in? Why is there no fingerprint scanner on android? It also crashes so many times. And that design is horrible in my opinion. It\'s one of the worst banking apps compared to the competitors, some major changes would be really appreciated! Im not the only one that thinks like that judging from the last reviews. You will lose customers like this!
A Google user 2018-01-17

The design of the app is not great but ok, however after couple of months the app stopped working on my phone, Error... the app is out of service, just tried to login through the website in web banking, error 404, so need to go to the agency to make a transfer... in the new digital era
Claudio Noname 2019-09-14

It\'s a good app bust as an android user still misses the \"FINGER PRINT\" login. If that would be integrated, then it should much easier to use. iOS devices have that option but not android users, but i guess you know that. Update:- Still no fingerprint reading for accessing the webbanking app. It is annoying as hell to always have the token with you to just check you bank records... Please make it happen.